Monday, January 17, 2011

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

I decided to do a short review today. As you know, things have been a little hectic. Since I've been limited on writing time, I've been reading. I checked out this little nugget.
Yeah...look at that cover. The inside doesn't disappoint. The girl on the cover reminds me of Scarlett Johansson.

Title: Paranormalcy
Author: Kiersten White
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 352

The Blurb:
Sixteen-year-old Evie learns that she is not quite the person she thought she was in this creature-feature mash-up. Possessing the unique ability to recognize paranormals beneath their glamour, Evie has lived most of her life under the protection of the International Paranormal Containment Agreement (IPCA), an organization dedicated to the cataloging and neutralizing of paranormal creatures. After a mysterious entity begins killing paranormals around the world, Evie discovers some startling truths about her own identity.

My take:
I'm about to gush about this book. I loved it. It's fresh, fast paced, and the characters...what can I say. I'm speechless. They are wonderful and strong. I really admire Ms. White's ability to write characters I care about. The story itself was nice mix of twisting mystery, action, and humor. I loved Evie and her little comments. I found myself laughing outloud at some parts, and sitting on the edge of my seat at others. Lend, Evie's love interest, had me swooning too. This made paranormal seem normal.

The End:
I did enjoy the end. I think it was the perfect balance of letting it be a solo book, but some things could be fleshed out in a sequel. I'm keeping this short because I think you should go get it now. :)

There you go. I LOVED this book. It's so different from the norm. hehe.

I will be posting tomorrow as part of the What's your Writing Process Blogfest hosted by Shallee.

How was your weekend?

Any goals?

My goals are the same as last week. REVISE and WRITE before I'm taken away for being grumpy.

Have a great day!


  1. I just finished this one too and LOVED it! Funny, I to have been reading a ton because I haven't found much time to write! It feels the need, doesn't it?

    My goal this week: FINISH those revisions I've been working on!

  2. I'm kind of stumped, right now. Not sure what I should/want to do/write. Huh?? Doesn't help that the kids are home. lol

  3. wow! OK!!! I've been seeing this one around, but I feel like I've been burned lately on more than one "great book." sigh.

    but I'll check it out! Thanks, Chris~ <3

  4. Well, Christine,

    I"m happy to say I finished my WIP! I wrote over seven thousand words on the weekend and finished it last night. I'm so relieved. I'm taking a few hours off now to blog and have a bit of fun, but this afternoon I will start o edit. Only one more week until ABNA.


  5. This book has been on my tbr list for a while now and I've never moved to the top. But I think I will now.

  6. I absolutely loved this book! And I can't wait for the sequel. Evie... she's just so cute and witty! I love her!

  7. Loved this book, too! The voice just wouldn't let you go!

  8. Can't wait to read this one! Looks sooo good! Great review!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed this book. I liked it too!

  10. She does look like Scarlett Johanssen! My to-read list is long but I'll be recommending this to my teen. Thanks for the review!

  11. I've been wanting to read this book. I just love the cover, and yes, Scarlett Johanssen always comes to my mind when I see it, too! Thanks for the review, even though I see this book everywhere I've never read a review on it before. Now I know to pick it up when I get the chance.

  12. I really enjoyed the book, but I didn't love it. I am, though, going to buy the sequel (yup, there's a seque). I loved the voice and the humor. It was a freshing change from all the similar sounding YA paranormal novels.