Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Contests and blogfests

The contests are growing again. Holy cow! Anywho, I thought I would mention some that I have found.

Sara McClung--Yes, she is having another ARC contest. Seriously, where and how do you get all those wonderful goodies,Sara? Please tell her I sent you if you enter. Ends Sept. 8th.

Mary is having a contest. The book Cinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle is up for grabs. Ends August 21st.

Frankie  today ...well...check her blog. Nighshade ARC. Not sayin' anymore.

Being that I'm slow at everything I do--I didn't even see this until today. My buddy Karen G is having a Lettuce Write Contest. Really cool and I hope my first (three) chapters will be finished by this date. Ends August 21st. Yeah, I know I'm slow-- go ahead yell at me.

To prove that you should not let aliens tempt you into letting them borrow your memory-- I totally forgot about Jessica's (The Alliterative Allomorph) contest. It is really awesome. Ends September 13th. You really need to check it out. This contest is to help save The Writing Show. A great resource for writers everywhere. Please forgive me Jessica. :)

Don't forget the blogfest Jen at unedited is hosting. Guess that character blogfest. Takes place August 19th and 20th. Should be interesting. :)

That's all I got today. I'm taking part in the blogfest tomorrow. Oh and if you are in the Pennsylvania area on Saturday, August 21st--check out PAYA festival. Lots of cool stuff is happening. Sorry, no flashy pictures today.


  1. You missed mine! :o(
    See you for the blogfest tomo! ;o)

  2. I have yet to enter any of these contests. Too busy at the moment. But I am lurking in the shadows and checking things out from a distance. A few of these links are new to me. I'll drop by and check them out.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. Anybody going to PAYA -- stop by and say hello to me! Especially if I look all lonely and nervous or if I am hiding under the table.

  4. So many contests, so little time. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. PS I love your Fall color scheme! I was buying clothes this week at L.L. Bean. I realized I bought four plum-colored garments. It's just such a lovely color! I will be very plummy this Autumn.

  6. so good to find your blog! i'm really excited to learn more about you and looking forward to future posts.

    thanks for the contest links. you did all my work for me! ;) score!

    i'll be having a HUGE giveaway on my blog on friday - i hope you'll stop by!

  7. Great links! It's awesome your MS is complete. I've been getting 'em out fast, but then take months to edit. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and following.

  8. Thank you for your round-up posts, Christine. I can't even remember what day it is, let alone what's happening in the blogosphere.

  9. I also am running a contest: