Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is all I got

Well, not much. I did get some writing done and I've been cleaning. I also had my credit card number stolen which was a blast. Thanks to whoever did this. At least, the company the thieves tried to buy from caught on and called me. So far not much damage has been done. Jerks.

I managed to get about 2K typed. I'm trying to keep typing and not look back, but can't help it. I keep going over chapters making sure it makes sense. The impatient side of me says keep going and fix it all in edits. I'll see how I feel about that.I'm anxious to start querying. As scared as I am about this, I just want to get it out there. Patience, right?

I did watch Tangled with my kids. Darn you Disney, making me cry. Yeah, I cried at the lantern scene. I've become such a sap. Great movie, and let me tell you, Rapunzel is my new favorite princess. She is awesome. I love Flynn too. It was great.

Tomorrow, I'm posting Writing the Next Line. I have to come up with something--yikes.

So, how are you goals coming?

Have you seen Tangled?

Have a great day!


  1. Sorry about your credit card. Being a crime victim is the worst feeling ever.

    I'm also not so good at drafting straight through without going back and fixing things. It's partly because early decisions determine later ones; and characters under- or over-reacting can cause the story to come to a screeching halt. My only advice would be to not let smaller plot holes trip you up too much now--just bracket notes to yourself and fix the problems as solutions come to you.

  2. I loved Tangled! I need to purchase that baby.
    And for your process, i edit as i draft. That way i have a much cleaner draft when it's done, which means way less revisions. It works for me, because i can only spend so much time on revisions before i get bored

  3. Sorry about your credit card. :(

    I must be one of the only people who hasn't seen Tangled yet. But my friend promised she'd buy it me on DVD when it is released here in the UK in May. So excited. :)

    Also, I edit as I draft most of the time. I'm not obsessive with it, but I'll fiddle with it. lol. I think it helps that my CPs often read the chapters as I write them. :)

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  5. I will try this again. I'm still learning how to type on th IPad! I like Laurel's idea of bracketing. And I must get Tangled back from my daughter and watch it. You have me curious regarding the lantern scene.

  6. sorry about the card. we've had that happen to us twice.

  7. Totally stinks about the credit card.

    I love Tangled, too! I think becoming a parent just automatically makes us saps, because I'm like that too. :)

    Have a great day!

  8. Love Laurel's idea! I also love Tangled. I feel like Disney is finally on an up swing...for a while there, not so much.

    Keep going!

  9. No Tangled yet, but it's probably on the list soon.

    My goal of 2k wpd is working all right. It's a stretch goal up from my usual 1250 wpd goal.

    Must. Write. More. I write, rest, and go back to writing again. It's grueling. And in-between, I gotta work and eat!


    - Eric

  10. My goal to write daily is straggling along, my word count is definitely not on par with previous weeks. Still, progress is progress. The lantern scene didn't make me cry but when she sings to Flynn at the end. . . oh man, I'm making myself sad just thinking about it.
    - Sophia.

  11. I love Tangled. I've already seen it several times. :D

    Funny, I'm not so eager to query (which is good because my WIP isn't ready to BE queried). I'm almost finished with the revisions, and will be sending it out to my beta readers soon (my CPs are already critting it). But I'm not ready to move on yet. I love my characters too much for that. And maybe that's a good thing. I need to be where you are. Eager to jump in with the sharks (sorry, couldn't resist that one). :D

  12. Yes! Tangled was great. Such a sweet spirit to that movie.

  13. omg I loved loved LOVED Tangled. It was in nonstop rotation over spring break at our house--Catherine and I even watched it twice in the theater! :D

    and yep--I cry every time at the lantern scene. But the kids cry when you know... at the hair cutting scene. sigh. How things change when you become a Mamma... :D <3