Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where did she go?

Okay, so I missed my post day on Monday. The fact is things have gotten a little out of control here at my household. You know what happens when I give my attention to one thing--other things must suffer. Sorry. It's the way the world turns. I wish I could clone myself. It would make things a heck of a lot easier. Plus, the kiddos got sick and I got sick. Again. Another reason I dislike winter. Germs are spread at an alarming rate.

Anywho, I'm still trying to work on revisions. See, I don't give up easily. I also signed up for a writing class. So...yeah...that means homework-like stuff. The fabulous Stina Lindenblatt demanded  recommended it. :)

Am I scared? Yep, but it's a challenge and a hard one at that. But you know what, I know it will help me. The first assignment has got me really pushing myself. Holy cow! *inserts another piece of chocolate in mouth*

The class I'm taking is called The Triple Threat Behind Staging a Scene taught by Tiffany Lawson Inman at the Marie Lawson site. It's all about amping up those action scenes and scenes in general. Lord knows, I need it.

So, if I'm not here, that's what I'm doing.

Has anyone taken any great writing courses they'd like to share?

How's your progress?

Have a great day!


  1. If it's the Margie Lawson course - you'll love it!

  2. I knew you would love it. I agree, it is hard work. I spent hours on the first assignment yesterday. But that's because I'm working off my first draft, and my wip looked more like the "naked" assignment than it did the original.

    I'm also taking the kills, thrills, chills course offered through Margie's university. It's great too, but I've been able to skip the assignments (for now) to work on the triple threat homework.

  3. What a neat idea--that writing class sounds amazingly helpful! I hope you and your family feel better!

  4. No need to apologize. Life does that. Good luck with the course. Sounds awesome!

  5. What a cute picture. Sounds like a wonderful course. I love classes that make me stretch and grow. Enjoy the journey.

  6. I love that picture!

    Good on you about the writing class, I hope you get loads out of it. Sorry you've been ill :-(

  7. Stina mentioned you guys were taking it--sounded great!