Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

A short fun facts today.

1. Like I said on my Facebook page, is there any advancement in teleportation? Traffic in PA stinks. I feel like I've moved to LA.

2. All winter I wanted it to be hot, and, well, I got it. 101 yesterday with lots of humidity. I'll still take it over snow. No, I'm not crazy.

3. Saw Elana Johnson's book, Possession, at B & N and smiled. I showed my daughter. She liked the butterfly on the cover. It's so fun to see someone's dream come true. Go Elana!

4. One day my son will grow out of the super frustrating temper tantrums and I will be able to bring him shopping without pulling my hair out. A 20 minute grocery store trip with my son is like a horrible form of torture. Here was my list and what he did to each item:

Bananas--tried to eat through the skin
lotion--opened and all over his hands
foam soap--opened and all over his shirt
chips--tried to open the bag
milk--tried to open the top to pour on his sister
finally--bit his sister, laughed, and tried to open the other gallon of milk in the checkout line. So fun!

5. When does school start again? Yes, it's going to be a long summer, and sorry teachers, I know it's your vacation. I'm just sayin', writing hasn't been easy.

6. I'm finally noticing my tense issues thanks to Laurel from Laurel's Leaves. She did a post for her ask the editor series and she chose my question on tenses. Thanks Laurel!

7. Hit 44K on my first draft of my second novel and got a ton of brainstorms. I can't wait to edit. Please remind me that I said this when I post a whiny one in the middle of my revisions.

8. That's it, have a great weekend! Any weekend plans? You know you want to be in this picture.


  1. I don't know how you mothers do it! Ugh... :P

    Congrats on the progress you're making with your projects :) it's amazing to be inspired!!

  2. Shopping with young kids is not easy! I remember. My kids are older and I don't get as much written either so don't feel bad! Refuel.

  3. I've been dreaming of a tele porter for years!
    And now I know why I don't have kids...

  4. yeah buddy! 44k is'll def. be finished by the end of June ;-)

    I hear ya on the grocery store thing...this is why I go at night and leave the kids at home with the hubby!

  5. 44K is awesome! Keep pumping out those words!

  6. I'm with you - heat over snow any day! Though, I'm looking forward to it cooling down this weekend. It was a bit much this week.

  7. I do want to be in that picture! I hope your son stops his temper tantrums soon and you can get some writing done! But he does sound pretty adorable. :)

  8. I used to love shopping with my kids. Somehow they always seemed to be well behaved. More so than at home.

    LOL on the temperature. Be careful what you wish for. :D

  9. Yep, summer when i was a teacher= YAY! Now as a work-from-home mom=BOOOOOOOOOO!!! :-(

  10. I admire your patience with your son. I also have a bear of a commute and am wishing for teleportation technology. Imagine - you could work anywhere in the world (right?) - and still be home for dinner.

  11. If I could choose one superpower, it'd be teleportation. For serious. *bamf!*

    #RandomNightcrawlerReference #FTW

    (And now I wait for the bit where you ask me who the hell Nightcrawler is.)


  12. ...I'm still laughing at number 4. And all this time I thought it was only my kids who act up at the grocer!

    And what's scary, my son is 14!

    Ha! Good times :)