Monday, July 5, 2010


Summer. One of my favorite seasons. The hot sun beating down, thunderstorms striking at any moment, seagulls attacking a vacation goer for their french fries (note: do not get a huge tub of french fries and walk the boardwalk. It's never pretty). Summer for me is spending time at the beach. It's a place where I can relax, catch up on some reading, enjoy the waves crashing--well, lately it's not as completely as relaxing as it used to be. Kids. You have to watch them like a hawk. The majority of my time spent at the beach is watching them while the hubs surfs. I can't complain I'm at the beach.

I really do enjoy bringing them. It's like re-living my childhood all over again. Building sandcastles, riding on the amusement rides, eating ice cream, walking the boardwalk. All of it coming back in a flash, making me realize my age. It makes me smile though--seeing their smiles and their eyes light up as they discover something new. Our recent travel to the beach made me laugh so I had to share.

It's funny when we go now with all the stuff we bring.  My husband says we are beach contractors with all the neccessities I pack. After we set up camp, the hubs usually gets the board and hits the water. My daughter starts to build a sand castle while my son decides if he wants to eat the sand or roll in it. I sit under an umbrella with my SPF 100 checking out my pale skin--I really should be a vampire. I'm rivaling Edward on skin tone. Seriously Edward, put me out of my misery. I already have the pale skin.

Back to the beach.

I scan the area. Lifeguards in front, another family to the right side, cute young couple to the left. The young couple soo cute. Of course, they only had a beach blanket and a small bag compared to my set up.
I wish I had her body and that bathing suit. The guy has a perfect build, chiseled with some random tattooes. As the kids played, I thought of my life before the kiddos --Oh, how simple some things were.  Anyway, as I sit through my flipping thoughts, the guy raises from his face down tanning position and does about 10 push ups and turns over.

Push ups. What? Really was it necessary. Am I missing some tanning guideline? Or did his arms need a little toning? I guess he felt the need to get a quick exercise fix before he turned over to bake his other side.
 Am I too old to remember that this was fun? Random push ups. I almost burst out laughing. Hilarious.

Gotta love the beach--you get to see some of the most interesting people.

Over the next few weeks, I have bunches of family things so posts will be random. Don't go. I'll be around and back in full swing soon.

Do you have any funny vacation stories you would like to share?

Any great vacations planned?

Oh and  I saw Eclipse over the weekend. Oh yeah, good stuff. The best one yet---love it. I would have liked a little more biting though. :) I'm soooo team Edward (love him), team Jasper (love him), aww heck team vampire.  They so rocked. Are you surprised by this love?

Welcome to my new blogger buddies. I hope to visit you soon. Have a great day!


  1. I was just thinking this weekend how great it is that the beach is easy for us now. DS is old enough that I don't have to take a ton of stuff with me anymore. Still, those toddler days were wonderful, too. All I had to do was dig a hole in the sand and he'd play in it for hours, then fall asleep on the beach blanket and take his nap while I read a book or just watched the waves.

    We were at Ocean City on Friday and he had a blast swimming, especially in that space between the beach and the sandbar where the water is deep but fairly calm.

    The beach is just about the only thing that makes living in New Jersey bearable!

  2. I love going to the beach in the summer and feeding the seagulls!!! I live about an hour away from the coastline in NH. The only problem is the water- freezing!!

  3. Hmmm. My husband would be the push up dude. We take the kids to the playground and end up using the equipment as our own personal gym. ;)

    We go to the beach as well, but we hit the lake not the seashore. It's an 6 hr drive to our fav lake (lots of reading time for me). It's a 12 hr drive to Vancouver. Longer with the kids.

  4. What a fun glimpse into your beach day.

    The push ups guy is funny. Gotta stay toned, right?!

    Seagulls are a frightening bunch. If Hitchcock's The Birds ever happens, seagulls will be first to terrorize. I watched them steal someone's unopened bag of chips, puncture it, and eat the contents.

    Last week, I spent each morning at the beach while my daughter took swim lessons. When I visit family on Long Island, we go to the beach a lot.

  5. Random beach people are the best! And I think it is one of the few places where inhibitions are lost and you see the side of people rarely shown. At least at the beach near me that tends to be what happens. Any funny vacation stories? I'm sure there are plenty. My dad and I have a ton of funny stories but there all inside jokes kinda? So not sure they would translate that well as being funny to other people.
    Glad you had a great time, and I kinda hate gulls (only when I'm eating though)

  6. I'd be hiding under that umbrella with you.
    Glad you're having a good time.

  7. Sounds like you had a great vacation! And I agree: Eclipse was AWESOME1!!

  8. Ha ha. I LOVE the beach. A few years ago we went to San Francisco and then rented a house on the beach in Mendocino for a week - HEAVEN! :-)

  9. Oh, I love the beach! I grew up on the ocean and I really do miss it. I have very pale skin, though, so I'm always slathered in sun screen.

    Last summer I went to Croatia - beautiful beaches. Beside us on the beach was a German man and his family. The man went into the waves in his Speedo. And when he came out... let's just say the mouse had definitely left the house! Hahahhaha!

  10. ROFL Maybe he was doing his push-ups to give you a little thrill Christine. Were you thrilled? ;) I love the beach too, but we live far, far away from one right now. The beaches around Utah hardly qualify in my mind. Enjoy your summer! ♥

  11. I'm going to Destin, Florida next week! We leave on Saturday evening. :) My husband and I are headed down with my parents, my sister, brother-in-law and my niece. We're staying in three seperate condos -- looking forward to a little private time! We've all decided that come oil or hurricane, we're going to have a great trip!

  12. I hate the beach. :-) The only thing about the beach that I will tolerate is the animal life and walking on the shore at twilight. I don't like sun, I don't like sand, I don't like being hot, and I don't like all the idiots walking around disturbing my nice time. Obviously, I'm very cranky. :-)

  13. Christine I love this post!! SO fun :):) I would have been right there laughing with you. Random push ups?!! Pu-lease :)

    And thank you very much for my award the other day, I've been spending lots of time with my family too so have been hit and miss lately. But it's always good to hear from you friend! Enjoy your trip!

  14. i'll be hitting my uncle's cabin in August for some boating, fishing and general camping fun

  15. So I've tried to post three times. This one is the charm.

    Great post!

    BTW: Stop by my blog. You have an award waiting for you. :)

  16. I used to do push-ups and situps before heading out to the beach. What guy doesn't!

    I'm older, now, and not so concerned with it.

    Funny vacation stories... none in my older age.

    I once stopped traffic, though, in Padre Island back circa 1990, by laying down in the middle of the street. I thought it was my buddy, but it was this old man and his wife. She flipped me off and he about ran me over.

    - Eric

  17. Fun post! I love the beach because it usually comes with an ocean, and I love the ocean. LOL at push up guy. The last thing I think about at the beach is exercise. If I'm not in shape by the time I'm on the sand in a swimsuit, it's way too late!

  18. Jasper is seriously the best!!! He was so adorable, I loved him and I really enjoyed the latest film!

    Vacations rock, I wish I could enjoy more of them!

  19. Pushups! Wish I'd thought of doing that! I exercise myself at the beach, but never considered doing pushups. I've always focused on doing curls. Wrist curls, to be specific. All that's needed is a can of Budweiser. Really builds up those wrist muscles needed for writing...

    Cool post, Christine.

  20. We usually hit the beach in late winter/early spring, so there are a lot less people around. I love the OBX - my favorite place in the world, I think.

    I saw Eclipse yesterday and loved it! (Team Jacob, Team Charlie and Team Jasper :D)