Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The genre question--revisited.

So to answer your burning questions about Monday's post. I've decided to take the risk. I can always go back and change it. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Whew! I'm smiling about my decision though.

I've written about genre before and I found a couple of posts I want to share. I'm so baffled by the age group for YA (12-18). This amazes me because to me it is such a broad range. The maturity level of a 12 year old is way different than an 18 year old. It's up to the parent to make the decision on what their child should be reading. I have other reasons why this bothers me. My main concern is where does my story fall. Would it be considered YA? What agents represent a new adult novelist? I do write high school scenes but usually they are at a senior level and my MCs are usually 18 and up. Now, I'm taking a risk with my chapter 1 --will that throw me out of YA and make it hard to place?

One of my past posts is about genre and my questions regarding the new genre, New Adult. I have not seen this section in the bookstores yet unless I'm blind. This new genre is supposed to bridge the gap between YA and adult. For the novels that don't fit in either. Here are two articles I found quite interesting.
One by Jodi Meadows and the other by JJ.  These posts did answer some of my questions but now I have questions for you.

I'm curious if any of you have seen this new genre.

If so, have you read something that is New Adult or should be considered New Adult?

Have you seen any agents or publishers promoting this new genre?

Jen at unedited is hosting a blogfest on August 19th and 20th. Guess that character blogfest. Sounds like fun!

Hope you guys are having a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hmm, nope I've never come across it. Tough one! You'd think something like this would already have been dealt with, wouldn't you?

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  3. That is really interesting - I've certainly never heard of that genre before. But I do think it's sorely needed. After all, an 18 yo won't like the same books as a 12 yo...

  4. I've read about New Adult here and there and am very curious. My own novel might fit I think. The MC starts out as 15 but I feel much of it is too mature for 12-13 year olds. I struggle with genre a lot.

  5. I have heard about this genre in various discussions and blogs, but I haven't seen any sign of it in the publishing world. My novel might fit, considering the MC is 14 at the beginning and 21 at the end. But it's not promoted that way. I think New Adult is more of an idea than a genre at present.

  6. I love the idea of having a New Adult genre! There's really not much out there for 18-24 year old or whatever. I've seen a few books about the summer after high school (Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride comes to mind), but that's about it. It sounds like it could be the next big thing!

  7. Just make your book the best it can be right now, without worrying about publishing. Putting the cart before the horse, and all that. I'm glad you decided to take the risk. I'm a firm believer in following your gut and not second-guessing, so I'm proud that you went that direction.

    I agree with Dianne--I think it's probably more of an idea than a genre right now, but I think it's going to be developing into a genre soon, since YA is the big thing currently.

  8. Most of the books I've read that could fall under this genre -- Megan McCafferty's later Jessica Darling books, Megan Crane's books--usually get marketed as women's fiction. "New Adult" *might* become an emerging market, but I think publishers will have their work cut out for them getting it going, partly because college kids don't have much time for pleasure reading.

  9. "New adult" makes sense to me. Young adult shouldn't mean just teenagers.
    And I'm at the age where anyone under 25 is a young adult. Okay, maybe anyone under 30!

  10. I tend to write in the "New Adult" age group because, well, I'm in my mid-twenties and I like to write about people around my own age group. But for my particular stories, there wasn't a place in the market. So I'm writing children's books right now, and loving it, but hope to see a New Adult market one day.

    Best of luck with your story and finding a place for it to fit!

  11. Where have I been? I hadn't even heard of New Adult. Sheesh! I'll have to check some out. Thanks!

  12. I concur with Summer, the wise one :)

    Oh genre confuses me sometimes, so many different ways to call a book a book.

    Yours will be awesome and defy all genre boundaries!

    But I'm really hoping they get New Adult soon, I would love that as a reader too.

  13. There should be more agents repping this because I write New Adult and I'm having a hard time finding a place for it. *sigh*

  14. I do wish there were agents representing the New Adult category, and that it'd soon become an actual genre. There are a lot of novels aimed at older YA where the MCs seem older than their 16-17 age. :)