Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reviews and Thanks

First, I wanted to thank everyone for visiting my blog and leaving their inspirational comments yesterday.  I took all to heart so thanks for taking the time. By the way, Karen G --I thought of you as I made my kids lunch--so thanks.
Also, a big thank you to Carolina (Carol's Prints) for the lovely Silver Lining Award. I think I have to name some blogs that are uplifting. This is hard for me to do because all the blogs I follow are inspirational. I guess I will narrow it down.


I am still trying to figure out the how to link the blogs I mention so when someone clicks on your blog name it will go directly to your blog.  So if anyone has any pointers let me know :)

My post today is simple I decided to give some thoughts --well-- reviews of a couple of things.  Both are things I love --reading and music.  I am not an expert in either field but I thought I would share my opinion.

Book Review--- I finally finished the book Shiver by Maggie Steifvater. I liked it.  I thought some things could have been chopped because towards the middle of the book my mind seem to wander but by the end it started to pick up.  I really like how the author wrote from two perspectives.  Both main characters got to express their feelings and thoughts and the author wrote it smoothly so there was no confusion when she switched to each character.  She also described things beautifully-- her words made me envision what she was trying to convey (very clearly I might add). 
I could have used less of the food --there is a lot of meals being made in great detail and I thought there was too much time spent on this.  I really didn't think it was needed.
I also thought there could have been a little more conflict for the couple in love.  They needed some bumps in the road to hold their love true. I like conflict --you know--fight for their love.

So there you have it-- my opinion on the book Shiver.  The next book I am reading is --hush,hush by Becca Fitzpatrick stay tuned for that review.

Music review- I really like the band Vampire Weekend.  I have their self titled debut album and absolutely love it.  So I was a little nervous about their second album Contra.  I was nervous because sometimes when I love an album completely the next one has a lot to live up to.    So when I first bought this I was not sure of the outcome.  The result--I love this one too.  Each song has it's own feel and these guys have a knack for producing interesting mix of beats and melodies.  My kids even love the single "Cousins".  They dance around the room when they hear the first couple of chords.  Great to release energy :0

Does anyone have any favorite books or music they would like to share? What do you like to get out of a book or album? What inspires you to write?


  1. Nice review of Shiver, I totally agree, except the meals thing. The quiche scene was a moment of pleasant among the dreary elements.

    As for links, make sure you are in the new Blogger in draft. When you type the words that you want to become a link, highlight them and on the tool bar click link, it will then give you the option to paste a link (which you can do by copying the URL ahead of time) or it will let you link to an email (I am not sure why anyone would set it up that way, but it's an option).

    There are other ways, but I find this the easiest. Good luck.

  2. Oh, I'm glad you liked my comment! And thanks for adding yourself as a follower to my blog. I like followers and I'm only 3 away from 50--hooray!

    I look everywhere for inspiration in my writing, and reading books inspires me the most. Lately I've been going through about 3 a week, because I'm struggling with my wip and desperately need inspiration. I also like to read about other writer's journeys so I surf the net seeking good writer blogs. And when I come across a commenter that strikes me, I'll go to their blog and check it out. Which is how I found yours lol!

  3. Congrats on your award! I'm dying to read Shiver. Soon.... :)

  4. thank you for the award.

    as far as my book, you can find more information about my book at its blog: www.eldala.blogspot.com . there are links there to Amazon, as well as a back cover blurb, reviews, and the first chapter. if you're interested, obviously you can buy it at Amazon, but i also have copies here if you want a signed copy and even with shipping, i can charge less than Amazon (unless you want priority mail).

  5. Thank you to everyone who responded.
    A big thank you to Kelly and Jonathon for helping me figure out my link problem. Yeah!

  6. Thanks for award girl! I agree with Shiver...I could have use less of the food scenes too...but I did love the book. Hush, Hush is awsome! Patch is my new favorite guy. Swoon.

  7. Congrats on your award! I look forward to reading Shiver...it's on my list. Great review!