Friday, July 9, 2010

Clearing your head.

Artwork by Kaitlyn McCane

It's amazing how you can clear your mind. When this happens strange things occur. Last night, I thought of my WiP. Okay that is nothing new--I think about it all the time. I have been having issues with my beginning and I think I figured how to set up the first five chapters. Yes, I came up with how to incorporate some ideas I have been thinking of with some existing chapters. Thank you CPs.

Now, I have another book planned for these lovely MCs and I've now thought of switching some ideas from  book two with ideas in book one and vice versa. I guess this is why I should have outlined before hand, right? This of course would require re-writes which I'm okay with. I'm coming to terms with me being a slow writer, and I must realize I'm learning these things will happen. As you know, I'm not good with patience but I'm getting there.

I'm going to try to outline (a loose one) in my WiP #3--we will see how that goes.

Has this happened to you?

Any solutions on how to go from here? Probably outline, right?

Any good plans this weekend?

Have a great weekend!! Sorry I'm behind on my comments, I will get there. To Lisa and Laura--I made it. Thanks for the force.


  1. Hi Christine. Nowt wrong with being a slow writer! I think, at this stage, we are all still learning (and there is so much to learn!) and especially with a debut novel we all have to feel the way blindly ahead (at least that is how I feel). I am sure it will quicken up once we know how to wield our power! (At least, I really, really hope so!)

    As for solutions - yup, I'd say outline. Outline til you can outline no more! Good luck!

  2. I'm going through something similar. I just received the best feedback EVER on my wip. But it involves not only cutting and rewriting, it involves writing additional scenes. I loved the idea to do them, though I still have to figure out what to write. I'm an outliner, but I haven't thought about doing that for the new scenes. I'll probably just figure out of the key points before hand and then write.

    There's nothing wrong with being a slow and thorough writer. I started this project a year ago, and started querying back in December. Huge mistake. Fortunately I stopped and started to do more editng and rewriting so that the writing was stronger. Now it's just making sure EVERYTHING is as strong as can be. Do it now so you won't regret it latter on like I did. Fortunately I queried an agent who believed in the concept (so I can requery her when I'm finally finished) and told me not to give up on it, but to hone my writing skills some more. That delay was just what I needed. ;)

    Have a great weekend, Christine!

  3. I'm a slow writer somethimes, too. And I'm not much of an outliner. It's all ok as long as you make progress and learn. At least that's my take on it at this point in time as I wrestle with my WIP. :) You'll figure it all out. And while you're doing that, have a good weekend.

  4. Glad you've some fresh ideas.
    And I will be taking in a double feature at the movies tonight!

  5. Woohoo for fresh new ideas!!! I hope it helps, I'm sure you'll do great and I can't wait to see what you've come up with! You know I'm a fan of your fabulous novel!!!

    I too am excited to show off my shiny new wip with you guys in August! I've let it air out for a week and plan on picking it up to read a chapter this evening... Squee!!!

    Hope all is well in Germany!

  6. yeah i outline too. But loose ones. Typically jsut a list of scenes and what may happen in them. (ie fox meets quill)

    Have you read Hooked, by Les Edgerton? That really helped me with beginnings

  7. I understand the feeling. I have a manuscript submitted to my publisher and I am waiting for feedback -- which takes *months* longer than I realized. Meanwhile, against all common sense and advice, I drafted 2 sequels. Yeah, dumb move, because revisions to the first one will seriously impact the other two -- IF the publisher wants them at all.

    But I couldn't help myself. When inspiration/obsession strikes, why fight it? I just have to be resigned to the fact that I wrote those sequels for *me.* They may have to be rewritten, sliced, diced, trashed, or stored away forgotten. There's no way to tell.

    Hopefully, I gained some skill and satisfaction just from writing them.

  8. I can't wait to hear about your new changes, it's funny how things like that happen isn't it? I think it's so funny how similar we are! I'm thinking I am going to start outlining a little more too, it just might save my sanity! I hope you're enjoying yourself in Europe, Christine! And that you get some time to write your heart out soon :)

  9. YES! This has happened to me. When story 1 fell apart because of plot and story 2 developed with a stronger plot I thought about taking the fleshed out characters of story 1 and putting them in story 2. Then I would have it all, fleshed out plot + characters. But it didn't work. My characters from Story 1 refused to be in story 2. They just didn't fit. I molded them for a specific plot. The plot for 1 is now coming together because I am outlining for the first time ever. We all learn at our own pace. I learn somethings fast and others slow. But at least you have a new direction and thats fantastic!
    I'm so curious now as to what you've changed!
    This weekend my number one goal is to get well, ugh I've been down too long now.

  10. you're being smart and carefully planning out your book -- that's an excellent quality to have!

    hang in there, i'm sure all the pieces will come together soon.

    have a fabulous weekend!!

  11. Even though I have a general idea of how my entire story is going to go, I only outline a chapter at a time. Even then, I don't always follow my outline. Still, I find them helpful. I didn't do any outlining with my first novel, and I am having the same trouble as you. My new wip is going much better with this new approach.
    Good luck, and have a great weekend!

  12. I always rely on a reverse outline. If you're not a fan of outlining, you can always do a very loose one :) I hope the revising isn't too painful! Have a great weekend!

  13. I'm a slow writer as well, and I've come to realize there's nothing wrong with that. :)

  14. I'm slow, and I do outline. It gives me somewhere to begin. I usually always change my outline and that's fine. As long as I'm making progress each day, I figure I'm doing allright. Nice post, Christine. Hope you're enjoying summer.

  15. ...exactly why sometimes I look at my manuscripts and wonder if they'll ever truly be finished...without my continuous slicing & dicing. But then I guess that's what makes a novel great, rolling like a sloth and never quitting:)

  16. This happens to me a lot. I think it's part of the writing process! I would outline and see how your new ideas fit in with your old, determine what you need to change and if it works, then go for it!

  17. I just wanted to let you know that I changed blog domains, so my new domain name is:

    Have a great day!!

  18. I'm an outliner through-and-through. I'm afraid I'd get lost on a tangent and never find my way back if I tried to wing it. So I'd agree - outlining sounds like a good solution. :)

  19. Thanks for adding my pic.
    I’m sure your Germany trip will be a great inspiration

  20. Fast writing. Slow writing. The main thing is it happens!