Thursday, February 25, 2010

More thank yous and contest.

Contest Alert--Dangerous with a Pen --Lindsay--Is giving away a bunch of cool stuff for reaching 100 followers--Yeah Lindsay! Check out her cool blog!

Thanks to Amber Lough for also giving me the From me to you Award.  Since I just gave it away, I will let any of you just take it if you like. Thanks Amber! Check out her blog --I wish we lived closer we could go get that cup of coffee :)

I received a funny award yesterday! Thanks to Bethany from Aspirations!

This is way too funny --I have to make up six lies and one truth and you my fellow bloggers must uncover the truth.  This ought to be good.

1. My kids are the best sleepers in the world.  I don't know why other kids don't sleep. 

2. I am such a daredevil.  I love to skydive allowing the cool air to fly by my face as I plummet to the earth--so fun.

3. I turned down a cover shoot for French Vogue when I was 16.

4. I have a fairy named Emme that lives in a tree behind my house.

5. One of my best friends --who is so flirty-- is named Robert Pattinson.

6. I drove a 911 Porsche Turbo on a winding California mountain road--really fast.

7. I hate to travel in fact I have never left the country.

There you go.  Which one is the truth? I think I can hear the Jeopardy music playing.

So now I must give this to five bloggers--

1. Kelly-Kelly's Compositions -She an awesome CP and unplugged this week.  This is something for her to smile at when she returns.

2. Roxy- A Womans Write- I can't wait to see what you say.

3. Crystal- CrystalCookWrites--Her new blog --check it out!

4. Karen-Novels During Naptime--Great blog-- I can relate too!

5. Abby Annis--She has sucha  beautiful blog and also has a great contest going on right now.

There you have it and if you have not received this award yet go ahead and take it.  I have a small child in my arms so typing is a little difficult. 

Sorry for the short post! Have a good day!


  1. Well, obviously, the Vogue one is the truth.

    Thanks so much for giving me this!!

  2. These 7 things are so great! I'd have to agree with Karen on #3. #2 is so funny. Thanks for the award. (I'll have to think about what to reveal about myself... ) I would love to read your WIP. My email is Send that story to me!

  3. Hmm... I'm going with the Porche!

  4. Thanks, Christine! :)

    I'm terrible at these things, so I'm just going to guess that #4 is true. We all have at least one of those in our backyards, right? ;)

  5. It's gotta be number 2, I knew you were secretly a daredevil :) Although if it was number 5 I would have to come visit you :) Loved hearing these it was so fun! Thanks Christine for the award you rock!

  6. Hi, again. I wondered if you had received the comments I emailed. Great story, Christine.

  7. If number 5 is true.... when can I come over??? : )


  8. I'm guessing the kids aren't great sleepers!