Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clearing my head

I know from experience that you need to step back from something that you pour your heart into to keep things fresh--you need to clear your head.
Last week, I was drained and my mind was tired- for two weeks all I thought about was writing and I could not find a moment to sit and type. Between house guests, holiday festivities, taking care of the kids and my hubby it seemed sitting down to write was like trying to win the lottery. I also started to doubt what and why I was doing this. I frantically wrote some desperate emails to my aunt and my critique partner who --god bless both of them --basically put me back on track. I don't advise trying to write over a holiday or big event because every idea I kept coming up with had to be recycled in my mind over and over.
I tried to write some things down by hand but that would lead to more ideas. Normally this is great but I was entertaining a variety of guests so I would have to interrupt my thoughts and push them to the filing cabinet in my brain. I really can not function when ideas and scenes of my characters replay like movie that keeps rewinding and playing over and over --I walk around so distracted that I am basically in a daze.
Finally, I got lucky because some people noticed and by the end of the week I had babysitters that saved the day! I managed to get another chapter finished. Thanks guys!

Another positive venture was with my hubby and kids. We got together with some great friends. It was so much fun to reminisce about old times and the kids had a blast playing. This took me away from all the worries about my writing that have been building all week and helped me see the big picture.

Now on with my writing question of the day:
I have noticed on various sites that many writers are involved in many critique groups or have many critique partners. I currently have one critique partner who I trust and god bless her has suffered through reading my first draft to date.
Should I look into other groups along with the critique partner I have to review my manuscript when I have revised it?
How do I find groups that are trustworthy? I am very protective of my story as I am sure many of you are.
How do I protect my story when I allow others to critique it?

Lastly, here is a site to check out:
Please check out
She is a very talented illustrator and has so many cute characters.

Have a great day!


  1. I love your music! Kaitlyn is very talented. I'm told her website will be updated late January. I am looking forward to that new website. I haven't read anything in such a long time.........I need more.........dark, dark stuff.....

  2. I'll read in AM....need time to really digest it all.......Can't wait:)...Did you look up the link?