Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

This week was interesting. I'm glad to try and get back into a routine. I also learned that holding a blogfest in the New Year was not the smartest idea. Oh well, we will have fun with it anyway. :) I also changed my background. I'll leave it up for a while. See if I like it. I hope to add tabs at the top soon, to clean up the junk on the sidebar. Any advice on that would be most appreciated. My New Year is all about cleaning things out (this includes my house). With that said, here are the facts:

1. I saw a commercial for light soup. It basically told me that it would help me lose weight if I ate it. Right after the soup commercial was a commercial for chocolate. So much for that diet. Nothing like rubbing temptation in your face.

2. Another commercial I saw was for Pajama Jeans. I really thought it was a joke. A Saturday Night Live spoof. No joke, it was real. You want to see. Check out the site. I had a hard time uploading the video.

3. I will never do a renovation project to my house right after the holiday. Not fun. You would think, being a designer, that I would be excited. So not fun when you're doing your own house.

4. I'm actually not sure what happened over the past two weeks. Christmas and New Year's, it really happened?

5. Looking forward to summer.

6. Not much writing happened over the holidays. I'm super excited to get started again. MCs, from more stories than I can count, are talking at once. Wow, my brain is dizzy.

7. Missed blogging.

8. Missed my CPs.

9. Looking forward to a New Year, so much to learn and to write. Can you tell I'm really excited? I know I'm a dork.

10. I realized I can get a great workout while playing Just Dance for Kids on the Wii. Stop laughing. It's true.
This is all I had this week.

How was your week?

Back to your routine?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Pajama Jeans? Leggings without the shame!

    I can't believe how many people disappeared for New Year's. I don't remember it being so quiet last year. Then again, I didn't have many followers this time last year!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I want some pajama jeans!!!!

    I missed blogging too. Its back to school for me yesterday which isn't that awesome.

    You're a designer? That's cool!

  3. They need to make pajama khakis. Then I can wear my pajamas to work!

  4. I wanted to change my blog design, too. But after searching through designs last night, I realized I couldn't find any I like more than the one I have now. I thought I'd change it to reflect the stories I like to write (romance with suspense). But then I realized it was perfect. The heart represents romance. And you're in suspense if the water will wash the heart design away. :D

    Okay, I can justify just about anything. ;)

    Good luck getting back to the writing. I missed it, too, during the holidays.

    Love the new design, btw. Perfect for these cold winter days. Please don't change it!

  5. Back to the routine - five day work weeks are going to kill me though!
    I've seen those pajama jeans commercials. They need a different name!
    And blogfests still work in January! Just keep plugging it.

  6. Love the look, sweets!! Oh, and, yeah. Talk about your bipolar TV.

  7. I'm waiting for summer too!

    Pajama jeans, just another thing to show off my muffin top. NOT.

    Routine? Oh to have the routine back.

  8. I'm excited to be back to routine, too! I missed my writing - and my naps. :) We were supposed to start redoing the basement after New Years, but no progress yet.

  9. ooh man, i am looking forward to summer as well. Because it's awesome!

  10. I want pajama jeans! That's just amazing.

  11. Well, my routine starts back up on Monday. My kids had 3 - yes that's THREE - weeks off of school. I'm ready for routine!! Bring it on.

  12. I like the new look!

    Yup, back to routine for me!

  13. I'm so glad you posted the link for the pj jeans! I have been hearing about them all week and haven't seen them. So yeay for awesome badness!

  14. ergh. I wanted to get back to my routine this week so so bad and then it just got all shot to heck. But here's to next week! :D <3