Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flirty Blogfest

Good morning! Did anyone miss me? I sure missed you.  I hope you are having a great weekend.

Thanks to all of you who participated in Writing the Next Line. You guys did a great job! If you missed it go here and add a line. I will not post the full story until later in the week.

I'm not sure if this is flirty or not. I just thought it was cute. Thanks to Critique This WiP for hosting the Flirty Blogfest. Go check out this blog for some great info and posts.

He insisted on buying the ice cream and we trekked out onto the sidewalk heading into town. I licked my cone down to a manageable level so I could talk.

“Thanks for the ice cream,” I said, slightly smiling.

“No problem.” He slowed his pace.

Eating and walking plus looking at a hottie is not a good combo for me. My feet crossed each other and I tripped then caught myself. Ian grabbed my arm to help hold me up. My breathing ceased at his touch.

"I think we should sit." Ian pointed to a small green bench.

I nodded and followed his lead.

“So why didn’t you go on the ghost hunt tonight?” Ian managed to talk and eat without being gross.

“Well, I wanted to catch up on a few things and… Ivy's out of town so I'd be alone.”

His face formed a confused look. “I thought they're your friends?”

“They are… I guess I just needed a break.” My eyes instinctively closed as the stupid words left my mouth.

“A break? Is there something I should know about them?” His eyes squinted.

“No. They're great people. It's just this year got off on a bad note with Bryn and Dehlia. I just like to have others around me when I'm with them.”  My stomach churned at the route this conversation was taking. What was I saying? I finished my ice cream and cleaned my hands with a napkin.

“Yea ..sorry about that first day.” Ian looked at the ground.

“It's so not your fault. Bryn can be jumpy and Dehlia –I barely know her. She seemed nice to me when I met her. I guess since she seems to be attached to Bryn, she feels obligated to side with him." I swallowed the lump that had been growing in my throat.  I wasn't sure what he was going to ask next which left me uneasy.

“What about Lucy and Alan?” Ian confused melodic voice sang to me.

"You haven’t noticed? They're dating. As cute as it is, I just need to be away from their... cuteness.” I was now getting confused where I was going with this.

Ian smiled in a way that he understood what I was saying but thought it was –dare I say it –cute.

 “So you and Alan had a thing.” He smirked. Even his smirk was flattering on him.

“What?” His statement made my mind go blank. How did he figure that one out?

“You and Alan. Did you date him? Because I'm guessing that's why you don’t want to be around him and Lucy.” Ian proudly smiled.

“No. We didn’t date.”I drew my eyes to the patterns in the brick sidewalk trying to buy me some time to think about what I would say next. Do I really need to tell him this? I could feel his hypnotizing stare lay upon the side of my face. If I looked at him I may never find the words to speak. 


Keep eyes down.

My nervous blabbering mouth took over. “We just had a…moment... of something more.”

“A moment…meaning--.”

“Meaning….we kissed at a party. We thought we liked each other more but we decided we would be better as friends.” I exhaled and leaned back on the bench. Ian had just turned our conversation from boring to very personal.  I was hoping I would get a turn to ask him a few questions of my own.

“Oh... I it's hard to see him with someone else?” He leaned back too still trying to gain my eyes attention.

“Not really...I guess seeing them is a reminder that I don’t have a relationship like theirs.” I picked at my nails to concentrate, hoping it helped me say something intelligent.

“So then you had a moment with Bryn too. That's why he's on the defense around me.” His eyes squinted again. “Except he likes you more than friends.”

 “No... we never had a moment. I’m not attracted to him that way. I only see him as a friend. I think he has other thoughts which are obvious.” My nervousness was now sprinkled with pieces of embarrassment.

“So you're not dating anyone.” He raised a smile.

Nothing like getting to the point. Was he really asking this—really wanting to know? The lump I swallowed before was now back in my throat blocking the air flow to my lungs forcing a light cough to release. 

I smiled then bit my lip. “You see me everyday and you haven't noticed that I'm not seeing anyone?”

He knew the answer. I could see it in his face-- he just wanted to torture me---how cute.

“Just checking.” His smile grew wider. “Do you want to walk a bit?”

I caught his eyes that paralyzed me. I couldn't move. Was this really happening? I put myself on auto pilot and blurted out the first thing that came from my inner thought process. “Sure.”

As we walked, the buildings towered above us and the streetlights gleamed.  Now, I wanted to ask the questions to see how many he would answer.

I put my hands in my pockets, took a deep breath and with every ounce of courage I had, said. “Now it's my turn.” I gave a flirty smile to hide the nerves that kept my stomach turning.

“Okay. Fire away.” He scratched the side of his head.

What do I ask? What I really want to know? My courage lingered as my famous nervous blabbering returned.

“What about you.. .any girlfriends?” I felt like kicking myself after these words left my lips. I wanted to know his status but it came out my mouth awkward. Hopefully, I didn't sound stupid.

“You see me everyday and you haven't noticed that I'm not seeing anyone?” He chuckled.

A sense of humor too. He is an amazing package.

 I smiled back. “Hey, you may have some girl in California.”

He laughed. Warm tingles made their way around my body at his melody, hoping he was just as nervous as I was.

Well, there you go. I have nerves now creeping in my tummy.  Have a great day!


  1. Ah, it is cute, and I think totally flirty. I love that it is the nervous flirty. And, ghost hunt? Interesting--and now I'm curious.

  2. Very cute, and it certainly struck a chord with the 'are you seeing anyone' lines... all that lovely tingly awkwardness that comes with the blooming of a relationship...

    And yes, what ghost hunt? Do tell!

  3. Cute AND flirty! Was kinda' hoping for a little kiss though. Nothing more flirty than a little peck.

  4. So cute!! I love it :) And yes, this is definetly flirty. You did a great job Christine!

  5. Very cute and a great teen voice! I love, "dar I say it..."

  6. Cute! I like the awkward teen conversation of skirting around the actual questions/answers in this type of new relationship. It's def. flirty :)

  7. I loved it! Enjoyed the awkward teen moments - God, I'm glad I don't need to live through that again!

    And yes, missed you!

  8. I enjoyed this! (I came for the picture of the ice cream, but I stayed for the story!)

  9. I think this was indeed flirty and really cute :~) I love it how she had difficulty eating and the "Ian managed to talk and eat without being gross." comment. Made me smile.

    Great entry! :~D

  10. This is so cute, Christine! I enjoyed reading it. :)

  11. Aw, I liked this one. Especially the awkward spots, and lines like this:

    Keep eyes down.

    Ha!Great stuff!

  12. Very nice! You bring out the awkwardness seamlessly :)

  13. Nice balance of cute and awkwardly uncomfortable! I also liked the:

    Keep eyes down.

    part :)

  14. I am so glad I'm not an awkward teen anymore! Very nicely done, very cute.

  15. Jessica is right. To be seamless and natural in depicting awkward moments is quite difficult. And you handled it with grace and flair. Great job. Thanks for the kind words on my entry, Roland

  16. I liked the idea of having to deal with a drippy icecream while walking, staring at his gorgeousness, and dodging questions. Very awkward and endearing. Great job.

  17. You played it well!! Beautiful writing as usual, but you already knew I was a fan of your writing! Very cute and flirty, just enough for me to want more!

  18. Great dialog, and -- dare I say it as have the others -- Cute!

  19. Teen flirting is so awkward. And I like that it didn't end in a kiss. Flirting is so "getting to know you" to me. What a cute couple they're going to make.


  20. I loved that she managed to be quite coherent, in spite of the fact that she was a bundle of nerves. Good job!

    That Rebel, Olivia

  21. Very.... dare I say cute. ;) loved it! I hope you had a great weekend.

  22. Very cute! And flirty! I love how nervous she is. And this guy sounds like someone worth flirting with!

  23. Welcome back!
    Nicely done describing awkward early first steps into a relationship... : j

  24. Nice job, Christine. I thought the dialog, both internal and spoken, sounded authentic. Write on!

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  26. My first comment was full of spelling errors. Rushed as I need to get to work but I was so drawn into your piece. The dialogue was very natural, and flirty. I connected with these characters, understanding their nervousness. Great work!

  27. Flirty? Yes. But it needs a little more, like a sneak kiss.

    Stephen Tremp

  28. Enjoyed reading the flirty scene and I’m looking forward to reading more. I thought it was very realistic dialogue and reactions. Made me feel so glad that I’m past that stage!

  29. I could feel her discomfort at eating messy ice cream with him. And how many times have we said the wrong thing and hastily had to explain? You captured the angst and awkwardness of trying to impress.

  30. Ha! I love the way he turned her words back around on her. Awesome! Loved this. So cute and innocent. I remember those days:) *sigh*