Monday, June 21, 2010

My Mind is Mush Monday.

Artwork by Kaitlyn McCane

First--Thank you to all of you who participated in Writing the Next Line.  You guys rocked it. I will post it later in the week.

Second--I had another post in mind for today but decided not to write it. Carolina from Carol's Prints posted this over the weekend--New Writer Smugness by Victoria Martin. You must read this. I feel quite embarrassed because I feel that I have done this. I'm taking a new outlook and trying to slow things down along with doing the best I can without complaining about it. Sure there will be those days but I need to sit back and digest before I open my mouth. 

Another post to check out--Janice Hardy (Another side of the Story) all about passive voice (passive-aggression). I have so much trouble with this and this post explained it quite clearly. It was extremely helpful and I have bookmarked this.

I do have a contest to check out. Summer Bash Giveaway from Kari (A Good Addiction) and Elani (La Femme Readers). Ends July 18th. Great books!

Thoughts on my blog--I have been wondering--Do you like having someone respond to your comments? I feel bad that I don't do this. I read them all but I don't always have the time to respond. I try to go to the blogs that do comment on mine. How do you like responses on the comments--would come back and check? or email? Just a thought. I personally don't mind it if a blogger responsds or not but that's just me.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I actually got some revisions done.


  1. I saw that post from Victoria Martin, it was pretty good.

    As to responding to comments, there's been a great debate brewing for the last couple weeks. I guess you can do whatever you want to do and no one will care.

    I'm glad you got some revisions done. I got some work done on Genna & Tony. Have a great week!

  2. The write the next line thing is fun! Thanks for hosting it.

    Comments? Hmm... I answer all comments on my blog individually, that's one of the reasons I like having such a relatively anonymous blog.

    I do appreciate it when bloggers respond to comments, but then I quite understand that when you start getting triple digit followers it is no longer feasible or even interesting to respond to each individually.
    Besides, sometimes comments are just positive encouragement and don't require a phrased response. I suspect that there is a balance to find there.

    I subscribe to the comments of every post I comment on. Gmail's sorting of email by "conversation" is really great for that, all my blog mail gets filtered into its own folder.

  3. I usually respond to several people at once and several times throughout my post. And I've found many people do come back to check!

  4. Thanks for the great links!

    Once I leave a comment on a blog, I don't come back. I don't have time since I visit so many in the morning (and sometimes later on). When someone leaves a comment on my post, I try to visit their blog and leave a comment, and possibly become a follower. If the individual's blog is linked to their email, I try to send them a message. I don't always do that. But if the people has taken time to comment beyond 'great post!', then I'll reply. :)

  5. I can't wait to check out those other blogs that you linked too. I also have problems with the whole passive aggressive thing. As for comments, it's nice to have people leave you a comment b/c I feel as though someone is reading what I wrote, but at the same time, I think of a blog almost like an online journal for me that I've given other permission to comment on..make sense? So, if you comment, great! If not, that's cool. I sometimes don't comment on posts because I honestly don't feel as though I have anything more to say that wasn't already mentioned. But, I do read them quite often.

  6. Glad to hear you got some revisions done! Now I'm off to check the new writer's smugness link!

  7. Thanks for the linkage!

    Everyone is different with the comments. I don't mind the email (because I rarely return to the blog to see if the poster commented under me), and I always appreciate a visit and comment to me blog! It's really about what works best for you ;-)


  8. SO glad you got some awesome work done ;););) AWESOME!!

    Oh the commenting question, I love to hear from you Christine.

    I just try to visit the blogs of the people who comment on mine, I've realized I just can't respond to every comment all the time, i try, but it's just too much. Having two blogs, does not help this :)

    Have a great day!

  9. I am very impressed with bloggers who can respond to everyone daily, I enjoy their comments and I will occasionally check back at a blog with an interesting conversation to see what the blog writer has added to the comments, but I don't think it's necessary. Seriously, it's hard to keep up with everything! I'm so far behind just with visiting friend's blogs. We can't do it all. :)

  10. I used to respond to the comments on my blog, but I don't seem to have the time or ability to do that any more as my followers have increased. That's because I'm trying to make it to their blogs to comment. I read everything that's posted on my blog, but I just don't seem to have the ability to individually reply any more.

  11. Going to check out these links, especially someone who can break down that passive voice for me. I have been better about it but not great. Hmm...comments thingy, I have sort of a mental list of who does and doesn't comment back most days I will check back on those who do, but don't mind if some don't. I try to comment back in clusters. I know each person reads their comments and that's really all that matters at the end of the day. :)

  12. Thanks for posting my pic - :o)

  13. Kaitlyn has an amazing gift! I love the picture!

    I must say that I have to be very patient when visiting your blog, it seems to take forever to load on one of the computers I use! So frustrating!

    I'm sorry I missed writing the next line! I really wanted to participate but I suppose I got busy because I missed it!

    I have to look at these links, they are good one's this week, really good ones!

  14. I usually try to leave a comment that is open for response and normally subcribe to receive notifications of new posts so I am notified if someone does respond to one of my comments. I think that way is usually better than a direct email response because I feel like the comment section is usually a conversation to be shared by all participants. There are exceptions when the reply is of a personal nature. It is somewhat awkward to respond to comments that are merely short compliments and about all you can say is "Thanks".

    Tossing It Out

  15. Thanks for the links!

    Personally, I don't mind if someone doesn't respond for my comments. I assume they are being read and that's enough for me!

  16. Does that look like Mike and Ashley or what? Love that picture. Thanks for the Edward card. It gave me more than a chuckle...........

  17. I don't mind if bloggers don't respond to my comments. Personally, I try to response generally in the comment section -- and address the commenter in email if they have a specific question. It's difficult, trying to reply individually. I still try to do it when I have time, but now, I just don't.

  18. ...seriously bummed that I missed your "Next Line." Next time I'm there:)

    I wouldn't sweat the comment scenarios that everyone seems to be discussing lately. Blogger mannerisms vary and there are opinions abound. In my case, time is a major restraint, therefore I do what I can...respond as soon as possible, visit blogs when time permits, and hope for the best. Your schedule and technique should be your choice, and I think you're doing fine:)

  19. Thanks for the links. I don't respond all the time, but I do read them and respond when I have something to say. It's like a conversation, I don't like to sit and be silent. I get to know each person a little better that way.

  20. Cool links, I'll have to check em out!

    I don't respond to comments on my blog, but I've been wondering that same thing. Should I? Should I email? Respond back in the comments?

    Mostly I just try to visit their blog and comment back. I usually don't have time to revisit posts to see if the blogger replied to my comment in a comment.