Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get organized and contest

Thanks for all your comments on Monday. They have helped me realize that I must choose what is comfortable for me. The hoopla has stunned the creativity a bit, so I must open my mind again and just let it flow.

On another note, I must get organized. I'm talking in every aspect of my life. Right now, my house is torn apart. The kitchen renovation is in full swing so my life is in complete upheaveal. It has made me clean things out--something I've been putting off for years. I used to be a super organized person, but with the whole kid thing, I let things go. It feels good though, almost clearing my head, making me see things differently.

I also need to organize my computer files, specifically the files for my WiP's. I do back them up on a seperate drive, but I have a lot of them. I'm looking for ways to consolidate these buggers.

I also need to keep better journals. Boy, are those babies a mess. No order on anything.

So, there something I need to do and I'm looking to you to see how you do it.

Any organizing tips for your files and journals?

Now, I thought since I've been blogging for a year a little contest is in order and since I've made you completely sleepy with the info above, I'll wake you up with this nugget of info. I'm going to giveaway a book. I'm sorry, I'm not super cool so don't get excited, I don't have any arcs. I know. I know, but I'm not the cool gal here. I will, however, give you something that may help.
Just ignore the look inside. I got the photo from I couldn't get the link to work.

So, yeah I will giveaway one of these books to one lucky winner. Hooked by Les Edgerton. It's one of the few self help books that has kept my interest and helped me. I did give a copy away last year, and, well, since it's the beginning of the year--this can help with the beginning of your novel. Get it?

Make sure you're a follower then just leave a comment and tell me your favorite part of the writing process. Easy right?

Of course, I would love for you to spread the word to which you will get extra points. Yes, this is open internationally.

Follow me on twitter +2
Tweet about it +2
Sidebar +4
Blog about it +5
Facebook promo +2
Total points +2
I had a hard time getting my form to work so please just leave your totals in the comments below.
Ends February 3rd. I will announce the winner February 4th.

Also, don't  forget about the Writing the Next Line Blogfest January 24th. This should be fun so don't miss out. :) **smiling**

Have a great day!


  1. Ooh, great book. I already have it so don't enter me. Just wanted to comment. And thanks for the reminder about your Next Line Blogfest. Somehow I missed it.

  2. ooh great book! I, too, already have it so don't enter me but i just wanted to give you props on your prize choice

  3. I'll promote your contest, but I have the book already, so don't enter my name.

    Hope you get organized!

  4. This looks like a must-have book Christine!

    I'd love to be entered. Of course, I'm a follower.

    Follow you on Twitter -2

    I'll tweet about it... -2

    Sidebar definitely.... -4

    add ... -2

    TOTAL.... -10

    Thanks Christine.


  5. Getting organized is definitely on my 2011 list, too! Though I don't have a kitchen renovation to deal with. The book sounds amazing! I'm following you on Twitter, and I'm going to tweet about this, so 2+2+2 (for totaling points) = 6!

  6. You are to COOL!!!!!

    I'm an organizing FREAK, so seriously, if you need help, let me know. ;-)

    Fun contest!

  7. I've had that book for a while and still haven't read it! I'm a terrible person! Getting organized takes forever! I always forget that!

  8. I already have the book. It's great!

    I organized my computer files. Now I have a major file for my three blogs (one which isn't up and running yet), YA novels, and Romantic suspense novels. Before I had everything in my major file, but it was getting too cluttered. I needed to make subfiles. :D

  9. I just organized my computer files today!

  10. hi miss christine! cool contest. me and mr butch (thats mr les) been friends for a lotta time. you could get that book signed & all you gotta do is ask him and mail it to him. hes soooo nice. he sent me a present of his book called finding your voice and its really good. if you could need his email just ask me and i could send it to you. i think its on his blog. i dont know what the best part of writing for me. mostly i just like writing. for being organized. yikes. me and 4 brothers and 1 sister. no way! ha ha.
    ...hugs from lenny

  11. I have the book already too, so I'll pass on your contest.

    I've started keeping a "novel bible"--which is a computer file in which I transcribe all my messy notebook scribbles into categories: character notes, setting notes and plot flow.

    With my last book, I was constantly having to dig through scraps and multiple notebooks. I hope the discipline of regularly transcribing ALL my notes will help this WIP flow.

  12. Good luck with the organizing. I need to dive in and do the same thing. I already have Hooked but haven't started it yet. Your post reminded me to crack it open!

  13. Woo hoo for a fun contest!

    My favorite part of writing is the creating. The part where I write and don't care how it looks and just play. *swoon*

    It's the part that keeps me going.
    +1 following and comment
    +2 Twitter follower
    +2 for total
    = TOTAL OF 5

  14. Good luck on getting organized, Christine. That's something I need to do badly. The contest sounds great!

  15. I already have this book (I only read some of it, but love what I've read so far), so please don't enter me. Just want to wish you best of luck with organizing! I definitely need to do the same; physically decluttering my room always helps clearing my mind.

  16. What a cool contest! :) And good luck with the organizing :)

  17. Not entering contest, but I have an organizing suggestion:
    Place old journals in box, label 'journals,' place on shelf in closet.
    Yeah, I'm real organized, aren't I?

  18. I can be a organizing freak but it only comes in bursts. So some parts of my house have labelmaker stuff all over, and there are piles in other parts!
    I'll put you on my sidebar!

  19. I am horribly unorganized. I apologize for not having any wisdom to share.

  20. organizing help creatively avlbl at Donna Comin'Home blog ...
    favourite part of writing? still too new to know with any sense of confidence ")
    i'm at 11 points according to your list ~
    and MANY HUGE THX ! for the opp "))