Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Psst...Is that a 100 follower contest I see?

Well, well, well, I hit the big one.  Wa-hoo! party time.  Turn up the music, dance and break out the martinis. I really wish we could all meet and celebrate. Why is reaching 100 followers so important? I don't know it just is. It may be because I still can't believe that 100 people think I'm that  interesting or think that I can call myself a writer.  When I first started, I thought no one would want to even look at my blog--except for Kelly (Kelly Compositions--who is awesome and told me to start this.) Thanks Kelly!

I guess I thought people might laugh at my work and tell me I have no business even trying to pursue publishing anything I wrote but you guys have told me differently. So I believe you and trust me I have a fire that is burning in my gut to keep going.

You want to know about the contest, right? Oh yeah, the contest. Since I'm so not qualified to host a writing contest (which I think are really cool), I'll be giving away some great stuff.

Before I tell you the prizes let me just say I want to change the word followers to something different.  I'm not sure to what yet and if you have suggestions please tell me.

Right prizes--it's killing you isn't it.

O.k. So I have never done this before so I tried to pick up ideas from other contests. 

Are you ready--

The winner will receive:

1. Your choice of one of these fine prints (8" x 10")  from Kaitlyn McCane (Check out her blog, website, and ETSY site).  She is a super cool illustrator and her work  is adorable. I thought one of these could decorate your favorite writing spot (I'm an interior designer hence the decoration).
Option 1

Option 2

2. To help get your reader "hooked"--You will receive a copy of Hooked by Les Edgerton.

3. I'm also including a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon (your choice).

4. To help cure your munchies --a bag of M & M's (dark or regular your choice).

Well, what do you think? You even get to choose some of your prizes.


1. Leave a comment (Let me know what inspires you to write). +1

2. If you are a old follower of the blog (Follower before March 31st)  +2

3. New follower +1

4. Bring a friend to this blog (they have to mention you in their comment) +1

5. Blog about this contest (leave a link in your comment) +2

6. Blab about this on other sites - Twitter, FB, etc. (leave a link in your comment) +1

7. Add to your sidebar +1

8. Total your score in your comment +1

Contest ends: April 7th at 11:59 pm and I'll use for the drawing.
Any questions just let me know. 
Thank you to Michelle McLean for taking my count to the big 100.
Thank you for all your thoughtful words yesterday.  I'm thankful for all of you.
Good luck! (Boy, that's a lot of thank yous).


  1. Congratulations Christine on reaching 100! Way to go. Publication inspires me to write believe it or not.

    I believe I have 5. Old follower, comment, blog mention.

    Great contest!

  2. Woohoo!! Congratulations! I know that being the first to comment also means that I have caused my own death and will not be a winner, however I will hold at hope that I will beat the odds!

    Commenting +1
    I'm an old follower +2
    Blog about contest +2 (tomorrow!)
    Twitter +1 (this afternoon!)
    Sidebar +1 (in two minutes!)

    Total so far: 7 (I'll see who I can't bring along for the ride!)

  3. Ok I have to total first before I forget :)

    old follower +2
    comment +1
    Blog about contest +2 (tomorrow)
    totaling score in comment (right?) +1

    total so far:6

    CONGRATS!!! Your blog is great and I'm so glad I found it so I could get to "know" you! And you deserve all these followers/friends/supporters whatever you call us.

    What inspires me to write is the though that I would never know if I could if I didn't try. And just the plain joy I feel when I write.

  4. Congrats on reaching the 100 followers milestone!! I know, "followers" is such an impersonal word. Even "friends" is better, but there must be a creative word that fits perfectly...

    I'm inspired to write because I'm fascinated by the magical evolution that begins as the whisper of an idea, and ends up being something I believe I channeled rather than wrote. It comes from somewhere else, and I love being its instrument.

    This comment = 1
    I'm an old follower = 2
    I put a link on my sidebar = 1
    Willing to total = 1

    Grand Total = 5!


  5. I'm here from Anne's blog (PW), so I think she get's another point for that. :o)

    Congrats on hitting 100 followers!

    I write because I must. All the voices in my head want to come out and play. Plus, I'm a word junkie.

    Great blog.


  6. Oh boy, you lucky dog! Congrats on the 100+ followers. :)
    Leave a comment +1
    Old follower +2
    Total score +1 = 4

  7. Ok, what inspires me? Lots of stuff, but definitely random people on the street or in the cafes that I can make up stories about. +1

    I'm an old follower. +2

    I tweeted! +1

    Total +1

    5 entries...I so want those prizes.

  8. I'm happy to say I'm an old follower and knew you when +2

    And I thought I already had you on my sidebar but now I do +1

    And I need a new post today so I'll write about your blog and someone better come over here and say my name +2 and +1 for friend

    What inspires me to write is books +1

    I came from Piedmont's blog :)

    And adding it all up is 7 +1 = 8!

    Whew! I followed all the rules, I hardly ever do that. But I want that book!

    Congratulations on hitting 100-- that is so exciting!

  9. I have 6 so far; I was going to tweet, and then I realized I don't know your twitter name! I couldn't find you through the search function, so...could you tell me? Please? Pretty please? :-)

  10. Okay, I commented and now it's gone.

    Congrats on the followers. You deserve it.

  11. Congrats on the followers! This is a great place to read every day. :)

  12. Congrats! Whoohoo!! Okay- what inspires me to write? Hmmm- the teens I work with, plus, I just love writing and the challenge of it. Points: 8 (I'll be posting this later today!)

  13. Summer I don't have a Twitter account but I have seen other folks ask to Tweet about their blog and they don't have a Twitter account. Can you mention it on your Twitter account? Sorry for sounding naive.

  14. Ah, okay! No problem!
    I also realized I forgot to write about what inspires me...

    Here's a small list:
    interesting-looking holes in the ground
    discarded clothes in a parking lot
    extreme emotions
    ideas about the supernatural

  15. How wonderful! Isn't the support of a blogging community such a blessing? congrats on your progress :D

    and, thanks for the kind advice on my blog. it was helpful.

  16. Hi

    I came over from KarenG's blog to say congratulations on your 100 followers!! Yay!

    I like your wallpaper (I think that's what it's called? It's got purple and green and pink and it's all flowery! )

    Best of all CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your first draft! That is really exciting news. I'm up to er... 139 words of Part 1, Chapter 1.



    Take care

  17. Hi there, I too came over from KarenG's blog to say Happy 100 followers. A great achievement. Congrats on the first draft and good luck with the editing stages.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!! Happy dancing for you on your 100 followers, what an accomplishment :) :) I would love to enter the contest!

    +2 old follower
    +1 Tweet
    +1 add up the points

    = +4 entries

  19. Congrats! Ok, here goes: What inspires me to write? READING! Any time I read a good book, I want to go write one myself. I'm an old follower. Total points: 4. I'll try to tweet about it later today, which will bring it up to 5, but right now I'm trying to avoid Twitter ... it's kinda taking too much time! :)

  20. Congratulations on your first hundred! I bet there will be many more to follow. :o)

  21. Great contest! I came over here from Karen G's blog, Coming Down the Mountain. I'm now a follower! So let me total up my score... think it's a 3.

    Thanks for having a contest!

  22. Congrats! And consider me a new follower! Thanks to Anne @ Piedmont Writer for showing me the way here!

  23. KarenG sent me here, so give her an extra point.


  24. Congratulations on 100 followers. I've only just passed the big 1-0 (yes, that's one zero) myself. I was already a follower. And what inspires me to write? I guess I'm just crazy that way.

  25. Congratulations on your 100 followers!! Well done and well deserved!

    What inspires me to write? Everything I see around me - I guess it's a sort of OCD. :-)

    I'm not even going to try to add up the points cos it won't be very many :-) Oh no - I get and extra point if I do - okay - 4 so far, soon to be 5 :-)

  26. That's awesome, Christine! Congrats!

    Hm, what inspires me to write? Cupcakes! Seriously, though... actually, I'm not sure. I just need to!

  27. Congrats on the followers, Christine. And congrats for coming up with a contest. I still haven't done that for my 100. :)

    Anyway, what motivates me to write is that it's what I am, what I do. Like teaching. I can't not do it. So for me we have:

    Comment +1
    Old follower +2
    Blog entry (it will go up either Friday/Monday; you know where I am so you can check) +2
    Sidebar +1
    Totaling +1

    Total +7

  28. Congrats Christine! It's really a great moment. Get ready for many more!! :)

  29. I’m here because Karen Gowan wrote such a glowing blog post about you that I couldn’t resist stopping by. Congratulations on your 100 followers.

    What inspires me to write is getting some ridiculous thought in my head that won’t go away until it’s down on paper.

    Those are really cool prizes so I hope I win!

  30. Old follower +2
    Tweeted it +1
    The idea leaving a legacy is what inspires me to write! +1
    Totaling +1

    Total = 4 entries! Can I come back if I blog about it tomorrow?!

  31. What inspires me? Hmmm? I think it's you, Christine! Does that get me extra points???

    Points: 5 GO ME! I'm old follower, I'm in awe of your inspiration, tweeted and sidebar! YAY.

  32. Amber I'll include in your total that you will blog about it. :)
    Hi to new visitors and followers! Thanks!

  33. Hi there. Found you from Karen Gowen's blog. I have a suggestion for your follower name. "Friendly Faces." That's what I use but I'll let you copy if you become a friendly face on my blog! =)

    The contest looks like great fun!

  34. Christine, I joined your blog and if I win the blue book, please send it to another follower, okay? I already have a copy! Just wanted to thank you for offering it as a prize. You rock!

    I'm posting your blog on my own, and, if you get a chance to visit it, I'd love to see you there. It's at

    Keep writing and let me know when your book comes out. I'll be in line to buy a copyh!

    Blue skies,
    Les Edgerton

  35. Congrats on 100 followers, Christine - exciting news!

    What inspires me to write? Reading a great book or watching a great movie.

    I think I have 5 points.
    +1 - comment
    +2 - old follower
    +1 - sidebar
    +1 - adding up points.

    Great prizes!

  36. Yahooooo for 100 followers! Congrats, Christine! :D Wow, what an awesome contest! I love the prints, what a great idea. And a book I was about to buy. And book dollars. And chocolate.

    *swoooon* :)

    Ok, here goes:
    Comment (+1) - What inspires me to write:
    - Nonfiction Time magazine articles that become seeds for fiction stories
    - The Queen cd "Queen II"
    - Nature
    - You guys (other bloggers)
    - Published books that I love

    Old timer round here (+2)

    Sidebar (+1)

    Total (+1) = 5


  37. BTW, there is an award for you on my blog :)

  38. Woo hoo! 100 followers! I just crossed that bridge myself recently. Your blog is in my google reader, but i guess i never actually became a follower (i have no idea how that happened. weird) so only 3 entries for me

  39. crud - i forgot about the inspires to write part (i'm just so confused about not being a follower until now).
    I guess, for me, i just have a lot of great ideas and since no one else is going to write them, it's up to me

  40. congratulations! You hit your just a day after me! And your contest looks super. Yay!

  41. Huzzah for 100 followers! I personally call them stalkers, but um, I'm weird.

    +1 - I am inspired by anything and everything. It can be a mysterious dirty sock on the side of the road, or a stream of water cascading down my car's back window.

    +1 New Follower!
    +2 Will blog tomorrow. I'll send you the link then.

    +1 I twittered, but I don't know how to link to it? <-- That is my twitter. Um...

    +1 Sidebarred

    +1 Totalled comments

    Leaving me at 7! Woo-hoo :)

  42. What inspires me to write: a million things. Mostly, the need to get what's inside my head out so I can go about my daily business. :p

    Old follower, +2
    Blogged and sidebarred, +2 and +1
    Tweeted, +1

    Grand total - 8 entries

    Thanks for the awesome contest, and congrats on 100+ followers!

  43. Math is not my stronghold, but here it is:

    I have your contest on my sidebar-1
    This is a comment-1
    I'm an old follower-2
    what inspires me...everything!

    CONGRATS on 100+ followers!

  44. +1 Sometimes a really vivid dream ispires me to write.
    +1 New follower
    +1 Tweet:

    +1 Total: 4

  45. Hooray for you! Tell you what, please enter my 100 follower contest and I'll enter yours. :o)

    EVERYTHING inspires me to write, especially nature. And I'm an old follower and will be adding the link to my blog.

    Thanks for the contest!

  46. +1 Comment: I'm inspired by life and the world around me.

    +2 Old follower

    +2 Blogged about it here:

    +1 Total: 6 entries

    Awesome contest! :)

  47. Yay! I'm glad I found your blog- Abby Annis sent me!

    +1 comment: My writing is inspired by history.
    +1 New Follower
    +1 Total= 3