Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kindle or Nook and German beer

First contest--Frankie is having a book giveaway. Not sure when it ends. Check out her hysterical vlogs while you're there. There is another book giveaway at the First Novels Club too (Frankie participates on this blog). So check it out after you read my post, or go and read it, then come back. Your choice.

Another contest at Paul Joseph Writes--A book giveaway of the The Great Lenore by J.M. Tohline. Looks like a great book. Paul writes a wonderful review about it. Ends June 6th.

Let me just say, I had a great time this weekend. Spending time with friends and family was great. If you are in Philly and need some close to authentic German fare (I'm talking food and beer. Oh and atmosphere), definitely try Brauhaus Schmitz or Frankford Hall or both. Both provided great times. I say no more, and no, I don't have pictures for you. **coughs** Lots of hypothetical stories.:)

In other news--I'm probably one of the only people on the planet who does not have a Kindle or Nook. I'll wait while you laugh at me. It takes me a while to give in to some things. I love holding a book. The smell of the pages and the beautiful colors on the covers make me happy. It's like  a work of art on my shelves. Here's the deal. It's called room. I'm running out of room for my book collection. Yes, I could give some away, but a lot of them are close to me in one way or another.

My husband asked a while back if I wanted one of these reading devices and I stomped my foot, and said, "No way are you kidding me?" Now, after hearing how awesome they are, and realizing I can't have a library as big as my house, I'm considering one (kicking and screaming a little).Although, I still will buy books that I truly love. I can't stop completely, jeez. What kind of person do you think I am?

Here's my question (pretty obvious, I'm sure):

If you have one of these do you like it?

Which one would you recommend? Kindle 3 or Nook color?

Any advice when buying one?

How was your weekend and your goals?

My goals are to read a MS and finish writing my first draft. Okay, the first draft will most likely be finished next week, but I can dream.

Have a great day!


  1. I have a iPod Touch and download KOBO books on it. But mostly I still read YA books in hardcopy form. I need to switch over, but my 11 yo is now reading my books (the ones that are okay for him to read). He doesn't have an iPod Touch so this makes things tricky (though I guess he could use my KOBO which I don't use anymore--it has the same books), but he's not interested in reading books that way.

    If you can get something with color, go for it. I'm such a cover girl, and that was one of my problems (okay, pretty much my only problem) that I had with KOBO. The covers are in black and white. :P

    Good luck with your writing goal, Christine. :D

  2. I have a Kindle. I love reading my wips on it and beta wips so I can get away from the computer. I love downloading sample before I purchase. And there's always the free or highly reduced promotional copies. If I get the free super shipping savings at amazon, I buy hard copy b/c sometimes it's cheaper. If I know I'll love a book I'll buy hard copy. If it's out of my genre but I want to read it I'll go ebook. A good decision if not just to understand the world of ebooks.

  3. I don't have a Kindle either, but I am seriously leaning toward one. After everything I've read, I'm thinking Kindle 3. But after Stina's comment, maybe Ipod. I think I may wait a little while longer until the price goes under a $100 though. I know before too long there'll be a new e-book format and Kindle's will be obsolete. So why spend money needlessly.

  4. I have a Kindle and LOVE it. As you know, I was bit skeptical at first, but now I can't imagine life without it. It is lighter from the Nook and you can read it better in the sun because it isn't like a computer screen as is the Nook.

  5. i don't have an ereader and i'm interested to hear what people say. On one hand, the Nook actually supports bookstores and the Kindle just supports Amazon's cornering of the market. But on the other hand, Kindles are fun!

  6. Yes--the difference for me is that the Nook is backlit while the Kindle is like a page. Much easier on the eyes. And like Laura above, I also load mine and my CPs MSs onto the Kindle to read, which really helps the process.

  7. I still read books the old fashioned way and have no plans to change - for now :)

  8. i don't have them either, so let's hang on just a little longer. i *do* have kindle for pc, but only because i had to download it so i could check the formatting on Eldala when i uploaded it to kindle. and i *do* have to say that when it comes to reading a book by an author i've never read before, it's nice to have that less expensive option rather than commit the price of the book plus shipping just to try them out. i also like the sample you can get, and the fact that you can get your money back from Amazon within a certain time period if you don't like the book.

    when it comes to reading an author i know i like, i prefer having the book in my hands.

  9. I have the Kindle and love it. I love being able to carry it in my purse so I can read whenever I have a spare minute. I love being able to read a sample before buying the book. (You'd think I'd do that with paper books too, but for some reason I don't.) The e-ink is easier on my eyes than paper.

    My husband has the color Nook, but I haven't played with it too much. When I was originally considering e-readers, I checked to see where the e-books in my genre are. I found more of them available through Amazon than through B&N, so that's why I chose the Kindle. But I think either one is a good choice.

  10. I don't have a Kindle, but I did recently receive an e-reader as a gift. It's still in the box. I feel bad, and I do plan to use it since it has WiFi capabilities, but I just can't see myself reading on anything electronic. My eyes feel strained just from sitting on my laptop.

    Also, in the summer, I'm a big fan of reading at the pool. I learned many years ago that I am not someone who should have expensive pieces of technology near water (R.I.P. phones 2 and 5). Actually, I have ruined a number of books this way also, but they are a lot less expensive!

    That being said, I have nothing against these devices, especially if it gets people reading more. It just isn't for me.

    And thanks for posting about my giveaway. I can't say enough great things about that book. I'm excited for it to be released so I can start hearing the thoughts of others.

  11. You know my answer - get an iPad instead! Then you have the Internet, music, movies, photos, games, programs, email... More bang for the buck.
    However, a friend has the Nook color, and she reads magazines on it as well as books.

  12. I have a Kindle and I love it! Amazon makes it easy and there are so many freebies.

    Only downside I've discovered is that Simon & Schuster's Galley Grab is NOT downloadable onto a Kindle, but it IS for the Nook. This hasn't been a crisis, but it's a bit of an irritant. Most of the netGalley arcs can be downloaded to Kindle, though, and I love netGalley, so I'm happy.

  13. I hesitated for a long time, but eventually decided to take the plunge and ask for a Kindle for Christmas. I LOVE it! I don't think I'll ever want to read a paper book again!

    That might be an exaggeration, but I do really love the weight and feel of the Kindle, and my over-40 eyesight likes that I can enlarge the print.

    My daughter (aged 11) loves the ability to instantly acquire books, and once I let her read one on my Kindle, we began to compete for time on it. So, she used her dog-sitting money and bought her own.

    Then my my sister and I bought one for our mother for her birthday. She looked at us like we were crazy, but now she and my father have to negotiate for time on it.

    Currently, about 7 kids in my class of 26 fifth graders have their own e-reader. Several more have access to their parents' readers. I have yet to hear anyone who has one say they don't like it.

  14. Christine, you are far from the last person to own a Kindle or Nook!

    That will be me.

    And I really liked what Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said above about Amazon taking over the planet, uh, I mean, cornering the market. Amazon will someday put ALL bookstores out of business. Possibly sooner rather than later.

    But of course I'm going to complain about that: I work for an indie!

    And I can actually fit a paperback in my purse.

  15. Love my Kindle (I have a Kindle 2 though and I'm coveting the Kindle 3). I still buy my favorite favorite books in hard copy for my shelves. They just make me happy to look at them.

  16. I use the Kindle app on my iphone and pretty much read the books downloaded anywhere I go (doctors office, waiting in parking lot)! It's AWESOME!!

  17. I adore my Nook Color. It makes my covers beautiful and I can download PDFs and add them and other documents to it to read and make corrections on. I also can surf the internet when ever I need to. They also have a free book Friday where you can download their book of the week on Friday. Sometime you get a really great title and sometime they are books that I had not heard of but still it is great to support other authors and I love free books. There are so many out there. Also through Barnes and Noble you can get some books at a discounted price when they come out.

    I got Water Wars for .99 when it first came out. Just picked up some other YA paranormals as low as $2.99. I really love mine. I am glad I got myself one for my birthday. I still by hardcovers and paperbacks too!

    Best wishes on your decision, I know it's not easy with all the techno out there these days.