Monday, March 26, 2012

Stepping into the Land of Query

Yep, I started. I sent out a couple of queries. I wasn't sure how I would feel. It's like I was anticipating I'd feel one way, but after I sent them, I felt a little different. It got me thinking of what my Queryland would look like. Most people describe it as hell, which I can see. But are the first moments really like that?

Here's what it's like to me. After pushing the send button, a big gate opened. (Think large wooden gate that's very intimidating and heavy.) When I walk through it, I enter a field of wildflowers that seem to stretch for miles. Beautiful colors of reds, yellows, purples, and blues. They're about waist high, and when a warm breeze blows, they dance. In the blue sky above, there are some clouds that spell the word--Possibilities.

In the distance, I see two pathways. There are cheers and whistles coming from the one on the right. Loud music pumps, while confetti and balloons escape a multi-colored archway. My writer friends stand at the entrance, cheering with drinks in hand. The pink neon sign above says--Acceptance.
Just imaging a big party with balloons and people. Sorry couldn't find the right photo.

The path on the left is a lot different. An archway of dull bare tree limbs, making the path look like a prison. It's dark, and the path itself is full of weeds poking through brick. There is no sound, except for a cricket and maybe a growl, which is kinda scary. Wait. I hear a wolf howling too. The sign above the path is worn and the edges of the wood is stained with mold. It reads--Rejection.

This land is scary, but exciting. It's a step, and I don't know where it will go. I have my predictions and I'm not setting the bar too high. I'm being realistic. For now, I'm going to lay a blanket in the field of Possibilities and enjoy the sun.

What does your Queryland look like or what do you think it would look like?

Believe it or not--I haven't been checking my email like crazy. I'm being realistic and not expecting much.

BTW- I saw The Hunger Games--so great! Me likey lots.

Have a great day!


  1. Congratulations on stepping out into the land of the great "Q". It's been a long battle for you, and I'm so proud of you that you've finally gotten there. Best of all the luck for you to get what you want.

  2. Yay! Best of luck to you in the wonderful world of querying! Be patient and keep writing!

  3. I found the querying process anti-climactic once I entered the ring. I queried only more than a handful of agents, and then decided to rewrite part of the story. But once I entered the ring, I found that life really did move on. I still took care of my family and coveted my writing time.

    You know I'm wishing all the luck in the world!

  4. What a great description of the field of possibilities! I haven't queried for a while, but I can still very much remember the feeling.

  5. So proud of you! It can be scary, but when it comes down to it, I think we overthink it and hype it up. You'll definitly walk through the dark place, but you have to in order to get to the bright, sunny, balloon filled place. And, you know I'm there cheering you on (drink in hand)!!

  6. Hope your queryland is beautiful, even if you have to take some ugly paths to get there.

  7. Wow, what a beautiful Queryland! I need to start thinking of it like that. :) Good luck!!!

  8. Wasn't The Hunger Games so good?! So good. Good luck on your querying!!!

  9. Way to go, Christine! Wishing you luck and great success!

  10. I love the image of you enjoying the sun in the land of Possibilities. Yay!

    Good for you for not obsessively checking your email. I've only ever queried three agents (for picture books, before I'd finished the MG novel) and got two quick rejections and never heard a word from the third one. When I start querying again in April, I'll send out a heck of a lot more.

  11. Good luck, and it sounds like you're handling it much better than I do.

  12. I'm just about ready to query, and I wonder if I haven't been editing, editing, and editing some more, as a subconscious stalling tactic out of sheer panic/fear. Not sure. I wish you the best of luck and hope you enter into that land of possibilities, quickly.

    PS Me likey The Hunger Games too!