Thursday, February 11, 2010

New background and other misc. things

The designer in me made me do this. I changed my background and I promise I will try and keep it this way. 

It is contest month and I swear I have been finding one a day. 

Go over to Frankie Writes --She is hosting a contest --The Linger Arc Contest in honor of the new book Linger by Maggie Steifvater.  I can't wait to read this one.  Tell her I sent you :)

This is not a contest but a great website.  I have told you about an awesome illustrator Kaitlyn McCane.  Well she now has ETSY site where you can purchase her adorable prints.  Sooooo cute ! Check it out.

Another thing, I hope to post another snipit from my WIP.  If you didn't catch my very first snipit (that is what I like to call it) check out yesterday's post and let me know what you think. I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words.

I am still putting together a critique group so let me know if you are interested.  I may have two people interested so I am looking for one more person.  Check out my post from Febuary 9th for details.

Have a great day!


  1. I'm not ready for my own work to be critiqued yet, but I'd be happy to beta for you and any others. If you've seen anything on my blog, you might know that I'm currently not working because of a wrist injury, so I have a lot of free time and a voracious reading appetite. :-)

  2. I had been here first, I totally would've given you as a reference, but I entered last night. I cannot wait to read LINGER either. What was your fave scene? I chose the candy shop and threw in the times Same and Grace spent in her house just hanging out.

  3. Also, is the critique group YA and MG? I just joined a PB group, but may be interested in upper level in two months time. I know that doesn't help you now, but I'll keep in touch. My deadline for my current MG WiP is April Fool's Day.

  4. Love your new background! I need to spiffy mine up!

  5. I love your new background, too. :) I have a second blog (actually it was my first) that I keep updated with pictures of my kids for my family and every time I changed the background, I hated it and kept going back to the simpler original one. LOL... I guess I am a creature of habit on my own blogs but I love seeing what other people do with theirs!

    I haven't been to Frankie Writes... will check it out when my kiddies are in bed tonight, and will definitely reference you if I enter the contest! :)

  6. *turns green* This is gorgeous. I'm finding it hard to resist the urge to change my own now.

  7. LOVE the new background! It is gorgeous, as is your blog.

  8. Thanks for the "shout out", Winged writer has already check out my cute little birds :)

  9. The new background is so cute and happy. I'll visit those blogs you mentioned! Excuse this next question because I know it's silly, but how do you give awards? How do you get the little pictures of the awards? I need to go to a rudimentary blogging class.:)

  10. Summer- I will be in contact with you. So sorry about the wrist injury.

    Jonathan--I loved the ending--I know cliche but I really liked it. If you are into a YA critique group then I will hold a spot for you. I don't think the group will be put together immediately. I will keep you posted.


    Kelly-Thanks, love yours too;)

    Lindsay-Thanks. I will send you a message about the group.

    Tina- Thank you:) You blog is so cute though.

    Bethany- Thank you and thanks for visiting.

    Cmccane- Your welcome:)

    Roxy-Thanks! When you get an award and you have to name other blogs--just go to the blog you are giving the award to and post a comment in their current post stating that you have an award for them on your blog. To get the picture I just left click my mouse on the picture. A menu should come up and one of the choices is to save picture. I just save it in a file on my hard drive. When you want to post it in a post--there is a button that looks like a picture at the top of the compose post tool bar. Just click on that and it will allow you to browse your folders to look for the picture. You then can post it on the post you want. I have to try and remember how to post on the side -----like I did over here------> When I remember I will send you a message. Sorry if this is confusing:0

  11. Awww... I went to the site but I couldn't enter the contest because I haven't read the other books yet, so I don't have a favorite scene. Too bad, lol! (I also didn't want to peek at the comments to spoil the books for myself!) Next time, Gadget! ;)

  12. Oh I know! There are contests everywhere!! Love the background it's just beautiful ;o)

  13. Love the new look! Have a great weekend and good luck with the critique group. A solid crit group is worth its weight in gold!