Friday, April 15, 2011


So, yeah, I'm behind with this, like way behind. Thank you to all these lovely folks for thinking of me. I am so grateful for the support from this blogging community. It is so awesome.

Thanks to Beth for the 7 facts award. Beth is such a sweetheart. Thanks Beth. I will list 7 facts about myself see below.

Thanks to Michelle Gregory for this award. If you haven't checked out her blog or her book Eldala, go do it. She one of the nicest bloggers I know. Thanks Michelle.

Thanks to Alison Miller for the Stylish Blogger Award. She is so sweet. Thanks, Alison. Also, to Anne from Piedmont Writer. She also blessed me with this award. Anne is awesome. She has given me the best pep talks and advice. Thanks Anne.

Thanks to Misha for this lovely award. What a sweetie. Thanks Misha.

Go check out all the wonderful and amazingly talented writers above. Go give some love.

So as you can see, I'm a rule breaker so I'm not following all the rules. Yes, I'm lame. I will list 7 facts about myself, though, then if any of you wish to take one of these lovelies feel free. I can't narrow down the list of wonderful people to give these to. You all deserve every one of these awards.

1. I will eat pretty much anything with chocolate. Except weird stuff like bugs. *shivers*

2. My mind is in constant motion. I have a hard time shutting it off to sleep.

3. I wish I could stop babbling when I write a post, because they would be so much shorter.

4. I'm my toughest critic. I wish I could give myself a break.

5. I love adorable shoes.

6. I think of my MCs everyday, sometimes all day. Usually, it's trying to figure out what they will do next. When something comes to mind, I'm running like a mad woman to my laptop or one of my many journals.

7. I'm hoping to be in the query wars later this year. We will see how that goes. **fingers crossed**

There you go. Some simple boring facts about me.

Any weekend plans?

Have a great weekend!


  1. To # 6: Me too. Me too. :D

    #7: Me too. Me too. (Hmm. You really need something more uplight than query wars. But then again, that works with my query hell, I guess).

    #1: And what is wrong with chocolate covered crickets and locuses? ;)

  2. Too funny, I came over to give you an award you can find on my blog over here, luckily it's one I don't see on this long list! And don't worry, I didn't follow the rules either and I was only following (or not) one set of them.
    - Sophia.

  3. Aw, thanks Christine. And yay! Query wars, and like Stina said, query hell. But I usually call it queryland. Kind of like Disneyland. The ups and downs of querying are like the veriest roller coaster ride. How much fun.

    Have a very grand weekend.

  4. you're welcome, and congrats on the others.

  5. Don't awards just brighten your day? They are so wonderful. Congratulations!

  6. I'm with you on #6. I often have conversations with my characters, particularly one who always follows me into the laundry room, for some reason. I sound like a weirdo now :)

  7. ...well deserving awards, Christine...and yes, I'm a choco addict as well:)


  8. Wow, look at all those awards! Congrats to you. LOL--I love adorable shoes too, but I don't usually wear them. My feet are too big; the selection of "cute" dwindles as the sizes go up. Also, I tend to choose comfort over cute. Sigh, I'm so practical. LOL

    Have a super weekend!

  9. Congrats on your awards, nice haul! :D