Thursday, February 2, 2012

Points of Perfect

The word 'perfect' is just that--perfect. It can have a snotty edge to it when pronounced, and I'm not fully fond of the word. Over my life, I've tried to make sure everything I did was just that--perfect. I've failed several times and not with just one aspect of my life--pretty much all of it. Things needed to look a certain way, my schedule had to be just so, and my work had to please everyone.

Silly, right?

A tough lesson to learn when your the artsy type.

I learned as an interior designer that I couldn't please all my clients, but I did whatever it took to make them happy. If they didn't like a fabric--I reselected. If they didn't like a floorplan--I redrafted. I had to because it was my job and I felt better about myself. I felt relieved that I made my client happy and got paid.

With writing it's the same, but different. Writing feels different to me. It lives in me, and usually, I can't wait to do it.

Three years ago, I started on this journey and I feel like this year is the year I'm really starting. Why? When I first started, I was so naive to everything. I thought I was awesome and my idea was fantastic. I tried my best to fit in, but instead I was being stupid. I learned a little, but not as much as I should have in my quest to gain respect, I probably made myself a laughing stock.

I guess I thought I had something and maybe I was above starting at the bottom. Silly really. We all have to start somewhere. So now, I'm learning as much as I can to catch up, to gain respect, and doing what I can to please. To perfect. 

The one thing I've learned is I can't please everyone. Even when I write a post or a tweet, I have to keep in mind someone will not like it and they may tell me about it and it may hurt. I may lose friends over my mistakes, they may think I'm not worthy or dumb, but I can't let that stop me. I push through to perfect my work the only way I know how and the only way I want too.

So, keep in mind--we all make mistakes, we're not perfect (trust me, everyone has some sort of imperfection. They really do), the grass always looks greener on the other side and you can't please everyone.

This is just a dash of my wisdom. Have a great night!



  1. This is year two for me and I feel like im starting all over. You're right. We all make mistakes.

  2. Ha, so true. Trying to please everyone in the writing business is a losing game.

  3. Such good reminders. Offering fabric to our WIP "clients" isn't too different from what you describe. So many choices - some fit, some don't. We keep going.

  4. I'm a perfectionist by nature and it's difficult sometimes knowing others will not see something the same way I do. Of course, being a perfectionist means I never see my own work as perfect anyway.

  5. I like perfectionism, but not what others consider to be perfect. I think this is translating to my writing in a way that will be beneficial.

    Great post.

  6. Friends we lose over mistakes we make are possibly not the friends we thought they are.

    And I didn't mean to sound like a fortune cookie :-)