Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waiting on a first draft to cure.

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So, I did it. I finished my first draft of my second novel. It's funny to say that I actually have written two novels. Of course, they are in no shape to query, but I'll be working on that. After I finished the other night, I actually started writing the sequel to my first novel. I can't stop writing. It's a great feeling.

I know I have to wait at least a week before I can even look at my recent first draft to revise. It feels weird not writing because my head is constantly thinking of words. For example, I took my kids to Longwood Gardens ( a local attraction that has tons of trees, flowers, fountains, etc.). There is a childrens garden that contains a fountain with smoke that sits over the water (think medieval type look). I started thinking of ways to describe how the smoke moves across the water. I thought how can I fit this into a story. See, hard to stop.

The first draft needs to simmer, or should I say, cure like a fine wine. Okay, food is on my brain. But it does, it needs to sit so your creative juices get a new perspective. That way when you look at it again, it's seems new. Now it may taste a little different, so you may need to add some ingredients to make it even taste better.

So, what do you do. I should know, I've been at this stage before.

Here's what I came up with:
 1. Clean the house. I really don't want to because I think I keep up with it, but some organizing should help.

2. Eat ice cream. Check that off, I did that yesterday.

3. Eat chocolate. I do this already.

4. Take up yoga. Maybe.

5. Write a query letter. Who am I kidding. I'm not sure I can do this with an unrevised manuscript. Thoughts?

6. New idea. I have about four brewing.

7. Start book 2 of WiP #1. I actually did when I finished my recent first draft. Maybe I should flesh it out.

8. Go to the beach. Fun.

9. Read, read and read. Make a dent in TBR pile. Possible.

10. Watch TV. I'm sure there are a couple of interesting shows on.

11. Gardening. No green thumb here.

12. Start running. Exercise is necessary but the tread mill is giving me a dirty look.

13. Write interesting blog posts, because let's face it they've been lacking, and I lost a few followers over the last couple of days. Still makes me sad when that happens.

Here's the deal. I have no idea how to fill the time. Maybe a combo of all of it.

What do you do when you're waiting for the first draft to simmer?

Have a great day!


  1. It's definitely a good time to read and give your brain a break! I don't understand why people unfollow. Maybe it's because you forgot to follow back? Or maybe a blogger glitch? I don't know. I'm letting my current wip sit for 6 weeks. I'm not looking at it again until August. But it's pretty close to being done. I didn't wait at all after the first draft b/c I knew what I needed to do.

  2. My vote is the beach. Lots of open space and fresh air. Send me a postcard!!

  3. I don't usually take a break after my first draft. I usually wait until later on, when the WIP no longer fresh and shiny. Like Laura, I already have in mind things I want to fix in my first draft and can't wait to get to them.

    I'm trying to finish my revisions before I go on vacation so I can have a short break before reading through the MS and sending it to my beta readers. My goal is to let the project sit for a month before reading through it and querying agents. During that time, I'll work on SNI. :D

  4. My vote would be to read and write the query letter--

    I say do the query letter/synopsis because that way you are still "in the story." You'll still feel like you are working on, you'll still have the voice, the pace in mind, which your query should reflect (or so I've been told).

  5. Congrats on finishing that first draft! I always like going to museums or taking random road trips. But reading works, too. :)

  6. I'm currently waiting on a first draft to "cure" a discipline I'm not well exercised in. I do have a lot to keep me busy, but I'm still tempted to jump back in before my allotted time is up. The good thing is I still have research to do before I head back into the wip, so I kind of feel like I'm still working on the book, even though I'm not doing any actual writing.

    In like of your # 2 and 3, #4 might not be a bad idea :)

  7. I'm lame - I immediately start revisions.

  8. My simmering stage is a bit longer than yours, usually closer to six weeks, and I usually spend it reading. It's funny, though. The first week of the simmer I'm dying to start revisions, but by the sixth week, I could not dread it more. I need the distance from it, though.

    I might have to borrow your beach idea. :)

  9. I revise and edit as I go; but that doesn't stop me from taking another look.

    I try to have a beta read/crit project in the works so I stay in the editing mood, but don't touch my own for a while. And yes, reading - but a book by a favorite, famous author so I can pump myself up that I write like that.

    Just knowing you have so many options is probably helpful. Have some fun on your short writing hiatus; it gets you through the darling murders, with or without wine.


  10. At least you have your bases covered. If you eat chocolate, you are going to pick up running and yoga. There you go. Week filled and still looking fabulous:)

  11. I can't say how much jealousy and admiration I am feeling towards you right now :) I am dying to be finished with novel #1, and being done with #2 feels so far away. Great work, and I wish you the best with both books :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  12. Yes, write the query. It will crystalize the important parts of your manuscript. While the query may change later, I bet those parts of the manuscript won't. Good luck. And thanks for the links.

  13. I'm composting some ideas (well, one idea is clearly in the forefront and I could maybe actively brainstorm it instead of passively letting it do its thing) and I've taken two trips to generally get reinspired by the real world-- sunshine and swimming and lots of art. And books. But I want to be writing.
    - Sophia.

  14. I say you go to the beach a lot with your TBR pile. I let my first WIP "cure" for four - six weeks (I can no longer remember exactly how long). I am a little jealous you have 2 books under your belt. That's awesome.