Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear friends...

Wow! Let me just tell you I was not going to post today--honest.  I needed a break to finish some things and spend some time with the kiddos to clear my head. I had another post ready to go and I was going to post it today instead of Friday and take Friday off but something blew me away.

As you know I was a complete downer on Monday.  I have had my moments as we all have and this journey will be no picnic but something happened this week something that should have not surprised me so much because deep down I felt it all along.

When I decided to pursue putting my work "out there" with the hopes of getting published I never knew I would meet the most inspirational and supportive group of people. Quite frankly, I didn't know what I would find. 

After posting on Monday and emailing one of my CP's in my desperate hour, I received the best feeling of inspiration and support I could ever ask for-- the comments that flooded in, the inspirational poems and quotes that were posted on blogs brought tears to my eyes. To be quite honest, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that so many people who have never met face to face could show so much compassion for someone they barely knew all because I posted my feelings. I will say it again --I was blown away.

Yesterday, I was quite honored to receive a new award developed by E. Elle. Go check out her site because she writes awesome posts.  The Sure Fire Winner Award.

Below is what is posted on E. Elle's blog:
The description: Sure Fire Winner Award: an award to be given to a fellow writer who is staring down the barrel of writer's misery. We all need a little bump once in a while, a reminder that we've been given this gift for a reason and we don't have deep-seeded desires to put ourselves through such torture without good cause.

The rules:
1) You can only bestow this honor on one fellow writer at a time.

2) You can only pass it on to someone who has shown signs of recent struggle.

3) You do not have to have received it to pass it on.

4) When you pass it on, you must provide a word or two of encouragement to the receiver.

5) As awesome as this award is, you can't write a post with the intention or hope of getting this award. I mean, we struggle, yes, but we aren't needy.

6) When you receive this award, you have to state one positive thing about your writing ability. After all, the best kind of encouragement is the kind that comes from within ourselves.

So E.Elle thank you for this.  It has made the sun shine on my journey and made me realize that I have not only have such amazing supporters but I having an amazing group of friends. I will not quit and I will support those who have 'one of those days' in the best way I can. So I promise not to be so down and if I do get this way I know you will listen, slap some sense into me and then I will look at this award to remind me of all you great people out there.

O.k. so I guess I have to pass this along to someone else. I really would love to pass it on to so many of you because as I floated around the blogging world on Monday it seemed everyone was in the same boat.  But I have to pick one so this award goes to Kelly from Kelly's Compositions. Kelly was having the same feelings as me last week.  She is always there when I need her and she has pushed me to keep going before the whole blogging thing started.  Kelly you are an amazingly talented writer and I know you will go far. You can do it Kelly!

The positive thing about my writing ability--I can express my feelings better when I write than when I talk. The post on Monday seems to prove that. It helps you guys understand me and-- well --writing just completes me.

I printed out my first draft and just staring at the stack of papers makes me smile. I actually completed it and  it can only get better --right? ;)     I think I just made this whole week --inspiration and support week!

Before I go I wanted everyone to know that I read all your comments.  I don't always get around to addressing them in the comment box.  So sorry about that --I'm trying to divide my time.  I do read each and every one. Thanks!

I will post again on Monday but look out because I will be commenting.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad to be somewhat of an encouragement to you- you truly are to me! I'm glad you are taking Friday "off"- it's good to do that every once in a while. Thanks for the award too!

  2. What an awesome post Christine! I'm so moved by your experience; the impact that your followers, their comments and support has had on you.

    The blogosphere really is a community full of wonderful people! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today – it provided me the opportunity to find you, and I'm your newest follower now as a result! I love your sincerity, and the ability to convey your feelings in this post.

  3. Kelly-I was going to let you know on your blog so I am glad you checked mine. Thank you again :)

    Crystal Clear Proofing--Thank you for visiting and following. Thank you for the lovely comments.

  4. Congrats on the award!!! Everyone has their down moments, I have had them before, and I was in one yesterday with the whole writing game but was able to iron out what I needed to do and now working to fix it!

  5. Christine, it seems that everyone was down in the dumps on Monday. Or, at least, every writer who posted on their blogs. I waited to write my sad tale until yesterday, and the outpouring of support was wonderful.

    Good luck with your writing.

  6. Monday must have been a heavy gravity day. i felt that way, too. congrats on the award and just keep plugging away.

  7. The blogging community never ceases to amaze me! It's wonderful to be surrounded with so many like-minded folks. That's a great award, and I'm sure it'll do wonders around the web. :-) Glad you're feeling better.

  8. That is one AWESOME award! I'm thrilled to hear you are shaking off the doldrums. Yay! :-)

  9. I love how the writing and blogging community is so supportive! Congrats to you and Kelly!

  10. So glad you posted to today to give "the rest of the story." And congratulations for the award. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's a beautiful post. And I'm glad you're feeling a bit better about things. Enjoy Friday. And BTW, it's a beaufiful award.

  12. What a great award! Congrats! We all have those downer moments, unfortunately. But it's just apart of life, no matter what we do. And the blogosphere is full of supportive people who all know what you're going through. YAY for that!

    Have a great Friday off!!! ; )

  13. Congrats on the award! And writing is hard, hard work, but there are so many AMAZING and supportive people who are in the trenches with you. Take advantage of the amazing community at your finger tips and nothing can hold you back!

  14. Thank you for all of your comments. It makes me smile to see all of your adorable faces in the comment box. Thanks guys! I will be only commenting today but wait for a fun post on Monday!

  15. I agree, this writing community we have is so supportive. I've been amazed many times through this journey and couldn't have done it without friends.

  16. Thanks for the :) on my blog. I love your blog!
    First day at work today! I'm excited. Made my first sale on Etsy......That magenta dinosaur. He is such a looker! Love U

  17. Hi, Christine. Make sure you stop by my blog. There's something over there for you. :)

  18. I'm so glad you're feeling more up. And congrats on your award! I could have written your profile about myself - I'd say all the same things, except for the interior decorator part (I used to be an electical engineer/computer programmer in another life.) Anyway, I'm also working on a YA sci fi/romance at the moment. How fun!

  19. I'm so behind on blog reading I had to go back and read your Monday post too. I'm glad you were able to get through it. I have those feelings all the time (feelings that I'm a hack and no one will ever want to read my stupid writing). But it helps to have friends. And it helps to practice. I get those feelings a little less frequently now than I did a few years ago. Take care, and I hope you can take the criticism and turn it into something wonderful.