Monday, April 18, 2011

The weekend.

The weekend was pretty good. There was some consumption of this:
and some of this happened:
Not in that order. Well, yes, in that order, but on different days. One on Friday night and one on Saturday. I'm done explaining myself. Although, I didn't meet my goal of 30,000 words, I did make it to 26,000. Be happy for what you get done, right?

And this morning my brain feels like this:
photo removed.

House and all. There's a lot going on in there and it's torn between writing the new one and revising the old. I know, focus Christine, but lately I'm having a hard time. I have real life, writing, revisions, wanting to write a query, cleaning, laundry, all of it swirling around and not stopping on one thought. It's quite frustrating. The one thing that did help is I set time aside to write and that has made this new WiP seem to go a little faster than the last one. I'm sure I'll have a lot of revisions, but the story is there. The problem: I'm stuck again. My cure to that is to skip to the next chapter. I'm an out of order gal so that shouldn't be a problem, but my want to start querying keeps putting my brain back to revise the other MS and get it out there. I guess my brain is not only in a tornado, but this:
photo removed.
A full on war between two stories. Their fighting for attention. That could be a story itself.

Oh and I got TV time in. I watched part of this:
I should read the book first, but let's be realistic, that's not happening right now. So far it's good. Me likes.

So there you have it, my weekend and strange brain process.

My goals this week:
-To write at least 5,000 more words.
-Keep focused.

How was your weekend?

What are your goals?

How do you stay focused?

Have a great day!


  1. I've heard so much abotu Game of Thrones. We dvrd it but haven't watched it. Looks good! That's so tough when two different ideas are competing for our attention. I say finish up the older one during the day and set aside a day or two of the week for the new one!

  2. Love the photo images! My weekend was good and I took a little writing break, which was just the rejuvenating I needed! I'll be back at it in no time.

    As for Game of Thrones, I keep hearing about this show. I may have to watch this one!

  3. Congrats on making it to 26K. Great focus. My kids are on spring break this week, so not sure how productive I'll be. Goals: rewrite 4 chapters in YA novel, finish reading last 2 entries for a contest I'm judging, and beta for three amazing writers. Phew...Oh, and breath. I probably won't be able to blog much. :(

  4. Saturday was fun! And, you'll get there. My opinion, even though you didn't ask, finish this 1st draft. You have this story, so go for it! My goal for this weeK: um, not sure...probably try not to bug you about reading my ms :-)

  5. hi miss christine! wow you wrote lots even if you didnt get all the words you wanted at least you did lots. for me i got two wips going and one revise. yikes! what do i do first? and for this week i got school and a couple doctor appointments. for sure it hard getting stuff all balanced out. mostly i just do the most best i can and keep on moving.
    ...hugs from lenny

  6. Considering twenty two people were killed in my state this weekend by tornadoes, I'd have to say that picture represents best.

  7. 26k sounds good to me! Good luck getting 5k written this week. I'd alternate between writing and revision so that I could be upping my wordcount and get my editing hands dirty but you have to do what feels right for you. My goal this week is the same as last week, and the week before that: keep writing. Unofficially 900 words a day. And I'd like to read two books to take back to the library on Saturday. And flush out some more ideas, but that's not an official goal since I don't have much control over the outcome.
    - Sophia.

  8. Those pictures describe me pretty well too - except subsitute wine for beer. And getting 5k done on my WIP in a week? hysterical laughter. But if you turn it into a challenge - ah, I can't resist a challenge.

  9. Congratulations on getting to 26k. I've heard so much buzz today about Game of Thrones I'm feeling like I need to check it out.

  10. My goals are baby steps compared to yours. I aim for 1000 words a week. And sometimes I actually write more!

    Gosh, those tornadoes in the South were terrible!

  11. Weekend was good. Went to a fish fry. Trying to write a query this week and revise as I get my MS back from crit partners.

  12. I have a fairy tale I. Must. Get. Finished....


    Hey, you got a lot accomplished for just one weekend. More than I could in a year, I think.

    Thrones looks good :)


  13. I want to watch Game of Thrones so bad but I have Showtime, not HBO. *Cries*

    I do think its sudden popularity (and other shows like it) could be the reason for the sudden interest in my MS. This makes me oh so happy.

  14. How do I stay focused?

    With a great deal of difficulty!