Monday, August 16, 2010

Fresh start.

The start of a new week. I like the feeling of a fresh start. Thanks for all your recommendations for the book club. I will let you know what I pick.

Last week, I got tied up with WriteOnCon (yes, it was great) and my WiP. The schedule I have started seems to be working although last week I got a little carried away. I stayed up late and the kids are still not fully sleeping so Saturday night I took the night off. Drinking two beers (look out the party girl is breaking free),watching a little TV (which I don't watch much), trying to read a book and work on WiP #3. It's not that I made myself work on it, they just spoke to me.

I signed up for the Philly SCBWI conference in September. I'm going with Illustrator Kaitlyn McCane (that's her artwork over there) and my fab CP, Kelly. When I signed up, I decided not to have my first ten pages critiqued. I didn't feel ready and the pressure--let's just say I had an agent critique some pages this year which led me to change my whole beginning. Don't get me wrong it was a good thing. I thank god I had that opportunity.

After my return from vacation, I received an email from the local chapter saying that they still had spots open for the critique. Now, I'm sort of a believer in signs but still was sticking to my original plan of no critique. I wasn't going to do it. A couple emails back and forth to Kelly and now I'm signed up. So last week, I was working hard on my first ten pages along with a synopsis. I'm sending it out today. It's my new chapter so I would like to see what I can improve on. Nailbiting--yes-- but in the end a lesson to be learned.

I'm sure I will have to fight off Pessy (my pessimist side) with a taser and a nine iron because he is already telling me how much red will be on those pages. But I think Opti (my optimist side) will shine through, patting me on the back telling me to soak in all the advice I can. Thanks Kelly. :)

So I have some goals--
This week:
 Revise a chapter.
Write everyday.
If WiP #3 comes knocking, answer the door and let them tell their story.
Take one day a week to learn something new about the craft and apply it to my own writing.

Busy week.

What are your goals? How was your weekend?

A 200 follower contest maybe in my sights. After that who knows, I'm trying to take it one day at a time.

Have a great day!


  1. 1) I busted through 60K. Only 27K more to go.
    2) I wrote 8 drafts of the query and finally think I have the ONE.
    3) I wrote my entry for the Lit. Lab contest and entered it.

    Pretty much it. I'm trying to finish up the ms. by Sept. 1 so am just working working working on it. Hopefully 2000 words a day is in my future.

  2. I think you have some fabulous goals and I hope you reach them all! I know you're capable!!! I love a good sign too so hopefully signing up for everything will really be awesome!!

    You're well on your way to 200 followers! How exciting!!

  3. That is pretty awesome. I like that you took it as a positive sign! My weekend was great. I won a 10 page critique from agent Joanna SV in the WriteOnCon query contest. It was amazing!

  4. I agree that when you get a sign, you have to go for it. With the opportunity tracking you down like that, I'm sure there must be something good coming out of this critique -- a learning experience, a revelation, a new connection, or a door suddenly opening for you! I'm so glad you took the chance and jumped right in!

    So you have named your pessimistic side? Perhaps that's what I need to do -- give that sucker a name and call it on the carpet for a good tongue-lashing. Could be cathartic!

    My goal for this week (my last week of summer vacation) is to face the climax of my WIP -- the one I've envisioned without ever planning how it will make sense. I've been trying to trust my instincts, but it's time for a dose of reason!

  5. Great goals - good luck on your critique - even if there is a lot of red marks just be opti and think of it as making your writing stronger.

  6. Good for you for taking the plunge. Think positive thoughts!

  7. I'm glad you decided to do it Christine! I believe these things happen for a reason :) It'll be great! I'm soooo excited to read your new opening, I love your new direction.

    Yay!! For progress! That's awesome, I knew you could do it ;)

  8. awesome goals! you can do it!!

    hang in there -- kick Pessy out the back door :D

  9. Good luck with the critique! I know it's scary to have someone new look at your work, but you'll learn so much.

    I recently finished my first draft. I'll probably start working on the first few chapters this week. It's been a long time since I've even looked at them.

  10. I'm glad you're getting a critique. There's nothing wrong with getting a professional opinion on a rough draft. It's probably better because you can say where you want to go with it.

    I'm visiting family, so it's been busy with family. The kids are having a great time with friends and cousins.

  11. Oh, you're going to have so much fun at that conference. This week, my goal is to simply write. Something. Anything. :)

  12. I'm glad you decided to do the critique - you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity like that! I had a very relaxing weekend. This week I want to revise my wip based on the critiques of my beta readers.

  13. Great goals! Keep it up! My main goal right now is to find SOME TIME to even think about my WIP. I've been booked up with work till christmas. I can see a few 60 hours weeks heading my way :o(

    Are you a writer? Then you MUST enter this CONTEST!

  14. I'd like to go to a SCBWI conference... if only I had the money AND if only I'd joined SCBWI (also because of money). I am determined to go to a conference sometime in the next few years.

    Also, I like your goal about letting WIP #3 enter and tell the story. I should be more open to new WIP ideas instead of shoving them away.

  15. The weekend was awesome and busy. No writing though so those are the big plans for the week and getting caught up with blogs. I was at WriteOnCon last week too. So much good information.

  16. Love the goals! I'm also striving to write everyday. Must finish this revision. Must!

  17. Have fun!

    Gosh, the weekend seems so far away now...
    My goals for the week are to get as much done as I can with my houseguests here. And to have fun!