Monday, October 24, 2011

Making it work

First, thanks again to Matt (QQQE) for his great query critique. So helpful. Also, thanks to everyone who left me feedback and commented. I really appreciate it.

So, I watch Project Runway, yes, I do. I find it fascinating to see what the designers are going to come up with because I'm lucky if I can sew a button onto a shirt so to me these people are amazing. My method for watching the show is as follows: Watch the beginning to find out the challenge, then skip to the end to see the result. So what's wrong with that picture? The work in between. Actually, I tend to not watch the middle because of the drama factor and I will every so often stop in the middle to see Tim Gunn's critiques. It's interesting to listen to what he has to say to help, but leaves it up to the designer for their final decision and execution. Just like writing, right?

We come up with these ideas, which are beyond awesome, write till our fingers bleed, then send it out and wait to hear if it all makes sense. When we get it back there may be notes and lots of red. Don't panic. I used to panic beyond control, now, let's just say, I'm in a better mindset. We must take all the advice we are given and as Tim Gunn puts it 'Make it Work.' That's right. Whether we choose to listen to our betas/CPs is up to you. You must take the advice and make it work with your vision or you may not. Totally up to you. After doing this for 2+ years I've finally come up with a formula, which I'm sure a lot of you use. If two or more folks point out something then give it attention. If only one person does, then it's debatable. I have to weigh what I think will work for me and my story.

This is where I'm at--making it all work, improving, pushing myself beyond where I thought I would no longer go. It's refreshing and scary, but in the end, I will be a better writer for it and hopefully my novel will catch the attention of an agent. I've had eureka moments all weekend on what I need to do. At least, I have more time versus what the contestants have on the show except they don't have kids asking for something every five minutes. We all have out challenges. 
So, are you making it work?

Have a great day!


  1. It would be fun to have a Tim Gunn to help with it! I'm like you. I work and push and keep pushing. The work isn't done even when the novel is. Have to create that next fabulous design!

  2. I made it work from the feedback of my critique partners and test readers. Couldn't do it without them either.

  3. That's what it's all about -- finding what works for you. And I love Tim Gunn. He's so cool.

  4. This is awesome news, Christine. But something you said made me think. Sometimes I don't comment on something when I beta read because I'm not sure if it's a problem or not, and figure someone else will probably point out the issue anyway. But your way of thinking (which makes sense) makes me realize I might have to change how I approach things.

    It's always important to keep your vision in mind. That will help you determine what feedback works and what doesn't.

  5. I used to quake at those crits too. I still do, but at least now I think I know how to tackle the MS better, and also weed through what's useful feedback or doesn't work.

    Wait...I think that's what Stina just wrote. I wasn't copying, I swear!

  6. Glad I could help!

    And I'm deep in revision right now. Slowly but surely, making it work (hopefully).

  7. I think it's a GREAT formula (and pretty much what I do, too)!!! GO YOU!!

  8. I hope I'm making it work. I've yet to find out :-)

  9. I often try to make it "work." Though I wonder if I'm doing a good job. :(