Monday, February 20, 2012

Go easy on yourself

Artwork by Kaitlyn McCane

With fast paced lifestyles, we can beat ourselves up. I know I do. I'm my hardest critic. Yep, I'm super hard on myself. I push myself to limits that I probably shouldn't. I find it unexceptable that I can't juggle a client, writing, my kids, reading, my house, etc. I cringe when something is dirty. To me there is no excuse. When I get tired at night, I get frustrated because I need to get stuff done.

What I need to learn is that it's okay. I can't do everything. I am one person. I have to accept that when I fully focus on one thing, other things will suffer.

So, how can you change it?

1. Try to give yourself credit. I have a real hard time with this. I do beat myself up over little things that don't get done or not done right. It's okay. We're not perfect and we can't do everything. One solution--write down everything you do and want to do. Take a few items and do them. Finish them if you can--one at a time. A sense of accomplishment is the best, but be realistic about what you can finish in the time that you have.

2. Say no to things. As hard as it is--you have to. Mainly to keep your sanity.

3. Take breaks. This is difficult for me. I like to keep going. Sitting and doing nothing makes me antsy, but forcing yourself to take a break might be a mind saver.

4. When you get sick--rest. This goes along with #3.

5.  Don't feel guilty. This one is tough. I feel bad if something doesn't get done or I'm not spending every waking moment with my kids or my husband. It's okay.  Doing something for you is the best medicine.

Oh and the biggest one--eat chocolate. Okay, that's my calming potion. Yours may be different.

Do you have any pointers to add?

A big thanks to Frankie Diane Mallis and Simon Larter for another fun Philly Lit. You guys are the best. I'm sure Frankie will be posting photos.

Have a great day!


  1. I hear ya! I feel SO guilty when I try to do something (okay write) when I'm home because it does take time away from family. For me, my best time, or most productive time, to write is in the morning, early afternoon. And well, that is also the best time to play with the kids or get housework finished. Def. #3 and #4. I didn't listen to my body in Oct.-Dec. and now look on me. I've been on bedrest since Jan. 18th. Good for you for taking of yourself!

  2. Great tips! I like the one about resting when you're sick. It's hard to do when you have loads of things on your to-do list, but so important.

  3. Ha, chocolate is definitely on my list! I have the hardest time saying no, especially to friends and family. But sometimes I need to stay in to clean or write, and I have to recognize that I can't do it all. Great post!

  4. I have the hardest time saying no sometimes!

    And chocolate makes everything better!

  5. Wonderful advice! We're only human, right? : )

  6. I concur with the consumption of chocolate. It is the answer to all things.

  7. Saying no to some things is critical! Otherwise it's easy to overtax ourselves.

  8. Really great advice, especially saying no to things. Being a people-pleaser, I have a very difficult time doing that. But it's such a necessary thing.

  9. hi miss christine! cool tips. now you gotta follow your own advice. my brother says sometimes you gotta give yourself permission to do nothing. when you have permission then its ok and you dont feel guilty.
    ...hugs from lenny

  10. This is a good list. I felt guilty recently for taking a few days out when I was sick. But, you know what? Everybody coped, and the world didn't end :-)