Monday, October 31, 2011


Okay, I'm in this revision cave so this will be short. It's halloween. My kids are on a constant sugar high and my mind is just on one thing. You know what that is. I know you're bored of me talking about it. So, I will leave you with spooky halloween photos and one question. I'm going back into my little hole, taking some Reese's cups and Hershey bars.

 What's your favorite candy?
Stay spooky and Happy Halloween!


  1. Love the last photo. I'm getting ready to work on my YA horror book soon. Today is making me feel inspired. Too bad I'm still in my edit cave.

    I love all kinds of candies. Depends on my mood.

  2. Totally depends on my mood!!! I'm gearing up for NaNo...shoot me now.

  3. Twix forever for me!

    Happy Halloween, and good luck on your revisions!

  4. Happy Halloween! I love little chocolate bars like Milky Way and KitKat. I have a scary story giveaway on my blog today as a treat for everyone!