Monday, August 8, 2011

That vs. Which--The info.

Which and that. Do you know how to use them? I will admit, I'm pretty sure I have misused. In fact, I guarantee it. I see my CPs smirking. :)

Let's start off with which--This word is usually surrounded by commas and you use it if a group of words adds information. If you took it out of the sentence, the sentence would still mean the same thing.

Example: The cat, which is black and white, jumped off the ledge.
I'm adding information to which cat it is. Simple right?

Now let's head over to that--This word is used when you are limiting the things you are talking about. If you got rid of it, the sentence would mean something different.

Example: Cars that are black retain heat.
 I'm specifying a specific type of car vs. all cars. If I took out that information the sentence would not have the same meaning.

Now, is this easy to see when you are writing? Not all the time. I could read a sentence over a million times and still miss it ( mainly because my eyes are crossed and my brain is fried). That's why we have crit partners, right?
 I think I made that lesson easy.

Here are some links for more information.
Better writing 

Grammar Girl

So, how is your usage of which and that? Any other tips?

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Have a great day!!


  1. I haven't had a problem with which and that. Other things - yes. But this area has been okay. Great explanation.

  2. My loosest definition has been which things breathe, that is inanimate.

    Your explanation makes more sense :)

  3. My head is spinning already! :) Ugh, grammar.

    Thanks for this, though, Christine. I'm always looking for an easy way to understand those finicky points.

  4. Great lesson today! And, (as you well know) I mess which and that all the time! Thanks for showing examples--it helps! And oh yeah- Team Zach all the way!

  5. Good lesson! I think I get that one right most of the time.

  6. I worked with a very good editor once a long time ago, and he taught me the difference in which/that. He also taught me how to use i.e. and e.g. correctly, and the difference in affect and effect.

    But I still screw up that last one. :D

  7. I'm getting pretty good at them. And usually when I go back, I find I can delete a lot of my "that's".

  8. "That" is becoming a pet peeve of mine...just ask the people in my critique group. :) Thanks for the reminders here.

  9. I think the usage it pretty well under control, but I may slip from time to time. :P

  10. LOL; I have to catch these mistakes on editing. To hard to think about when under the writing impetus :)


  11. hi miss christine! thanks for a cool grammar lession. i stopped using so much thats and my stuff sound way better. mostly i just charge ahead and dont think so much bout whiches and thats. i just let my cp tell me what need fixing. :)
    ...hugs from lenny