Monday, August 2, 2010

Strength and weakness

Lately, Pessy (my pesimist side) and been beating up Opti (my optimist side). They have been fighting like cats and dogs. Opti was winning a few weeks ago, but Pessy must have been working out because the fight has gotten ugly. I decided to show Pessy that he can not beat me down so instead of curling into a ball and claiming I'm a horrible writer--that everything I write is crap-- I thought I should take a look at my strengths and weaknesses. A list of each may help me see not only what I need to improve on but what I may be good at.

First, I want to get a couple things out in the open.

I must realize that my journey is not like anyone else's. It is as distinct as my fingerprint and only I'm in control.

My ideas and stories are from my heart and I must follow my gut when writing them.

Now on with my list. I figure I will start with my weaknesses. These are the things I must improve on.

Making a schedule to write--I need to focus purely on writing for at least an hour a day. I need to figure out when I can fit this time in without interruption.

Frustration--I need to stop getting frustrated when I'm not able to write. This only leads to Pessy smiling.

Tenses-I don't like tenses. Currently, I'm having a hell of a time trying to spot this. I need to sit and have a classroom session on this. My CPs will be happy when I figure this one out.

Adverbs and "to be" verbs-- I think I do have "was" under control but those sneaky adverbs are still sneaking in.

Slowing down. I tend to rush things especially because my kids need something at every moment. I have been working on this but I know I still need work in this area. It usually leads to careless mistakes.

I know I'm not great at grammer. :)

With that being said, I will move onto my strengths. I'm not a big bragger so I feel funny even typing this. I decided to write down what I have been told of things I do well.

I have been told-- I can write dialogue well. I do like writing it.

I have been told --I'm great at descriptions.

I have been told--I can write a great cliffhanger.

I have been told--That I write with a pretty good voice and that in my current WiP-- people seem to like my characters. That they seem real and a reader can relate to them.

There you have it. I'm not sure how it has made me feel but I guess it was a good exercise to help me jump back into my WiP.

How have you been?

Have you ever tried to seperate your strengths and weaknesses?

Has this exercise helped you?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't wait to get back into my routine. I will miss Germany but I miss my family, friends, cats, house and ---writing. I thought I would be able to write more here but there are a lot of distractions. To my CPs --sorry I've have not been critiquing as much as I thought. You can say it--I've been a bad CP. I promise to finish all my critiques when I get back. Oh and sorry if this post sounds like I just woke up--well --I did and decided to write it before the kiddos got up. :)

Have a great day!


  1. That sounds like a fine exercise. Finding the balance between "being honest to yourself" and "beating yourself up" is pretty hard.

    I taught English for 2.5 years, and most of my pupils had difficulty with the tenses. I guess it's even more difficult when you learn by talking and writing and hardly anyone ever takes the time to explain.

  2. Grammar isn't my strength either - thank God for editors!
    If you need to, divide that writing hour into two parts.

  3. I write when I can write. Hoprfully by the end of the day it all adds up to a few hours LOL! And those TO BE verbs are real buggers sometimes. Not sure what the German word for bugger is. But I have a terrific editor. Worth every dollar I pay hi.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. A lot of what you have on your weaknesses list are easy fixes, which is, in fact, a strength!!
    So that's awesome!

  5. Very brave of you to put that all out there. I admire that you always break your problems down into little pieces. I tend to let them blow up and then freak takes days to calm down enough to get back into everything.

    Have a good trip home!

  6. For uninterrupted writing time, can you get up an hour earlier than everyone else? I know it's tough, but that's the most productive writing time I've found. Your other weaknesses sound like they can be easily fixed. Tell Pessy to take a hike!

  7. Your strengths far outweigh your weaknesses, which is awesome! I hate tackling those "to be" verbs and adverbs, too, but a great character voice and dialogue is so much more important! Good luck, Opti :)

  8. It's much easier for me to focus on my weaknesses than my strengths. I've got to get over myself and start writing again, pushing through all my fears and self-doubts. This post makes me feel less alone. Thanks!!

  9. I am a pessimist at heart, so it's always hard for me to see my strengths over my weaknesses. That being said, I completely understand your frustration. But the best thing to do is just keep working. Work through it. It will only make you a better writer for it in the long run!

  10. This is interesting to read considering I just sent you an epic email, stating very similar things. Our minds are eerily alike :)

    Yes you have those strengths, they are so awesome! And many more, you have loads of talent and will and you can do this! I know you can. :)

    And, you are not a horrible CP, not ever. I'm in no rush, and I think I'm the only one other than you who even sent anything out! ;)At least in our little skyper group.

  11. I love your "Pessy" and "Opti!" Hope you don't mind but I'm gonna steal those names! LOL! Honestly those two do battle inside my head all the time. Drives me nuts. Wish I could toss Pessy out on the curb!

  12. We have some similar things on your two lists, although I got the adverbs under control and the tenses sorta right now. It just comes with time and I know you know that but like you my pessi and opti fight ALL the time. Currently Pessi is being a totally jerk and is on roids or something. ICK! I think Opti is hiding got out of control and writing is suffering the most from it. We'll get it back, and you're right our journey's are as unique as fingerprints. I love that ;) I also love the names haha!

  13. I like this idea of sorting out your strengths and weaknesses. I might try that to get a better idea of what I need to work on. Sorry that you've had your pessimistic days, but glad that you're still able to see the areas that you do shine in!

  14. I have not been told I'm good at too many things. And I can't pick out my own...So, I'd be great at making a weakness list! ha!

    But your list was very inspiring.