Friday, June 18, 2010

Writing the Next Line

Welcome to Writing the Next Line. I have been hosting these fun posts once a month. This is the 3rd writing the next line. Wahoo! Thanks to all of you who have participated before.
Here are the previous sessions --1st one --and the recap of session 1.
Session 2 and the recap.

The Rules:
In your comment you must continue the story so whoever is first must continue from where I left off and the next person to comment must pick up from where the last comment left off and so on. Please keep each comment 1-2 lines but come back as often as you like. This post will be up for a couple of days so keep the story going. When I return I will put the whole thing together and post it.  The story starts below:

I stared at the horizon. The thin amber light faded as the sun disappeared and the wind flowed thorough my hair as the boat sped through the water.
"Are we lost?" I yelled over the engine noise.
"I don't think so. There should be a channel marker right up here." Seth squinted trying to see in the dim light. I could just make out his high cheekbones and messy brown hair as the sun set. His T-shirt flapped as he pushed the throttle to speed up. 
A loud clanging noise disrupted our travels. It came from behind us and the engine cut out.
I looked toward the back of the boat. "What was that?"
"Great. I don't know. I'll check it out," he said as he pulled a flashlight from the side compartment.
I crossed my arms,"I really think we're lost."
Seth aimed the light on the engine, taking off the cap."Stop it-- will ya," he said, annoyed.
The small waves lightly tapped the boat in a light rhythm and the water's brillant blue color now took on an eerie black as the darkness crept in. I put on my sweatshirt as the air chilled my skin.
I sat there waiting for his orders, my mind trying to calm my inner panic. My thoughts were interrupted by a loud thud hitting the front of the boat.
"I think we hit something," I said.
Seth flashed the beam around to me then made his crept along the side of the boat.
As he made his way to the front, I held my breath hoping it was nothing.

There you go. It's your turn. Have fun! I wrote this super fast-- hope you enjoy it. I will post the whole thing with your continued comments next week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. "Rachel, give me a hand will ya?" Seth said as he struggled to drag something bulky from the nose to the port bow.
    I hurried to his side and helped maneuver the massive wooden coffer on board. It bore a tarnished brass plate bearing the name Mc. Guffin Esq.

  2. The rusted lock was covered in barnacle, the wood swollen and slime covered.
    "Should we open it?" I asked Seth.
    "With what?" Seth looked around and all he had on board was the flashlight. He hit the lock with the butt of the light and surprisingly, it snapped open.
    Seth opened the lid. Inside was...

  3. (I'm not in this since I'm not good at this things. I just wanted to say I can't wait to read the final product. :D )

  4. a mummified body, wrapped in loose white linen and stinking of embalming fluid, the foetor assaulting our nostrils with nearly physical force.

    We fell back covering our faces as the coffer began to slip back beneath the waves ...

  5. I reached out and grabbed onto the edge, holding it to the boat so it wouldn't fall. Seth just stared at me with his hand on his face. "Help please?" I begged.

  6. A gutteral groan sent a wave of nausea throughout my body. Sticky wet fabric clung to my arms.
    "Seth, it's grabbing my arm!"

    (and I have an award for you on my blog, have a fantastic weekend!)

  7. Before he could reach me, the coffer pulled me over the edge of the boat and into the water.

    (And I applaud Matthew's piece!)

  8. I tried to scream and failed.

  9. The black cold of the waves engulfed me, silencing my screams, but not the stark terror ringing in my ears.

  10. Oh, wow. I was going to add something but I am in awe of everything after Matt's. Just wow.

  11. The salty sea water burned as it smacked into my open mouth. I tried to cough but the liquid caught in my throat.

  12. I felt my consciousness slipping... My last memory was of Seth suddenly saving me by spearing the creature with a boat hook. When I awoke, my eyes stung, and my throat ached... I cracked open an eye to spy Seth discussing fluently with what seemed to be three 15th century Spanish pirates.

  13. I tried to sit up, but a wave of nausea forced me back down. There was nothing to do but wait for it to pass, so I pressed my cheek to the cold, wet...ground? What. Just. Happened? And why am I...naked?

  14. (first things first! Way to rock it Matthew! Loved what you did, not what I would have expected at all! Then reading Carolina's last piece made me laugh out loud and really have to think of where to go next! So here we go!)

    The boat had been pulled up to shore, seth and the pirates still looked like they were in a heated discussion and after a few moments of trying to gather my thoughts on what had happened I saw one of the three pirates with my clothes in their hands.

    Outraged I wanted to stomp my way over and rip them from his grip but seeing as I was in fact naked the urge had dwindled and I quickly tried to sort out a plan.