Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things that are random.

So I'm late with my post. The hubs is off so a lot of family time is happening. We both think our son has a genetic mutation that allows him to posess the abilities of Spiderman. No webs from the wrists yet but this kid can climb on a narrow sill of a window and hold on where the lock is. The window is closed and he is doing this on the inside. He is smiling the whole time while I just aged 10 years. So he might be the next hero of the world or a professional rock climber. I guess a super hero is not so bad--I thought Wonder Woman parked her invisible jet in my backyard (when I was a kid--I thought this--not now :)

Nothing has been happening much in the way of WiP. Revisions are slow and you are probably sick of hearing me talk about them. Well, at least me writing about them.  I found a couple of posts regarding revisions. You should check these out.

Kelly over at Kelly's Compositions wrote an awesome post about this very thing.

Also, Guide to Literary Agents has a post on 6 Keys to Revising your Fiction.

I'm also working on trying to schedule my time. Writing time, kid time, cleaning time, reading time. It's getting there.  I'm trying to read some fabulous self editing and revision books but fitting it all in is tough. Slowing down for me is hard but I'm getting there.

I did finish a book Eldala by Michelle Gregory. I will be interviewing her later this month. I liked it. I will reveal more on my interview post. That means stay tuned. My next book to read is for my book club (A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White), then I hope to finally read The Hunger Games. Then on to the new Stephanie Meyer novella. Yes, I'm behind in my reading and I'm a slow reader. Whatda do?!

How do you schedule your time? What works best?

Are there any superheroes living in your house? :)

Has anyone read any good books?

It's a short one. Enjoy your day!


  1. No superheroes in my home however, I wouldn't mind one a spiderman visit who can climb to my eavestroughs and blow out the leaves! I'm a slow reader too, but sometimes I think that's okay. I get to sit in a good story longer.

  2. Schedule? Pft! In the mornings I have my juice, let the dog out while I check blogger, emails, the CC site and do my commenting. Then I try to research before hubby gets online for our afternoon chat then I am usually of too physical therapy, dinner, writing editing or being a beta. Finally reading at 10. Wow so I do have a schedule.
    Superhero...not in the house right now but my husband is real life superhero with how many lives he has helped save during his 3.5 years deployed. Over 12 thousand soldier saved and thats nothing to blink at. Hes AWESOME!
    Books, I can tear through a book in 3 days. Just finished up Beautiful Creatures and The Sky is Everywhere. Both definate recommends :)
    Glad your getting family time!

  3. I write when the mood strikes. It's not been so strikey lately. I've an outline of the rest of my current chapter and beginning of next chapter since I know what's GOING to happen, I just can't get myself to write it up.

    Congrats on Spiderman. Perhaps the circus is in his future?

  4. I just finished the Wake trilogy. I loved the first one. The others were pretty good, but I'm all about the romance, and once the couple got together in the first one it lost some of my interest. They were very good books, though. And yeah, I want to read The Hunger Games - thanks for the reminder!

  5. Monster Baby thinks she can fly. And tries jumping from great heights to show me. Talk about aging!

    The last book I read was Stephen King's ON WRITING and a really old romance novel. We've come a long way with those. I liked King's book a lot and I didn't think I would. I read it in one day.

    I'm glad Hubbs is home. Finding a schedule is hard. Even when I had one, everything gets blown up along the line and I had to start from scratch again. Oh well. Now I jsut don't clean the house and I free up quite a few hours. But that's just me.

  6. I try to write in the afternoon when baby is sleeping, and then I can sew in the evenings when all the kids are in bed. On a good day.

  7. I've got family in town right now too, so not much free time at my house either. :)

  8. My boy had the same syndrome. I will save you the stories of his three broken arms....

  9. I keep buying books, but now I have to find time to read them. That's why I'm taking the summer off (kinda) from writing (except for when my beta readers return chapters and I have to do some editing) so that I can catch up on my reading. There're a number coming out soon and I want to reread the previous books in the series (like THE HUNGER GAMES).

    PS I love to hear how revisions are going for writers. :D

  10. Hehe, I am Supergrump, world's grumpiest writer!!!

    This morning, I decided I'll rearrange my schedule. With two jobs, it's difficult to fit writing AND sports AND household in there. This means, the BF gets to do more around the flat, I'll cut back a little on sports and write as soon as I get home instead of trying to do the housework first. I'll tell you how things are going.

    And yes, I love reading about your revisions. I like it when people are as miserable as I am. (^v^)

  11. Let us know how the novela is. I just saw it in the bookstore the other day, didn't even know it existed. Not so sure I want to read it though.

  12. I write everyday in the mornings/early afternoons before work. I work 3-8 everyday.

  13. I guess I've just fallen into a pattern that works. Okay, it works better some days than others.

    At least your son doesn't think he can fly - he'd be jumping off the second floor landing instead.

  14. No schedule here... not lately! Not since the hubs got days again! It's hard to get things in order...

    I have however given myself free reign to do what I please and not stress about it so I've been blogging and I'm currently reading Eat Pray Love and I LOVE IT!!!! I plan on picking up Forgive my Fins on Friday and I have read part of the book and I'm already in love too!

  15. I remember I used to climb doorframes in my house when I was about eight. I have no idea how I did that.

    I hope the revising goes well! Some weeks are just slower than others. Good luck!

  16. Thanks for the links. I'm reading some great books right now. By the time you read this, I'll be dead was fabu. I'm reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and Break by Hannah Moskowitz. They're wonderful too.

    And schedule? I'm a squeezer. Meaning I squeeze in what I can, when I can. And sometimes that's all I can do.

  17. haha your son sounds like a superhero! hehe

    and thanks for the links! i have a lot of books on my TBR pile, but you already know my big recommendation for the moment is Jandy Nelson's The Sky is Everywhere, yes?

    if not, i recommend that! :D

  18. I have two super heroes -- usually a knight and a princess, or maybe two soldiers (she's a bit of a tomboy) -- and a dog (Corgi) who can read and speak.

    I manage my time with routine. When I want to change the routine, I change it, and try to reduce the amount of interruption in the routine.

    Good books? I'm reading De Lint, McCarthy, King, and McCammon right now, and am about to finish them all. I have a couple of authors on my list, though...

    - Eric