Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Oh, what a week. I actually edited 6 chapters. It's funny, it sounds like a lot, but when I look at the whole MS, it's not much. Oh well, I must move on.

On with the facts.

1. Has anyone seen AWAKE? (I'm talking the TV show not your current state of being.) Lots of hub bub about it. I'm certainly watching. Very interesting.

2. I'm about to read this for the Philly Book Club (a club formed from the genius minds of Frankie Diane Mallis and K.M. Walton):

I've heard I may need some tissues.

3. Starting to get the 'fear of the query' syndrome. I'm so nervous to start, and yes, I'm beginning to have nightmares that not one agent requests even a partial. So scared.

4. I'm in love with ETSY. Such cute things. I can't stand it. I'm such a sucker.

 5. I've realized when I post a picture like this: 

I get lots of comments. I didn't realize there were so many Angel and Spike fans. Makes me smile. It was such a great show.

6. Did I mention I can't wait for this:

7. Okay, so this one is not a fact, but a question, for, well, research for me. Do you believe that some other living form exists somewhere out in space? Yes, I'm talking aliens/extra terrestrials. If you do, why? If you don't, why not?

There are the facts. Do you have any interesting facts you'd like to share?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I know about your success with editing! Saw it on FB. So happy for you. No worries about querying. Just do; don't think.

    And The Hunger Games, I can't wait for it to come out! (I am the only person on the planet who never finished the books. *hangs head)

  2. I can't wait for The Hunger Games movie. I'm currently re-reading Mockingjay. My 12 yo is currently rereading Catching Fire. We're away for the opening, but I plan to take him when we get back. We can't wait!!!!

  3. I do believe that other life forms are out in space. Why would it be just us, hanging out here all alone? Well, let me rephrase: I'm kinda "agnostic" about the whole thing, but I'd really like to think there is.

  4. Six chapters is good!
    And I do think something is out there.

  5. I've already got my tickets for Hunger Games. :)

    Definitely believe there is life out there somewhere. Why? 1. I refuse to believe we were a "fluke", 2. My religious beliefs include something along the lines of "worlds without number have I created..." Something like that. Surely some of those worlds (if not all) have/had life on them.

  6. Congrats on the editing! You can do it! And have so much fun reading The Fault in Our Stars. You'll need tissues, yes, but I LOVED it. :)

  7. Keep editing.

    Of course I believe in extra-Earthly life. Lots of folks (self included) believe the virus did not originate here. It is a completely unique life form compared to everything else on the planet -- plant, animal, insect, bacteria -- and has no natural defense. Plus, scientists even debate whether a virus is "alive" since it is completely inanimate until it binds to something, sort of like saying a protein or an enzyme is a living creature.

    Anyway. Yes, I believe. It makes it more fun to write, too!

    - Eric

  8. I have not seen AWAKE, but my husband saw a review of it and added it to our DVR list. Now that you've reminded me, maybe I'll see if he wants to watch it tonight.

    As for aliens ... yes. And they may have been here already. Either that, or there were some advanced human civilizations in long ago past that were wiped out completely -- and most traces of them destroyed.

    Do you watch ANCIENT ALIENS? I find it fascinating! Although I might be leaning more toward the "wiped out human race" theory more than the "alien visitor" theory. Either way, there's a story in there somewhere!

  9. Okay, you posted the picture again but I will comment on something other than Spike today?

    What do you think of Alive? I'm very tempted by it, but I'm worried that I'll get into it and they'll cancel it suddenly. Think I'll wait until the whole season has aired and then try it.

  10. My mom just started watching AWAKE and told me it's good. She and I watch all the same shows, so I'll probably like it, too.

    I've heard good things about "The Fault In Our Stars", too.