Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What? You're right, that's the problem.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I think I ate too much but that's a whole other issue. Anyway, I did relax a little--getting to the beach (my favorite place) and letting my WiP sit.

Well, I can't let it sit. I thought  about it a lot. I can't help it--I think about it everyday. I did some work on it on Saturday--mainly because I have way too may things I want to do with it. You see, my chapter 1 has bothered the hell out of me--that's right I said hell. Sorry. I think I've been trying so hard at trying to make it right I'm missing the point and it's lacking flow. So here's what happened:

1. I've know for quite a while something is missing. What that was I had no idea and I don't like feeling that way. My Critique group (the lovely talented Jen, Summer and Crystal) helped in pointing some things out. So I did make changes but something wasn't right. My CP ( the amazingly talented and awesome Kelly) looked at and well I think she hit the nail on the head. I finally saw it. Yes, it took four people to basically slam it in my face but I got it. I hope. My story worthy problem was missing. I had everything else--inciting incident, initial surface problem but that story worthy problem was not there.  It's pretty important considering it pretty much sums up the whole reason your character is taking the reader on their journey. So I did write some things that should complete my chapter 1. I do need to add a little fluff but I'm happy with what I'm coming up with. For now. Ask me next week that may be a different story. BTW--I love my CPs--Thanks guys.

2. I was very excited to receive a comment from the author Les Edgerton.  If you missed it please read it here. Read in the comments. It's a great lesson on adjectives/adverbs. Once you finished reading that go to Les's blog and read this. All about the premise of your story. This made me think hard this weekend and I'm still trying to make sure what mine is. It discouraged me at first but I'm back on track. It's making me work harder. Oh and if you haven't bought Hooked by Les Edgerton, please do you self a favor and get it.  It's great.

3. WiP #3 is talking again and WiP #1 is not happy. They are literally fighting in my head. All the characters arguing back and forth. They're fighting for my attention like my kids. I feel like I have a litter. Yikes. Either that or another version of West Side Story is developing. WiP #2 is quiet mainly because it's just a continuation of WiP #1 (Yes, book 2). I shouldn't complain I'm glad that all the ideas are flooding my brain but I can't breathe. Wait. I'm back.

4. I also saw a minor detail that--well--is really dumb in WiP #1.  It makes me feel sort of stupid that I missed it but I'm sure it's not the first. I realized at a stop light. My MC breaks her arm in Chapter 2 but in chapter 3 she can amazingly (I seem to like this word today) use crutches. I really wonder how that would work. Oh well, back to figuring that out too.

Anything interesting happen to you over the weekend?

How do deal with fighitng WiPs?

How is your chapter 1 coming along?

Don't you love your CPs?

Do you think about your WiP everyday or am I the only one?

Have a great day!


  1. I certainly think about mine everyday, but I can't imagine having two fighting for dominance in my thoughts. I can't decide if that's a blessing or a curse!

    Thanks for the updates Christine.

  2. I love my CP's!!!! I can tell I'm loved to! ;)

    My WiP's are currently fighting as well and right now I'm not able to break it up myself, I'm still deciding on what to do, where to go, and whose more worthy of my time. Trust me this has gone undecided for awhile and I'm no closer to the answer... super aggravating.

    Not to mention that I'm in the same boat as you with my Chapter 1, something is missing, something still needs work, something may need to disappear all together!! The insanity!!! AHHH makes you feel crazy doesn't it!

  3. My new WIP is taking over! I just finished one and I'm trying to go back and polish it, but the new one demands my attention! I know how you fell :)

  4. God you sound like me. I'm trying to decide on what to do and have so many things vying for attention, besides my friends wanting me continue with my series on the blog...argh! And Monster Baby is out of school and driving me crazy and it's only been 5 days. HELP!

  5. I ignored my WIP for almost three weeks, but wrote 3,000 words over the weekend so I feel better. Whether they are GOOD words or not remains to be seen, but at least it's progress.

  6. I'm feeling depressed about mine. I haven't touched it since last Friday, and for several days last week I was churning out like 1500 or 2000 a day! But now I'm feeling angsty about it. :)

    Glad you've had a Eureka moment! I look forward to reading the revision.

  7. Les is great. He commented on my blog a few months ago when I gushed about HOOKED.

    Yeah, I have the battling wips going on right now. My wip, LH, is out with the last of my beta readers. I'm finishing off the outline to a new book (SW) but the outline of another book (EF) is begging me to start the first draft. Problem is the wip (LH) that is out with the beta readers was emotionally draining, and EF will be as well. SW not so much. So naturally I want to work on SW first. EF isn't too happy with that decision.

    Okay, now I sound like I need therapy. ;)

    I think about my wips all the time. It's not just you. Of course, that doens't mean we're not crazy, just you're not alone. :)

  8. Oh how chapter one of my WiP has plagued me. I finally have it though it just took 8 months to get it. Crazy enough the original chapter ones are now the bones for developing into 2,3,4 so at least it wasn't all wasted. I only have one WiP I can't focus on more than that or I would go nuts because there is a charater in this one that won't shut up, literally. Makes me feel insane but he's always in my head changing the story as he see's fit. Okay, so it's me doing that but no you're not crazy I spend everyday with my WiP and characters even on days I'm not writing.
    Yes, I love my CP's at Chimera!

  9. What I think is chapter one always changes, so I have no idea. I like to start things out with a bang and then Tarrantino back to the beginning. Ha! I just recently joined another crit group. This one is online. More input is always good.

    I'm glad you figured things out! I'll definitely check out all the links you posted. Thanks!

  10. anything interesting? we saw Robin Hood. good, but not long enough. they needed to develop more story. hoping the director's cut will do that.

    fighting WIPs? i work on the one that i have ideas for and when i run out of ideas, i work on the other one.

    Blackheart's chapter 1 is fine. i suppose it could be tweaked but i'm happy with it. it's the chapter i'm currently on that's giving me fits.

    love my CPs? yes, but i haven't given them anything to crit yet because it's not ready, so they're patiently waiting.

    yes, i think about it every day, even when i can't come up with the next thing. i just want to get the dang thing done.

  11. I didn't write anything new for over a month and I still thought about my WIP every day. I think it's just part of the writer sickness. ;)

    And I totally ♥ my crit partners. I'd be nowhere near where I am now without them. :)

  12. Chapter one done, moving on to the next.
    Sorry yours are fighting it out!

  13. I love my CPs :):):) You're just awesome.

    That's so cool that you figured out what you were missing! Hooray!! I think about my WIP every day too:)

  14. i totally understand what you're going through! in fact, it's always so interesting to see how all writers seem to share the same experiences!

    thanks so much for the update -- my fingers are crossed for you!!

  15. I think about my WIP hourly. I just can't get it out of my head. But it's good because most of its problems are solved by thinking things through.

  16. I think about my WiP a lot, as well, though thinking about it makes me feel guilty because I'm not writing. I've just caught a SNI that's been fighting for dominance in my head as well, and WiP #1 is not happy. :)

  17. I absolutely love my CPs, couldn't live without them!! And me and my chapter one are on non-speaking terms right now. Mostly because I need erasing it every time I type it out. I hate beginnings sometimes. :)

  18. My WIPs are always fighting for my attention--unless I am absorbed in solving a story problem. Once my characters abandoned ship--not just in the current WIP, but in all past and FUTURE WIPS. Never had that happen to me before and it was quite scary.

    My CPs talked me off the ceiling and got me back on track. Thank Goodness for them all!

  19. Every day? How about every hour?

    I only have one WIP, so no fighting going on.

    I finally finished Chapter 1 to my satisfaction. Now Chapter 2 is killing me.

  20. Okay I can't even imagine what having more than one WIP would feel like - I can barely stop thinking about my ONE.

    It's great that you could identify the problem in your chapter one, often that's just as hard as trying to find the solution!

  21. LOL! Yes, I think about my wip all the time, too!
    Had a great weekend! It was busy and we went to the beach twice. :)

  22. Last week and the weekend were blurs. I don't know if anything exciting happened, I'm just glad to be in calmer waters now. Maybe, now, I can write something!

    Best of luck with your MS!!

  23. I tried to take the weekend off writing having just finished big, fat book and all I did was think about book 2 then I started writing it. Oh well . . . I tried.