Monday, August 30, 2010

POV and Title Weekend.

Well, I had another post ready but it disappeared so you're stuck with this one. :0 Hello to my new blogger buddies. I hope to visit you soon. I'm sorry my commenting has been slacking off. I'm so deep in re writes and revisions along with my crazy home life, my computer time is limited.

Don't forget Writing the Next Line is Friday, September 3rd. If you have not participated before come see what the fun is about. Spread the news, please.

I tried something this weekend that wound up being quite fun. I wrote a chapter in my other MC's point of view. I write in first person and WiP #1 is written from my MC Anna's POV. My other MC, Ian, is her love interest and I wrote a chapter in his POV and learned a lot about him along with working out some key points in my story. He spoke to me and is a little bit of a bad boy. :) I'm sure many of you have done this. It was quick took about 20 minutes but the outcome was interesting.

Has anyone tried this?

Has it helped you?

Another thing I got to thinking about this weekend was the title of WiP #1. The working title has always been The Guardian to which there are endless books out there with that name. It kills me but I'm trying to figure out something else. I want it to stand out but still be related to what the story is about.

Any advice on what I should be thinking about when giving my baby a name?

How was your weekend?

I'm keeping it short today. The monsters were crazy this weekend so my butt is tired. I am also trying to figure out how to put tabs at the top of my page. I'm trying to clean up my blog. Any advice on this would be helpful.

Oh and keep an eye out I have a little contest coming to my blog. :)

Have a great day!


  1. Too bad that title's been used so often. I'd suggest keeping it short and simple.

  2. I'm still struggling for a title for my upcoming wip (once I FINALLY finish revising/editing my current one). Keep the title short and sweet, and give us a hint of the heart of the story. Of course, one has to read the book to really get it. ;)

  3. I have done that before! I call them my "secret" chapters. I learn a lot about the other character that way. I sometimes work out whole dialogues that will not go into the story, just so I know what the other characters know -that my MC doesn't know they know. (If you follow that ! I feel like Maxwell Smart!)

    Great topic!

  4. Yeah, that's a fun exercise. Glad it was helpful for you.

    The can Google "how to add pages to Blogger" and find a decent guide.

    I'm not the one to ask about stuff is usually "untitled" until something hits me out of the blue. But I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless you really feel the name needs changing.

  5. if you're looking for blog design advice, i'd seek out chrissy of caffenated blog designs (there's a link on the sidebar of my blog). she was absolutely fantastic to work with.

    as for a first manuscript went through 3 titles before i found the one that was THE ONE. and although i really liked the first titles, there were tons of books with the same one and i thought the same thing you did - i wanted mine to stand out. so i changed it. and although i liked that one, i knew it just wasn't quite right. then one day during a revision or something, it just came to me and i KNEW that was the title.

    so, i think the same will come for you. just let the story speak to you the same way the characters have and you're sure to find the suitable title. :)

  6. I think it's very important to try all aspects of your story, different POV's definitely gives you a different take on your story. I often find plot holes that were missed since I wasn't connecting with the correct people during that scene!!!

    Sounds like something I should do again when I get home this evening!

  7. Titles. I hate them. But I also love them. They're always so hard to choose. For that very reason, I haven't named my current wip. However, if you want opinions, I tend to gravitate to short titles or one word titles. But then again, every once in awhile, the longer ones catch my eye too. LOL. I know, I'm so much help, right?

  8. ugh i wish i could help you. I'm still struggling with a title for my WIP

  9. hi miss christine! i didnt ever have trouble with titles cause they just jump out at me right in the middle of writing stuff. im glad your getting some stuff done. sounds like youre sooo busy. im wondering what is that writing the next line thing. i hope i could remember to come and find out.
    ...smiles from lenny

  10. I had that title problem when my book The Devil's Daughter was getting ready to be published. When I went looking, I discovered I did NOT want my readers going to the places googling that title would take them. So I had to change it. Funny, but after almost a year, I still THINK of the book by the original title, even though it's now going by something else, lol. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do to put your baby in the right place.

    It's nice to have you back Christine!

  11. I love writing from a different point of view.

    And I just redid my blog last night. Took me about an hour. Blogger has a new template designer that is SO EASY it'll BLOW YOUR MIND. Seriously. And you don't upload a new template and lose all the stuff on your sidebars, etc. You can make it any color you want, upload your header, choose your sidebars and their widths. It's awesome.

    And to put tabs at the top? Simple. Make pages, and you get to order them and make them any color you want! Good luck!

  12. I go back and forth with POV’s – sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it isn’t. I try to catch the head hopping in revisions, but you’re right it can lead to more insight about a character.

    I blogged about coming up with titles in June where I mentioned some helpful articles I found on this topic. I don’t know if they’ll help you or not, but here’s the link if you want to check them out.

  13. I just posted a contest today, if you want to visit my blog.

    I'm glad you've been productive with writing, but I'm sorry about the other stuff.

    I have written from another character's POV. I liked it so much, I kept in those two chapters. I'll see if I can get away with it.

    As far as titles, I had The Disappearances for the one I'm querying now. It's been that since its inception. Then a critique member recommended The Mist Chasers because my protagonist refers to herself as a mist chaser. I asked by blog buddies and almost everyone liked the new name.

    I'll be back on 09/03. If I post before then, I'll try to remember to mention your line-by-line. It's always fun!

  14. We're expecting in November, and the little guy's kicking her like he's in the World Cup. We named him a D-name -- Dastan -- because our other names begin with A, B, C, ..., E. So the D was a natural name, get it? I can't wait to meet Little Man.

    As for multiple POVs, that's the ONLY way I write longer fictions. The muses get bored with one POV (which is why I don't do 1st POV).

    I change the tone, pace, even the voice, when I switch POV. Every character is unique, see, as is their story and their voice.

    So swap away on the POVs! Your muses and your readers will appreciate the changes in pace.

    - Eric