Friday, April 9, 2010

Changes and stages.

I'm sure you noticed, I changed my background. I'm sorry if you loved the other one. Since I'm an interior designer these things happen. I wanted to calm it down a little. I need that now. Calm.

Yesterday, I was thinking about something fun for next week.  Here's the deal.  I think Jen from unedited did this along with some of you other bloggers but I thought it would be fun. On Wednesday, I will post a line or a paragraph. You, my blogging friends, must continue the story in your comments (each comment is another line in the story). Get it? This will not be an official thing but please advertise it. The more the merrier. Wednesday April 14th starts...Writing the Next Line. 

This will be up for several days because my son will be getting surgery on the 15th so I will be M.I.A. I may come on to post or comment but if I don't-- just don't forget me. When I return I may post the whole story.

Lately things have been thrown at me in stages. Really this has been happening my whole life--it happens to all of us. You really like something one minute then it loses it's luster the next.

My kids have been going through a ton of stages. They loved carrots yesterday but today it's like I'm forcing them to eat chalk. Today, my son can't get enough of a certain truck video but tomorrow he'll totally ignore it and wind up climbing on the TV stand trying to spread their fingers on the screen to shut it off. Yes, that really happened.

Writing is no different. I love it, I know I do.  It makes me happy but lately my revisions are leaving me with a sour taste. This is all part of the writing and I want to make my WiP the best it can be-- I'm just having a hard time focusing on it. I want to feel my MC's talk to me and make me feel what they are feeling. Most of the time they do this when I'm in the shower and the moment is lost once I sit down at the computer.  I try to relive that moment the best I can but I feel like I come up short. They really just run away without a trace.

So far my chapter 2 and chapter 4 are really bothering me. Both have had to be completely re-written which is fine it is part of the process-- I understand that.  I also undestand that I will probably go through at least 20 revisions of the whole document before it may be considered-- okay. The whole WiP needs revising and I'm only in the early stages so I'm looking to you guys for your methods/advice. Sorry if I sound like I'm whining, I'm trying not to come across that way.

So what is your process of revising?

Any advice on revising?

Do you have memory loss when you sit down to type? (that awesome idea just blows away with the wind).

On another note, I opened a Twitter account.  Yes, I heard you (she is insane). I have no idea how to use it but I have one.  If you would like to stop by my account it is @mywritingjourne
I'm not even sure if that is how I'm supposed to present it. You can thank Simon from Constant Revision for making me consider this venture. All this week he posted on the ins and outs of Twitter.  I think I'll bookmark some to refer to.  I have not done much with it yet and may not do too much over the next few weeks. Consider it a learning curve. If you are in the Twitter neighborhood look me up.

Check out the agent signing contest by Shannnon Whitney.  Congrats to Shannon on signing with an agent.  Lots of cool books that are signed by the author.  Ends 4/10.

Also, Aching Hope is having a contest check it out.

Have a great day!


  1. Blargh. I still can't find you on Twitter! I tried your name and your user name. Stupid Twitter.

    And yeah, I've come up with brilliant ideas that "I'll never forget" so I don't write down...and then, whammo. Brain fart. Forever.

  2. I like the new look of the blog. And good luck with your son's surgery. May it be successful and may he have an easy recovery.

  3. Hmmm, revising. I jump around for what I feel like. If I'm not excited about a part of the book I won't give it a good revision. But maybe you should consider starting or working on another project...get your mind off the current story. Best advice I got from the Stephen King On Writing book...let it sit and stew for a bit. (Didn't mean to rhyme that.)

  4. This is a lot easier to read! Love the white font on dark brown, very classy. Hope all goes well with your son and you're both back soon feeling great!

  5. Twitter frightens me. I can barely keep up with all my blogging buddies. Let me know how it goes for you.

  6. I am still having trouble with revising. I basically take the comments that you give me, sit down at the computer and just start typing something new to try and fix whatever it is. After, I reread and fix what I typed. Usually the end product is nothing like what I first rewrite, but just writing helps get my mind going. I also like to bounce ideas (as you know) off of others.
    BTW- great minds think alike! I was going to do the same story idea on my blog. I used to do that with my 5th graders when I was teaching- so fun!

  7. That's a great idea - can't wait to do it!

    I don't have any revision tips, really, other than just sit down and work your way through. I usually do at leats five passes and by the end I want to throw it out the window!

    Happy Friday!

  8. Love the new look. Hope all goes well with your son's surgery!

    Revision is one of my favorite parts of writing! I just work over those sentences for hours.

  9. Hope all goes well with your son.

    As to revising, if I have a major problem with the beginning I start at the end and work my way backwards. I don't know why, but it helps.

    As to losing that brilliant idea...yeah, happens all the time.

  10. I can totally relate to the whole trying to find your characters thing, and being so distracted. That is why I am now 38 months into working on this novel, and not done yet! Hang in there. Just keep swimming!

    P.S. I totally stink at decorating. Want to come over and "fix" my house?

  11. Ooh, I like your new design. I think I change mine about twice a year :)I'm hoping my new one stays for a while. Good luck with revising, I know it sucks sometimes.

  12. The thing about revising is that you're not doing it right unless you think you're absolutely miserable and 99% sure that you're destroying the book at some point in the process.

    The key is to keep going!!! Good luck.

  13. Nice! I like the new layout. If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'm @bmillerfiction. I'll seek you out and follow you!

    Good luck with that surgery! Thanks for posting today, and have a great weekend.

  14. Memory loss, yes! I write it on a notepad as soon as it occures to me, and if I abrieviate too much, I can't remember what I meant.
    Best wishes to your son. :)
    I couldn't find you on twitter either. Feel free to look me up and look at my followers - most of them are aspiring authors, authors or book bloggers. @MTeacress

  15. Love the new look. Just keep plugging along. Today I read through the Larry Brooks Story Structure book I downloaded. I brainstormed, but honestly, I am completely fried in the brain department. All that's left is a tent and three poles.

    I'm on twitter now as well-follow me!

  16. I love your new layout. I noticed it yesterday, but forgot to comment on it. The story of my life. LOL.

    And we could never forget you, Christine!

    Have a great weekend!!

  17. I hope everything goes well with your son's surgery.

    Bravo on joining Twitter. I haven't gotten there yet. I think I'm afraid I'll be hooked and take even more time out of my writing time, haha.

    New layout is nice, by the way!

  18. revising... my writing friend and i decided that writing the first draft is like moving all your furniture into a new house. you just get it in there, no matter how it looks. the 2nd draft is about deciding which pieces of furniture to keep, which to throw out, and which to replace with new things that will better fit this new house.

    the 3rd draft is where you decide on new paint colors, and then you put up new pictures, etc. i don't even want to think about a 4th and 5th draft.

    for me, i just try to get through it the best i can, one stinkin' word at a time.

    on another note, prayers and best wishes for your son's surgery and recovery, and for you while you have to watch and wait.

  19. I'll try to stop by on Wednesday. That sounds like fun. And yes, I love the new blog look. As for revision...well, all you cn really do is just keep going. Take breaks when you need them, but don't take too long or the break becomes the habit. I always just start at the beginning, usually after sort of outlining and making notes of things I want to change. You can do it, though. You'll be at the finish line before you know it.

  20. Forget you NEVER! We love you!

  21. Kyle 21 Saturday! Look out Newark!

  22. Best of luck with your son's surgery and may he have a speedy recovery!

    I have a checklist of things I look for when I revise, things I know I personally need to pay extra attention to (like using "was" too much, not including enough sensory detail, etc.) I get each chapter the best I can get it, go through my checklist, finish the whole ms, send it out for critiques, and then go through the whole process as many times at it takes. I'm on the second round with my current wip. I'm hoping it won't take too many more rounds to have it ready for submission.