Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ah ha moments

Between yesterday and today I have had a few "Ah Ha" moments which I am very excited about.

1) I finally figured out how to resolve some plot issues in my story. There were some things that were not making sense or needed more description. Some of these issues are pretty crucial so I am excited to write them in. I am also toying with another plot twist--we will see. I guess I should finish writing it first.

2) I was having heaps amount of trouble trying to re-name a character in my story and finally I came up with one I think will stick. I think trying to name a character is hard enough let alone trying to re-name one.

3) I came up with an idea for my first chapter --I know do not revise yet--but it came to me and I have to re-write it. I know now what I want to do to make it better.

How do you stop yourself from trying to revise your manuscript before your finished?

4) I know I said a few but this moment was not so much a "ah ha" moment for my story more of a I really need to dress up this blog and I am trying to figure it out. I am an interior designer by day and it is killing me trying to figure out how to put on a really pretty border. As you can tell, I am not computer savvy.

So, If you have any pointers for point #4 let me know.

I am still adding things each day so keep checking back.

Thanks for visiting!

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