Friday, August 20, 2010

Guess That Character Blogfest...Day Two...The Reveal.

Ohhh...the big reveal. I really enjoyed reading all of your guesses. I tried to read as many entries as I could. They were all excellent. Sorry if I didn't get to yours. Hi to my new blogger buddies. *waiving* Thank you Jen for hosting this. This was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it! If you missed yesterday here was my snippit.

So, I have to show you. Huh?

Livie-is an 18year old, shy gal that has been sheltered her whole life. Why? You ask?...I can't tell you that. So unexpected. I write YA paranormal/sci-fi, remember? :)
She is a petite thing but has developed in certain areas. She is trim but not runner fit and still seeking her beauty.
The face, eyes and hair--see below.

Photo removed

Bright blue eyes.
Dark, brown hair that sweeps her shoulders with bangs.
Pale skin and is pretty au natural (no makeup).
She is innocent, sweet, and a little naive.
These are pictures of the actress, Zooey Deschanel.

For those of you who wondered what Claire looks like:

Photo removed.

Oh, Auntie Claire. Ex- Pro Surfer who now owns a surf shop. Her wild, blonde locks show off her carefree ways. Look out Livie!
(pictures of actress Kate Hudson.)

I can't wait to see the other reveals. This was so much fun! Thanks Jen!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Christine I'm in love!!!! These girls are gorgeous and Zooey is a favorite actress of mine, you officially made me love Livie even more!

    Thanks again for playing in this blog fest!! It turned out better than I could have ever imagined!!! Seriously, thank you!

  2. Livie is gorgeous! I'd say I was 50% right in my guess...not too bad :)) Have fun with this project -- it sounds awesome!

  3. I love Zooey Deschanel! Such a perfect fit :) And Kate Hudson is so how I pictured Aunt Claire. I love your choices!

  4. I just love them both! The eyes are perfect! What great characters, Well done!

  5. I got the hair right...I'm just celebrating every victory no matter how small...since I've screwed up the GENDER a couple times, this is HUGE. hahaa

  6. Aw, nice! I can see that perfectly. I love Zooey and her sister. :)

  7. awesome! It's not too far off from my mental image- good stuff!

  8. I was close - love it. Zoey is a great choice.

  9. great pics, kate hudson is close to what i thought of for the more dominant belly showing and all. great pics for these characters.

  10. another one bites the dust!

    btw, zooey deschanel is AMAZING!! one of my fave actresses! i adored tin man and however many days of summer and yes man!!!

  11. I totally see Claire in those pictures of Kate Hudson. Zooey's a good choice, too - very pretty.

  12. Argh! My guess of Livie described her aunt better! Great pics! Two of my favorite actresses :)

  13. I'm with Meika, my guess describes Claire better *blows bangs out of face in frustration*. Love your characters and your story. :D

  14. i'm loving seeing everyone's picks and photos at their blogs! everyone chooses such beautiful people. it makes me wonder why no one has written about a pimple-faced, braces-wearing, gawky kid that's so uncomfortable in their own skin that they lurch over when they walk. hmmm...but maybe that kind of pathetic character would be hard to relate too....oh wait, that was me in 7th grade.

  15. Beautiful character picks! Sorry I didn't make it in time to guess yesterday. Your story has my interest piqued!

  16. So pretty and so much character! What a fun blog fest!

  17. Christine!!! I love who you picked for Livie! She fits her perfectly, and those pictures for Claire are perfect too!!

    I'm so intrigued with your new story, I wonder why she's been so sheltered!

    Loved it Christine! Awesome pictures!

  18. I really like that name: Livie. So cute! And love the character pics. Have a great weekend!