Monday, June 7, 2010

What would your soundtrack be?

I love music. Most of you know this. I took piano lessons when I was a kid but never stuck with it. I try to sing in the privacy of my own home and I can hear dogs howling miles away. So not really great at actually producing music just love listening to it. Anyone who is good at it --kudos --I highly respect you.  ***hands clapping***

Music can set a mood. Just watch a movie and listen to the background. If you took it away--it would probably be boring. Not that actors don't do a good job.  It's just adds something more to the scene. Another thing I'm so not good at--acting.  Tried that in high school too--it didn't turn out so well.

My brother is great at both --yea I'm jealous of him. jealous.

Anyway, music.

It is vital to my creative process. Everything I have written has a soundtrack. When I hear the songs that gave birth to the characters in my head--I can feel them, hear them, see them. It's almost scary. The soundtrack to my current WiP is listed over there ===> (on the sidebar). I would hope (I'm dreaming here) if my WiP was ever loved by an agent, and published that maybe if there was ever a movie deal (see told you-- dreaming here)-- that some of these songs better be on the soundtrack.

So, I thought I would point out the most important songs. The songs that still give me chills and let me see, feel and hear my characters vividly.

 1. Panic Switch--Silversun Pickups.  (song #12 on my playlist). This is the song that struck me with the whole idea. The rest of the album Swoon pretty much help write many chapters, along with Carnavas (another album of theirs). I'm in love with this band. I guess their recent album's name sums it up--Swoon. :)

2.Quiet in my Town and Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight.  Another band I'm in love with. My CPs know my Chapter 3 and well Quiet in My Town is what played when I wrote it. Letters from the Sky just puts me in a zone (eyes glare over) because I can see my MC so clearly --it's scary. Two other songs are inspiring on this album. Human (#44 on the playlist) --which I'm writing a chapter to now and Next to Me (#38 on the playlist). The rest of the album is great too.  Quiet in my Town (#1 on my playlist) and Letters from the Sky (#11 on my playlist). The links I gave you --You may have to hit play or just go to their website

3. I will follow you into the dark--Death Cab for Cutie-- (song #28 on my playlist) This band in general has way too many songs to choose from for this WiP, but this song would describe my MCs to a "T". I don't want to say too much about this one. Gives too much away.

4. M79-Vampire Weekend. (song #11 on my playlist) O.k. I will admit part of my initial attraction to this band was their name. Now, I'm a full blown fan. Absolutely love them and this song helped a very cute chapter.

5.Knights of Cydonia-Muse. (song #21 on my playlist). This band is just awesome. This song sparked a huge scene which I can't say too much about. Many of their other songs do help too. Hysteria being one of them. (song #24 on the playlist).

So there are the major players. The other songs over there remind of my MCs and all the other characters that invade my brain. All of the songs set the mood for my current WiP. I put where they are at on my playlist if the links don't work.

On some of the links you may have to press play (not to buy the song-- just to listen) or you can find it on my playlist.

 Since I'm posting M/W/F this will be up for a couple of days. This week is also hectic cause I have family stuff so it may be up a little longer. ***I thought you guys can post any songs that you would love on your soundtrack (particularly for your story). Either post them in the comments below or post about it on your blog and leave the link in the comments below. I would love to check it out. I'm a music lover of all kinds of music so don't be shy. :)

Also, I missed out on Arlee Bird's many blogfests and blog hops. A lot of them about music. Sorry. I hope to join in on one soon. I think he may have one going on now. Check out his blog.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. I'm a music lover also. It's funny because I found with my writing that I listened to music during the creative process of the first draft, whereas, with my revision, sometimes I listened to my playlist and other times not so much. Now because I'm rewriting a ton, I'm listening again. My playlist is on my blog
    I never heard of the first two bands you listed, so I can't wait to check more of their stuff out!

  2. I love music - and sorry, I can play several instruments as well. I listen to music when I write, usually something hard and fast. Dream Theater, Guilt Machine, and In Flames were inspirations for my book.

  3. Ooh, I definitely have a soundtrack (especially for my stories). At the moment I've got a whole lot of songs from Evanescence, Skillet and Disturbed...

    If I ever need inspiration, I just turn to my soundtrack and it usually helps.

  4. I listen to classical music, but it has the same effects for me as those songs do for you.

  5. Wow, good for you. I can't listen to anything when I write much to my sorrow. And I have never heard of any of those musicians -- I feel so old.

  6. I am always so amazed by other people's creative process. I've heard several writers now talk about how they wear headphones while writing. Truly, my ideal work space is a sensory deprivation tank. Total silence, white space, zero stimulation. And when I do listen to music, I almost can't do anything else while I'm doing it. It takes all my attention. So needless to say, I have no soundtrack! But I do wish I did and I wish mine were as cool as yours.

  7. I also took piano as a kid, and love to sing even though dogs howl when they hear me. Unfortunately, I can't listen to music while I write. I'm easily distracted. I'd be singing instead of writing.

  8. I was in piano as a kid, and couldn't read sheet music to save my little life! HOW wierd, this is the second post, three if you include my own on music this morning. Bizarre, must have been a musical weekend for a few of us.
    I thought about the soundtrack to movies and for some reason one really stood out. Top Gun maybe has the most memorable soundtrack I can think of and it would have been (like any other movie) so wierd without the music they chose.
    I have music on when I write but only when I need a certain scene will I turn to certain songs or bands. Generally I use one type of music to get me started. :)
    Chimera's (and me) holding a music contest head on over there!

  9. Excellent list by far! Death Cab for Cutie is awesome!

    You know I have a soundtrack if I'm feeling it. For Finding Me/Traveler I had several songs that fit and then the MC's song, it is so fitting and everytime I hear them I remember what scene I had created. For The Collector I have nothing, at least not at the moment, it could change though the deeper I dive into his twisted mind!

    I never thought about what would happen if my book became a movie but I think I'd hope that they would feel that the songs I had for my soundtrack fit the story too!

    Greta post!

  10. Okay Christine, this is just too weird! I LOVE Silversun Pickups! Panic Switch is my favorite song EVER!!!!! And Hysteria too!!!! SO weird :):)

    I think this is such a cool idea, I think you alread saw the main song that inspired me, but maybe I'll post the others too. Fun :) I think me and you may have been separated at birth btw :)

  11. what what an awesome lineup, hehe. those are some pretty spectacular choices :D

    i love good music, especially when it serves to provide inspiration. i actually wrote an entire book based on a specific line in a song that just pulled me through to another world.

    so powerful!

  12. I love creating soundtracks for my writing! Civil Twilight is great, and so is live John Mayer. I try to create separate playlists for my characters, too--I feel like it helps me craft their voices even more clearly. And it's just so much fun!

  13. Oh man. I feel bad! I don't have a soundtrack and all the songs I really like are too cornball to admit to!

  14. I'll have to check these out! Though sadly I cannot listen to anything when I write. I'm much too easily disracted!

  15. I love music. It really helps me get into the writing mood... sometimes.

    Anything by Florence and the Machine usually does it for me. :) Love them!!

  16. I LOVE music but can't listen to any while I'm writing. My mind gets all clogged up. :)

    But really cool idea!

  17. I always listen to music while I write! For Saving Me, the top 3 musicians are probably Counting Crows, A Fine Frenzy, and Brand New.

    When I was writing Eternal Spring, I mostly listened to John Williams/Hans Zimmer movie soundtracks.

  18. I love Panic Switch. I also like Muse and Deathcab for cutie. I'm going to listen to your selections.

    I always listen to music when I write. Certain songs become the "soundtrack" to my manuscripts.

  19. OK, I am suddenly feeling old. I didn’t recognize a single song or group:( Sigh. I usually write in a silent room so I haven’t tried a playlist, but it sounds like a fun idea. I'm sure mine would be full of goldie oldies.

  20. This is so weird--this is exactly what we blogged about on our site today. :) How inspirational music is.

    We're actually having a small contest that sounds right up your alley. We're doing a story out of lyrics. All you have to do to enter is add some--the prize is a $25.00 I-tunes card. :)
    Just go to our site and click on the blog link.

    Hope to see you over there! Nice post!! i guess great minds think alike...hehe

  21. Excellent choices! I participated in one of Arlee's music blog hops. Not only was it a lot of fun, but also introduced me to new music. Hopefully you will be able to participate in one soon.

  22. Great choices. I love Muse and Death Cab. But I'm like Anne. I can't listen to music when I write. I can when I'm running dialogue or scenes in my head when I'm driving, but not when I'm actually writing. Weird, huh?

  23. I listen to so much music for writing. Which can be a bad thing, since I play piano, guitar, and "sing" (it's still up for debate whether or not I'm any good--I vote no) and so half the songs I listen to I then have to co learn. :-P

  24. I listen to music constantly...when writing, cleaning, driving, etc. I used to listen to music while I slept, but husband broke me of that habit long ago.

    Great selections. :)

  25. I don't really put my books to music, but I think it's a great idea when I hear about other people doing it. I love music, but am too lazy to really explore, so thanks for the suggestions!

  26. Music can be so inspirational! Thanks for sharing your music with us. I have playlists for my manuscripts, but I can't really listen to it while I write. It's more like prep music for me, and it does help to set the mood. I just love Muse! Snow patrol was a major influence for me in my last manuscript, and this time around it's HIM with a bit of Snow Patrol mixed in.

  27. I love music but no way can I listen to it when writing. I do love classical - Chopin in particular.

  28. OMG I love all of those. I love the Royal We from Silversun Pickups. In fact, your whole list. I absolutely can't get enough of Civil Twilight, Letters from the Sky.

    I would say mine for this WIP are Decode from Paramore, Gold Gun Girls, Help I'm alive, Collect Call, all acoustic by Metric. All Around Me by Flyeaf, definitely some Evanescence.

    I'm a huge music fan. Can't live without it. Great post! Great taste too ;o)