Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing the Next Line Blogfest

So I'm so nervous when I post stuff or send it to someone. The bundle of knots in my stomach always pulls tight everytime I do this, but I continue to torture myself. Today is the Writing the Next Line Blogfest. To see the amazingly talented people who are taking part please go here.

I hope to have a Writing the Next Line page up at the top of my blog so you can see the past sessions. This was fun, and who knew I would plan to make this into a story. Yes,I  plan to develop this bugger. I'm taking a liking to the characters...okay so they showed me more scenes to write, but I must finish my revisions first. I can hear my CPs yelling. Finish the other one first. I will. :) Here it goes. I'm closing my eyes now.

3:00 am. Those numbers glowed green, staring at me, letting me know I wasn't sleeping. I couldn't. If I did, who knows what injury I would wake up with. Every night a dream would consume me, and when I woke, something on my body was cut, bruised, or almost broken. I started at the ceiling. The fan squeaked and wobbled, trying to produce air flow. It wasn't succeeding. I turned over, hugging my pillow. What was happening? Maybe I should see someone, but who? A doctor? Padded room for sure. Is there such a thing as a dream specialist?

A branch scratched the window. I turned over again. 5:00 am. Where did the last two hours go? Adrenaline pumped through my veins, accelerating my heart. My T-shirt was damp and clinging to my back. What happened? Did I dream, again?

Bang. Bang. Bang. I jumped up. Someone was at the front door.

Who could be here? My parents are out of town. As I crept down the steps, I grabbed a brass candlestick from the small glass table in the hall. How I would use it? I don’t know, but I felt I needed something. The shadows of the trees danced behind the sheers.

Bang. Bang. Bang. My heartbeat throbbed in my ears and the candlestick shook in my hands. With my back to the door, I took one deep breath, perched up on my toes, turned, and looked out the peephole. Black bangs with a small purple streak and pale flesh filled my view in a weird distorted peephole way. The tension in my chest lifted. I fumbled with the lock and swung the door open.

“Graham?” I held the candlestick behind my back. He had both his hands on each side of the door frame. His damp hair created points across his forehead and sweat trickled down the sides of his face. “Did you run here?”

His dark, brown eyes searched my face, then behind me. “Sadie? Are you okay?” He stood up straight, his shoulders raised and lowered as he caught his breath.

“Should I be hurt?” I set the candlestick on the bench in the foyer. He walked passed me.

He turned on his heel and faced me. His black T-shirt stuck to his chest, defining every muscle underneath. “You just called me. Frantic. You sounded like you were hurt.” He cupped his hand on the back of his neck.

“I was sleeping. So, I didn’t call you.”

“Yes, you did. I was watching a movie with…” He paused. He knew I would be pissed. “Avery, and you called me, crying, hysterically. Saying someone was in the house.”

I crossed my arms. “Avery?” Did he have to say her name? He certainly didn’t wait long to start dating after we broke up.

He cocked his head to the side and rolled his eyes. “Is that why you called me? So you could ruin my night.”

“No. I didn’t call you. You ruined your own night as well as mine.” I fiddled with the tie on my pajama bottoms. Nothing like scaring the crap out of me and rubbing the new girlfriend in my face.

“You did call me. Look.” He held up his cell. There was my name and number. “You called me at 4:30.”

“Why were you watching a movie at 4:30 in the morning?” Really, it was a great question. Who watches a movie at… unless…argh.

He let out an annoyed breath. “We didn’t…you know. I know you’re thinking that Avery and I were…”

I put my fingers in my ears. “Wait. I don’t want to know.”

He grabbed my wrists and tugged on them so I could hear again. “I haven’t and wouldn’t with her. Trust me.”

“Oh, so I was the excuse for you to send her home.” I yanked my arms from his grasp and put my hands on my hips.

“No. You called me and said you needed help. So I came. Why are you getting so defensive?”

I guess he still cares. I thought when he said he never wanted to see me again, meant, he never wanted to see me again. “Well, I don’t remember calling you. So…sorry…you can go back to your girlfriend.”

“Look Sadie. What happened with us was…well…maybe we went too quickly and things…”

Footsteps pitter pattered across the hardwood in the room above us. My room.

“Is someone here?” he crossed his arms. “I know your parents are out of town.” His eyebrows rose.

I let out a quivered breath. My stomach sank down to my feet and a thin layer of sweat formed on top of my skin. “No one is here but me.”

A loud crash vibrated the floor. Shards of glass broke though the ceiling above us. Graham grabbed me by the waist, yanking me out of the way and into the Living Room. As the dust settled, a large, black, furry figure rose on two bowed legs. A deep snarl came from its throat, drool dripped from the corners of its mouth. Its ink black snout twisted, sniffing the air. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be.

“What the hell is that?” Graham whispered, and pulled me tighter to him.

I sucked in a breath and choked on the wet, dog smell. Flashes of memories, I don’t remember ever happening to me, bombarded my brain. “I think it’s the monster from my dream.”

My face is purple from holding my breath. Go check out the others because they are probably so much more awesome than mine. Go here to check them out. I will be checking out the other entries over the next few days.

I will also be posting about Philly Lit night on Wednesday. Simon and Frankie put together a fun night. It was so great to meet everyone. Can't wait till the next meeting.

Have a great day and thanks!


  1. Thanks for hosting the blogfest.

    oooo Monster! Very nice. It was a great start and even though I'm not a fan of the continue someone else's story, I just had to take part. Hope it's okay I told people on my blog they could comment about the story or add to it themselves. I didn't write very long or finish but enjoyed adding my own male/male twist to it.

    I had fun and look forward to seeing the other entries once they all get posted.

  2. You know what? I just realized I can't read this. I haven't finished my piece yet. I'll be back.

  3. A monster!!!! How awesome! I never even thought of a monster. This was great fun Christine. Thanks so much for hosting.

  4. I like it! It makes me want to know more about Sadie's dreams, or what she thinks are dreams :)

  5. I can't play today, but I will be back to look once it's done!

  6. Wow! Christine! you are such a great writer, and I love LOVE the concept behind this story. I think you've got something here~ :D <3

  7. All right, Christine.

    This is fantastic! I totally didn't expect the monster. Very smooth read. Dialogue great .... description right on!

    Excellent job.


  8. I so didn't expect a monster. You lulled me into a boyfriend/girlfriend conversation and then, Wham! Monster!

    My only comment is that I can't tell the ages of the characters and I wanted to know if they were teens or mid-grade or what. Otherwise, nicely done!

  9. Nice! The ex was nice to see and the monster at the end was really good.

  10. ooooh that was GREAT!!! I thought it might go that sort of direction at first but then the ex came and I was like 'naaaah' but then TWIST TURN OOOH there's the monster!

    LOL sorry. Summary statement: That was GREAT and THANK YOU for hosting the blogfest!!

  11. Hi, Christine,

    Thanks for the email. I'm glad I could help.

    I have an award for you at my blog.


  12. Oh I liked this! I put my entry up today.

  13. hi miss christine! wow i missed out on it. ack! rats! i got busy with school stuff and other stuff and forgot to get my name in. so for sure im gonna do it on the next time you have one. its soooo fun.
    ...hugs from lenny

  14. Great stuff! And I know how you feel about posting your writing for everyone to see. I go through that every time a book comes out. ;)

  15. Wonderful opener. I am an Acquisitions Editor for Crescent Moon Press and I'd love for you to submit your query and first chapter to us when you're done with your revisions.

    Kind regards,

    Sherry Soule
    Acquisitions Editor