Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ho hum day

Today is another random post.  I'm sort of down but I'll get through it. I'm feeling a little amateurish (a new word I made up).  I can't keep up with the big boys. I just feel that I may never be able to compete. I feel that I need to enter a few contests to see if I'm worthy.  Even if I don't win at least I know I've given it a chance to see if I'm good enough.

So it is short today. 

Have you entered any writing contests?

How many have you entered at a time?

Does anyone know of any writing contests going on?

Here is a contest you should check out --Charmaine Clancy --Wagging Tales-- book giveaway ends 4/20.

*****Don't forget--Tomorrow come back to my blog for some fun.  Writing the Next Line.  Tell your friends!

Have a great day!


  1. I've entered many. Some with a play. Some with short stories. The only one I've ever gotten anything besides a rejection letter out of was at my college. I received third place for an academic paper, woo hoo. (Unless you count the short story in 5th grade.) Keep going. Your voice is one that people want to hear/read. Don't compare yourself because you're different.

  2. I love your new blog look! It sounds like you're having a moment, like so many I've had lately. Don't listen to that nagging voice whisper nasty nothings in your ear! You have talent and a love for writing, two reasons to push through this temporary slump in confidence. Entering a writing contest is a great idea. Most importantly, it'll get you writing, and writing for an audience, which will inspire your muse and distract you from that nagging voice. I suggest a contest with quick turn-around, as opposed to those run by literary magazines that take five months to post results. If you sign up for a free membership at http://www.writing.com you'll find tons of writing contests, most with prompts to get you started. I'd begin there!

    Cheer up, sweetie! No one can write like you!!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  3. I'm constantly looking for contests to enter short stories, I need the challenge. One of my short stories got accepted for an anthology, the others have been rejected so far.

    I enter as many contests as I can (depending on the amount of time I have for writing), but each contest gets its own story.

  4. Hi Christine,
    Not sure if you had the chance to read my post yesterday, but if you haven't perhaps you'll find it encouraging. On a different note, I'm judging a fiction contest at the present time. It's a good way to get feedback, but I'm also noticing that some of the entries I've judged aren't grounded in the basics of fiction-writing. I'd encourage you to keep learning as much as you can. Read some great writing craft books and keep practicing!

  5. I've never entered a writing contest! I'm not sure why - I think it's down to laziness. That, and I don't want to be distracted from what I'm already working on.

    Happy Tuesday! :)

  6. Hi Christine,

    I'm not sure if you saw my Friday round up last week (http://shannonmcm.com/?p=503), but I mentioned the contest Sourcebooks is hosting. Check it out - it's an amazing offer.


  7. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling peaky! I've only entered one competition, and I didn't win. There aren't many writing contests in Norway though, so I'm hoping to get more opportunities when I move to the UK.

  8. I've never entered a writing contest for my novels. I don't want to. For one, I don't have the money, for two, from what I understand they're very subjective. What one judge may like another may hate.

    I figure I'll let the agent be my guide. If they love my ms. it's a win. If they don't, someone else will.

    Besides, I post for my blog buddies on Thursday, if they love it, it's a win. I get great feedback and insights. I big plus because the comments are from a variety of writers in different genre's. Makes it worth while.

  9. Hang in there Christine. We all have these days. I just tell myself, "even if it's true and I'm never published, at least I'm setting an example of perseverance for my kids." I have a dream and I'm willing to keep learning, working and improving. It doesn't mean the world will ever embrace my story, but it is MY story.

    I agree with Nicole, NO ONE CAN WRITE LIKE YOU. ;)

  10. Sorry you're having a rough day. I'm very familiar with those I'm-a-total-hack-days. They seem to be an occupational hazard.

    I have entered a couple of contests this year (and judged for two) and it's been a fabulous experience for me. I've gotten great feedback and have won one and just finaled in another. I agree with Piedmont that they are subjective, but they also are great to gauge your writing.

    AND if you final, your work gets in front of a real deal editor or agent for final judging and feedback (depending on the contest) and that is invaluable. If you don't final, you often learn why via the feedback and that is invaluable as well.

    Since you write YA romance, I would suggest entering some of the RWA chapter contests, they almost always have a YA category. Here's a link to the upcoming ones: http://www.rwanational.org/cs/chapter_conferences_and_events#contests

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

  11. Love the new look!
    I have entered a few contests. I typically don't purely because the odds are large and it's better just to submit to regular places. If that makes sense

  12. Hang in there Christine!

    I'm having a ho hum day myself! They really are horrible, aren't they???

    I've entered a few contests here and there but never had any luck with them. Good luck!!!

  13. I've also been plagued with such thoughts lately, that I'm just not as good as everybody else, and I don't know what else to say but to hang in there!

    I have entered only one contest, but that was a while ago, and I don't think I'll enter any more in the future. For some reasons, I'm terrified of contests. ^_^

  14. Don't feel down! I know easy to say, not easy to do. But you have loads of talent, and you WILL be able to compete with the big boys. You're making it. Your work is great :) :)

  15. I've never entered any writing contests, but I know lots of people who have had great experiences with them. Those down days are tough, but hang in there and keep working!

  16. You rock and your writing rocks and soon you'll have a rockin' agent! Hang in there. :-)

  17. Nice new look, Christine. I have entered a few free contests, and won a couple as well. I think contests are important to stimulate our creative side as well as our need to meet deadlines! Keep up your great writing - the ho-hums will be gone soon!

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Keep writing. You are a great author! I wish I could pass along info on writing contests. I am not sure of any, sorry!

  19. Seems like there's always contests going on somewhere. Do a Google search.
    And sorry, I've never entered one.

  20. Don't feel too down!!! Tomorrow maybe we can cheer you up and make you feel less amateurish!!! We love you!!!

    As far as writing contests I've never entered one and don't know any. I have thought about it though, maybe in time!!!

    Oh and tomorrow I'll be blogging about you and writing the next line!! Woohoo one of my favorites!!

  21. You called this post random but I think it was excellent. I definitely was interested in seeing the comments and hearing about other people's experiences with writing contests. I've never entered one, but I have submitted work for publication in collegiate lit mags and the like. I was so excited to have a few poems chosen two years in a row. I didn't win any money or anything, but it still felt amazing to see my name in ink. :)

  22. I've entered many contests and have even won a few. It's good proving ground and can even win you an opportunity to talk with an editor. Go for it. :0)

  23. Oh Christine, I really believe that every single author you've ever read and loved, have ALL felt these feelings at some point.

    If you have a passion for writing (and I know you do), then keep studying the craft, learning, reading and writing.

    Little dogs are awesome too! :o)

    Happy Weekend!