Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess that Character Blogfest.--Day One.

Thanks to Jen at unedited for hosting this.

Since I posted a picture a while back on my WiP#1 MC, Anna, I decided to try and post something I just started working on. I'm still working on it so forgive me on the roughness of it and the length.

WiP#3 Tenative title --Wrapping Paper. MC to guess -- Livie. I don't want to say too much about it --lots of stuff still in the works. This is a conversation between Livie and her Aunt Claire. I did take out some descriptive stuff so you could guess. Good luck and I can't wait to read the others. Come back tomorrow to see the reveal.

A light knock disrupted my slathering of sunscreen.

 “Livie, are you ready?” Claire peeked around the door. Her collection of thin metal bracelets jingled when she pushed it open.

 I snapped the cap shut. “Yeah. Just finishing up.”

 She walked in my room, squinting. “You’re wearing that?” Her mouth puckered.


“That? “ Her finger fluttered up and down. “That…one piece suit?”

“This is the only suit I have.” I looked down satisfied with my choice of beach attire.

“Did you wear that yesterday to the beach?”

“Yes, I told you it’s the only suit I have.”

She scratched her head. “Boy, my mom and dad really kept you sheltered.”

“Why do you say that?Because this is the only suit I have?”

Claire sat down on the bed, lips pressed together, holding in a laugh. “Well, that’s part of it. Livie, we need to get you into something that’s more your age. Grams had good intentions but she really sheltered you.”

I stood staring at her perfect body that she revealed readily, trying to comprehend what she said. Sure I was homeschooled and rarely traveled off the farm but I wasn’t stupid. I knew what kids my age were into. Didn’t I?

“Wait here.” Claire hopped up and raced into her room.

A ping of dread ran through me with the thought of what she might put me in. I fiddled with the straps on my suit. Was this that bad? Did Grams keep me that out of touch? Seagulls called outside my window. They were laughing at me, too. The kids hanging at the beach yesterday did give me a second look. Swallowing the embarrassment that stuck in my throat, I glanced back at the mirror.

“Here try these on. I just got them in for the shop.” Claire threw pieces of brightly colored fabric in the air. After they landed on the bed, I picked up a purple and pink striped one.

“What are you waiting for? Try it on.”

“These are little pieces of fabric with string.”

“Livie, just try it on.” Her head tilted giving me attitude. I hesitated, looking back at her, twisting the end of one of the strings.

“Are you waiting for me to leave so you can change? God! Livie. We’re girls. It’s not like I haven’t seen what you have under that suit.” She turned her back towards me.

I quickly took off my sad one piece and slipped on the skimpy suit. It rode up my butt and the strings dug into my neck.

“Okay,” I whispered.

Claire faced me. Her face lit up and a little smile appeared. “Wow.”

“It’s bad. I…should…just…” I pulled one of the strings.

“Livie, stop. It’s fine, really. You have the perfect body for it.”

I picked at the leg of my suit bottom. “It’s riding up my butt.”

Claire let out a laugh. “That’s where it sits.” Her fingers adjusted one of the strings. “Now the guys will be looking at you for you, not at the one piece potato sack.”

That was probably way longer than necessary. Sorry. Can't wait to read the guesses and the other participant's entries. Have a great day!


  1. Yay first comment! I'm excited!!! Christine this just reminds me how much I miss reading your stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. Livie and Claire are quite the pair and you always pick such awesome names!!

    My Guess: Livie is unaware of how cute and petite she is. The two piece string bikini brings out her small and petite figure. She's pretty but not over the top, I think light brown hair, shoulder lenght and brown eyes. She has an oval shaped face and is currently white as snow since beach time in a two piece isn't her idea of fun!

    I look forward to seeing how close I am! Thanks for playing! I'm loving getting to guess on everyone's characters!

  2. Wasn't too long, I wanted more!

    I think she's a redhead, her hair is long and wavy. With long, lanky legs and freckles spattered over a lot of her skin. Blue eyes and a heart-shaped face. She's beautiful, but she doesn't know it.

  3. She's got straight long brown hair. She doesn't wear any make up, but she's got a beautiful face, with big blue eyes and full lips. She's fair-skinned and slender.

    You have a great day, too!

  4. Hey- this is the first I've heard of this blogfest (I know, I know..I've been out of it). So, I'm leaving a general comment. I love it and can't wait to read more!

  5. Hmm...I'm picturing Livie as a petite blonde-haired, blue-eyed farm girl with a dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose. She has no idea how pretty she is.

    Great writing, btw! I definitely want to read more!

  6. Hi,

    Loved the interaction between the two girls.

    Now to the guessing bit: Livie's sweet-natured, quite tall, slim with a shapely butt, dark hair barely shoulder length, hazel (almond shaped) eyes, olive skin, and quirky smile.


  7. Hmn, I'm going to guess brown hair, often kept back in a poney tail. Honey colored skin and hazel eyes. Kind of tall and lankey, maybe skinny. I enjoyed this tidbit!

  8. well obviously she's got a slender / curvy build. I'm guessing dark hair, long. Dark eyes too. I'm seeing a 'make-over' kinda thing coming. Where she goes from invisible to in the spotlight as she learns to accentuate what God gave her...

  9. I envision a young version of Amy Adams. Someone who can pull of the simple, plain-jane look but be transformed with the proper guidance. Amy Adams fits that bill to a T. :)

  10. Oooh, I like Livie already! I'm seeing a tall girl with a strong body (she grew up on a farm!) and curves. She's got dirty blond hair that she always keeps pulled back, brown eyes, and prominent cheekbones. So much fun!

  11. For some reason I get an image of a freckly Irish red head! ... I'm probably so off track here.

    Guess my character correctly and win a prize!

  12. She looks like Kate Beckinsale!
    Sorry, after reading several entries, I realized I really sucked at this and decided Kate would be my pat answer. I might get lucky!

  13. ok, my guess is similar to Debby Ryan (i'm sorry my "casting" is highly influenced by my children's tv habits...)

  14. Livie has fair skin -- since she was slathering on the sunscreen -- the kind that doesn't tan easily. I am thinking strawberry blonde with blue eyes and a really cute nose. She's slender, with a narrow waist and the beginnings of curvy hips. She has enough of a bust to carry off the bikini, and her grandparents would be horrified to see her dressed like her "trampy Aunt Claire!"

    Claire is all bangles and bling. She is always fashionable, and she keeps her body trim.

    The bathing suit Livie had on at the beginning was not just a one-piece, it was an ugly full-coverage one-piece with a pattern more suitable for a much younger girl.

  15. vuluptios, maybe 18 or 19. long curly light brown hair brown eyes, probably shyer than most girls, and reserved

  16. Quiet girl, dark blonde hair, which Aunt Claire can't wait to get highlighted for her. Cute little nose, big brown eyes. Shapley, short stature. Beautiful smile, but she doesn't smile enough. Her aunt is right, way sheltered.

    Love this scene!

  17. hi miss christine! i think shes cute and she got a real nice figure but not to big. shes got blond hair in a pony tail and blue eyes. shes a little pale for not being in the sun too much at least not in a bathing suit. shes a farm girl thats got lots to learn about the city. she doesnt use make up at least not yet.
    ...smiles from lenny

  18. Christine!! This is SO awesome! You have such a talent for characterization, I'm already so hooked in Livie's life! I am way interested in this, I'm glad you wrote it:)

    I think she is small and petite. I picture her with fair, kind of pale skin and dark brown hair and eyes. I think she is beautiful but doesn't think she is. Kind of like elegant beautiful, not 'cute' beautiful.

    I love that line about the seagulls laughing at her too, and the two little pieces of fabric and strings :):):) SO great!

    I LOVED IT!!

  19. Great job, Christine!! Really, well done. I imagine Livie with shortish dark hair, like just brushing her shoulders. Cut very simply. Pale skin, hazel eyes. On the short side, but working on being curvy. :)

  20. Loved this excerpt!!!

    Okay, I see Livie as a dark brunette, petite, with large, innocent-looking brown eyes. Her hair is past shoulder-length and cut straight across, no layers. And she has straight bangs. Her skin is pale, honey-colored. She's trim but not athletic.

    Can't wait for tomorrow's reveal!

  21. I agree with DL. Amy Adams all the way.

  22. Livie is very petite, but a little taller than average maybe 5'6"? She has full bodied blond hair that doesn't require much attention. Her eyes are a pale green. She has beautiful long thin fingers.

  23. Homeschooled girl meeting her first bikini. Nice.

    She's probably got that downhome natural beauty that hasn't been touched by makeup or curling /flattening irons yet. I see long, beautiful wavy hair, chestnut colored, full lips with natural color, Brooke Sheilds eyebrows.

  24. This is the second one today I instantly thought of Jen (Unedited) lol...

  25. Wow, I loved your excerpt! I see Livie as a younger woman with a more curvaceous body than she is still trying to adjust living within. I also see her with light brown to dark blonde hair with a bit of wave to it. She's got a wide smile and blue eyes. I can't wait to see what she really looks like.

  26. I'd say Livie has dark blond hair, light hazel eyes, nice body, pale, medium height. She's very insecure and reserved. I think Claire maybe a bad influence.

    Great scene. Can't wait to meet Livie tomorrow! :D

  27. The length of this snippet was just fine! :)
    Well, you did give a hint of her build, so...
    But I saw her with coppery brown hair, big green eyes and curves!

  28. I loved this snippet!

    I am seeing Livie as an average height sandy blonde pony-tail type with pale green eyes.

    Can't wait for the reveal!

  29. Thin yet shapely. I'm guessing light brown eyes, an oval face, freckles, a pert nose, and a small but ponty chin. Not very tall, but not short either.

    We'll see her tomorrow!

  30. She's definitely the cuter of the two, but she doesn't think so. She's got a great figure but very little confidence to go along with it. But that's okay because she has such a genuine and innocent personality that you can't help but love her. :)

  31. A great figure but sad, shy eyes. Blonde possibly. Tall and athletic and a bit teen leggy.

    Her kind, lost spirit brings out the best in Claire and will bring out the predator in the boys.

    Thanks for the great comment on my entry, Roland

  32. Nice scene. I think she has long dark hair that she always keeps up in a pony tail. She used to wear glasses but recently got contacts and is still surprised by how blue her eyes are when she looks in the mirror.