Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What do your main character(s) look like?

I want to thank Ann Foxlee-that's right go check out her site.  I won a cool --really cool-- piece of art by Naoshi .  I can't wait to get it in the mail.

Let me thank all of you again (I know I do a lot of this but I am grateful) for all your encouraging comments. I will keep them in my heart to fight off the scary cloud of doubt. I would thank each one of you in the comments but my son has a double ear infection  (ouch). I am typing with one hand right now.

This made me smile--I printed out my manuscript yesterday and it looked so nice. A pile of fresh paper waiting to be read.  Can't wait to do this.  Also, you will notice all the pictures in my post.  I am getting better at this blogging thing so I am now comfortable with finding and posting pictures.

I feel like there are contests everywhere I look. When I see them I feel like I have to make mention of them but I have decided I will post all contests I find once a week.   

Contest Guinevere at This is Not My Day Job Check out her cool site she has reached 101 followers (I think she has more now). Cool prizes. I posted this in my sidebar.

Contest--Nicole Ducleroir-One Significant Moment in Time--She has reached 100 followers and if you win you get a signed copy of the book Writer's Bump Anthology (Nicole's first published short story appears in this book) and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.  Drawing on March 15th.

Contest-Writing in the Wilderness-Sarahjayne--celebrating 50 followers--go check it out.  You win a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders (it's your choice). Ends 3/5

I will make this short--hopefully.  I wanted to post about my MC's and make it fun.  After yesterday's post, I think you need some smiles. Since I printed out my first draft I thought I would introduce you to who/what my MC's look like. 

My one MC, Ian, was the only character that I had a visual of when I started this book.  Now in my mind he does not look exactly like this and the hair is shorter but he still has the curls on top.  He is not that pale (I know Jackson Rathbone is playing a vampire) and his eyes are piercing blue. So cute:)

Sorry, photo removed.

My gal Anna well she is another one that has her own look in my head. She has short,dark auburn  hair with chunky blonde streaks and green eyes. Somewhat cutsy. Here is someone who has a similar look (actress Ginnifer Goodwin)

Sorry, photo removed.

Thought I would share.  See I told you I would make it short.  Who do your characters resemble?

Sorry, photo removed.

How did that get there? HEHE Just thought I would post this picture again too! Go ahead girls --swoon:)


  1. finding character faces is so much fun. and a great way to put off writing. funny, but Robert has never made me swoon. guess i'm weird.

  2. I don't have a super clear image of my MC in my head. I kind of see her, but fuzzy. But since she tells the story in first person, I'm OK with that.

    And I'm with Michelle, Robert Whats-his-name doesn't really do it for me. Guess I'm not into pretty boys. LOL!

    P.S. There's something waiting for you at my blog...

  3. O.k. so I am a weird little girl. I love the pretty boys--I can't deny it. Others do strike my fancy but the pretty boys somehow win. I promise I will not post that photo for a while:) I can tell it is keeping you folks away and you may not want to read about Ian and Anna;)

  4. Actors whom I have used to help visualize characters in the past:

    Sam Worthington
    Jesse Williams
    Claire Danes
    Avril Lavigne (don't mock)
    Sienna Guillory
    Christian Bale

    Basically any dark, brooding dude. It IS pretty hard for me to find them, however, even though I say that. I'm picky picky!

  5. My main character looks like a cross between Zoey Deschanel and Alexis Bledel, and her love interest looks like Ben Barnes *suh-woon*

  6. My mom once asked me why I couldn't find a picture and then use it as a character. I don't know why, but my mind doesn't work like that. I have pics of about 10 different people who show some resemblance to my MC. I can never find the perfect match to what is in my head. :)

  7. Sorry about your son's earache, hope he feels better soon. And thank you for posting my contest. :)

  8. I do this, too. I have to. I sometimes print out their pictures and put them out where I write, just to get things rolling. Only after a bit I find they're staring at me so I hide them again. In my last book it was all Salma Hayek. The others were more vague, but she was the It Girl. To write dialog, I had to get peaceful until I heard her voice.

  9. My male MC looks an awful lot like this:

    I've seen some shots of models who resemble my female MC, but only in those certain photos. I have a great picture of her in my head, but have yet to "find" someone who truly resembles her.

    I have something for you on my blog :)

  10. I have too many to list. I like looking for character pictures. But you're characters look good. Jackson Rathbone... swoon. : )

  11. That illustration is great! When do you get it and how did you win it?