Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't forget to Live

The weekend was good. Lots of time spent with friends and family. Plus, we had great weather yesterday. A couple of things happened last week that got me to think about a lot. I hear you, "Uh oh, she's thinking." Before you snooze, I promise I'll try and make this short (especially because the list I have is way long).

I get caught up in a lot of things. The worlds I create, the characters, critiques, blog, facebook, writer friends, you know. Then I look at my house you know how that is--there's laundry which takes days to do and then when you finish, it starts all over, dust piled up about an inch thick, cat litter (not discussing), dinners, attention, toys r us throwing up all over your family room (so much cleaning up is required to walk), broken glasses that need to get fixed, birthday parties, showers, doctors appointments, yeah everyday life gets crazy.

But then all of it stops when your 5 year old asks you this, "Mommy, why do things die?" Yeah. I think I stopped breathing. Now, I know questions like this are coming and I try to answer them in the best five year old way that I can while being honest. I explained, in a brief sort of way, an answer. Then she hit me with this--"Mommy, will you die?" Which my heart broke especially because she started crying. Again, I answered as honest and as easy as I could.

My point--Get out and live when you can. Yes, I like to curl up in my cave and write, revise, live in my worlds and talk to my characters, but there is a point where I have to shut it off and get out. Clense the mind and soak in  a little bit of real (I know scary). I want all of it--the agent, the book deal and I want people to say hey she's a great author or have someone come up to me at a book signing and say, "I love your characters." I dream big. I'm determined, like really determined, plus, I have a lot of proving to myself and to others that I can. This is not a hobby, I know it. I have to prove to others it's not.

As much as I want all of it now, yes, like today, I'm willing to work my butt off for it. It may take years, but I have to stop and breathe. To soak in life. Hey, you never know what may spark a story.

How was your weekend?

Do you stop and soak life in?

Any goals this week?

My goals--Small for writing, hopefully to write 1k. Small compared to the past few weeks, but the hubs is off next week so I have to get things in order.

Have a great day!


  1. Those questions are the toughest to answer! I remind my children of who would take care of them if both of us died and they wouldn't be left alone. I really let go of my writing when during vacation weeks during the school year. I know I won't get a lot done and I focus on them. At least until they go to bed! :)

  2. Wow what a question for a 5 year old to come up with. Scary, and the poor thing crying. I'm sure you explained it in the best way possible to try and ease her mind.

    I think you're on to something though. We need to remind ourselves to keep it fun and light. When we're down and out about writing to pick up ourselves and go to the zoo, the park, mini-golf. Just get out and do something else. Live a little, you don't want life to pass you by while you're waiting for your dream. It's important to also live in the moment.

  3. Wow, big questions to answer. Curiosity is good, though; as writers I think we can all learn from your 5yo to not be afraid to ask the scary questions, that's where you find your truths.

    My weekend was sunny, I browsed a bookstore for the first time in ages. My goals are to figure out how to get from my midpoint to Act 3 and to write daily even if I don't necessarily reach my unofficial 800-1000 words a day. And to find out what day I'm supposed to be going out with my friend.
    - Sophia.

  4. I am so there with you. This is actually very similar to my post for next Monday on Oasis. My daughter and I are in a show this weekend, so next week will be a shy blogging week. I'll need to recover. But I know, somehow, even though I'll be away from my writing, this coming weekend will rejuvenate it. :)

  5. I always take time out of my day to give attention to my husband when he comes home for lunch, and then again at the end of the day. We eat together, watch TV, talk, and then drift off our separate ways. We had a great weekend--stayed at home, just the two of us. Played some video games, grilled out and had a relaxing time.

    My only goals this week are to read! I ordered a bunch of books at the library and am hoping they get here soon!

  6. This is when I sometimes wish kids came with an instruction book.

  7. Eek! You're in my head again.

    Now that my kids are in school full time (i.e. I have more time to write), I'm making more of an effort to spend time with them when they're home. I'm still not great at it. I go through withdrawal symptoms if I'm away from writing (or blogging) for too long. #maybeIneedtherapy

  8. Wow, tough questions to get. Sometimes those kinds of things really make you think, though. You're exactly right about taking the time to focus on life, not just on the writing. This weekend, I enjoyed Easter with my family and barely thought about my WIP at all. It was great. :)

  9. argh. Good grief. The tough questions from the kiddos. The hardest was when my oldest asked me if my mom (Grammy) was going to die. Those guys are super-close, and I don't even want to think about my mom being gone. UGH!

    You make a great post, Christine~ :o) <3

  10. I'm sure you handled it well, mom. And I did get out Saturday night and spent half of Sunday with friends.

  11. ...from one parent to another, I truly adore your thought-provoking posts, Christine:)

    As for my weekend...three kids, Easter and bliss. Psst...thanks for stopping by and your kind words regarding the book release:)


  12. My weekend- ugh. Taking the fifth on that one.

    But I just have to say- this is a beautiful, beautiful post, and made me more than a little teary.

    Before you know it the five year old will be fifteen, and while she's out busy and having her life, you will think back to the tea parties, and the stuffed horse shows, and the dolls and the things that you did together when you were remembering to take time out to live.

    Soon, they go right on without us. Lots more time for us to write then. Only one chance to love them as much as we can, for as long as they're little.

    Thanks for this. It's a gift.


  13. What a sweet little girl. And what an eye-opening experience to what's really important in life.

    When my daughter was six, she asked me the dying question as well. She's always been the most thoughtful of my children and has a lot of passion for life.

    Cherish the moments!

  14. Such an inspiring post! Live, live, live. Love that! Thank you. :)

    Marie at the Cheetah