Thursday, June 2, 2011

Characters go crazy

I'm almost finished my first draft of my second WiP. I have to say this one has been a little challenging and I'm sure revisions will be the biggest challenge of them all. I'm having trouble understanding where on earth this story is going. I do have a loose outline, but as of right now these characters must be drunk, because its so far from what I expected.

Since I write out of order, I keep plopping all around the story. It's strange, but feels right for me. The only problem is it takes forever. Plus, I have a huge fear of how crappy it will be when I'm done (another reason why I think I'm having a hard time). I love my beginning and end, and maybe some middle parts, but I'm not liking where I'm at. How do you continue?

I've been told to write straight through don't stop. It will be horrible and crappy, but that's what revisions are for. I just don't want my revisions to take another year.

This story has flown by, but I'm worried it's just words I'm going to cut, to re-write, re-write, re-write in the end. I've done that to my first one and that took 2 years to get it to where it is now and I still need to revise it.

Argh. I need some advice. I not a hardcore plotter. I know that because things change so much when I write.

I want to finish this since I'm at 40K (hoping to have 50-60K by the end), but need to keep my focus on it. I also have been wanting to just take a break and go back to revise my first on. I've been told no, keep going, finish, then go back.

Help. Any focus advice?

Have a great day!


  1. I know some people do the board thing, where they take all the main scenes and rearrange them on a board.
    Sorry not more help - I always do outlines and write straight through.

  2. Like Alex, I'm more of a plotter, although I do jump around for some stories when I feel really stuck--and when that starts to bog me down, I try setting things up in a table, with major plot points (no more than 10) on one side and more detailed twists/subplots on the other.

  3. All I can say is good luck! I really suck at focusing, so I'm in no place to give advice. :)

  4. I write all over the place as well. I think that no matter if what you think you wrote sounds like filler to keep the story going, just keep writing what ever scene comes to life at the time and I bet when it comes time to put it together, it will fall in line. Best wishes!

  5. so many of posts deal with the plotting so you know where I stand! But definitely finish this one first and while it's sitting go back and revise the other one.

  6. I don't have all the answers for revisions, just: work through it when you can, get critiques from other writers or good readers, and take a break from it when you need to.' Good luck!

    I'm taking a break from the big manuscript that I want to be querying soon, but I'll get back to it this summer. In the meantime, I'm revising some shorter stories, and another rough manuscript that I want to send to Createspace with my free proof coupon!

    By the way, the poll is still open for what book I should read and share my thoughts about next on the Kelworth Files, and I really need book lovers, (particularly science fiction and fantasy) to give me their opinion. So, come by and check out the poll options!