Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So, I'm keeping this short. I had this post written out in my head, but my morning time is not allowing me to write it. Yep, mornings are ridiculously hectic. I decided to ask my fellow blogging buddies a question. Simple, right?

With the Hunger Games movie coming out this week, I thought I'd keep in the spirit of the big screen.

What book would you like to see made into a movie and why? See, simple.

Have a great day!

*Yes, my brain is fried from edits. I'm almost done.
**The picture of Peeta and Gale is bigger because that's just the way it is. I had no power over the size. Okay, I did, but the small poster looked blurry when I made it bigger.


  1. I can't wait for the movie!!!

    Hmmm. Good question. I'm not sure if there are other books I'd like so see as movies. Most of the time the movie isn't as good as the book.

  2. Peeta and Gale pictures should ALWAYS be bigger. :) I'd love to see Anna and the French Kiss made into a movie if they found the perfect Etienne.

  3. Hmmmm! Actually, dare I admit I always find the films disappointing? I'd like to keep some books as books. :)

  4. Besides my own?
    Still would like to see a good Pendergast story (Preston & Child) because The Relic was awful.

  5. Um ... mine? That deal is still limping along, and I recently had some interesting news on it. But by now I know better than to get excited.

    So -- somebody else's book? The Teacher's Funeral by Richard Peck. I'd love to write the screenplay for it. (like that would happen)

  6. Anna and the French Kiss. Or either of the series by Cassandra Clare. I love seeing books turned to movies- even if they don't turn out as good as the book, they always make me like the book more.

  7. I'm with Stina: the vast majority of movies aren't as good as the book. Waiting anxiously to see if HG is...

    If they could do it right, DIVERGENT would make an interesting movie. So would INCARCERON. And EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS, with those wild Vietnam dreams.

    And come to think of it, so would CRACKED!

  8. Born Wicked b/c of the magic & romance

  9. I thought of a couple - then realised they'd already been done. I suck :-)

  10. I'm really excited that The Sky is Everywhere is being made into a movie. I loved that book so much and Selena Gomez in going to star in it and I think she'll do a great job. I'm also looking forward to The Host by Stephanie Meyer and I think Matched by Ally Condie would be a good movie.