Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My baby.

Two contests I saw this morning --

1. On Shooting Stars --You can win Two-first five page critiques by two agented authors.

2. On Kristi Faith's R.A.W.-Random Acts of Writing- You can win a gift certificate to the online bookstore of your choice.

I will make it short today because I have to finish my first draft.  I know I said I was almost finished it a few weeks ago but I added more so I hope to post the final stats tomorrow.  I can't wait to finish and revise. 

Well, I am scared because there is so much to be done.  I have to embelllish and my kids don't always cooperate in giving me any quiet time what so ever.  So my poor hubby suffers at night as I stare at the screen thinking and typing my fingers off.  Sorry honey, I'm doing what I love--thanks for letting me just take care of this baby. Yes I still love you :)

So what is your favorite part of your baby--Writing the first draft or revising?

I will not get into what happens after that-- the whole query/searching for agents, editors/ boxing yourself in a corner while you wait patiently, your body rocking back and forth from the nerves that took hold while waiting for rejection I mean an answer--because
     a. I have not done that yet--so no expert here.

     b. It already puts knots in my stomach thinking about the waiting and rejection.

I must go and finish and review some others work --critiques kiddos.

Oh! and where do you get the cute progress bars I see on some of your blogs.  It shows your progress  of what you are working on.

Have a good day!


  1. I would say I love being in the heat of the moment just writing the first draft, however there is a whole other amazing feeling when you are starting to revise and improve what was once a blank canvas. I love writing it keeps each day going!

    I would love to know where the progress bars are as well, I've wanted one!! I'll keep a look out on your blog to see someone answer!

  2. I am just so grateful after finishing a first draft of anything. It's the reaching that point that really gives me some sense of accomplishment. Because I know that revision will change things, I can bask in the glow of that first before moving on. Because finishing the revision is a glow of an entirely different color. :)

  3. Well since I'm in the middle of my first draft and have only edited a little bit of it, I would have to say first draft. There's just something magical about your fingers flying over the keys trying to get down everything in your head, discovering what's happening every day. I love that.

  4. Revision!! It's so amazing to take a scene that you already think is pretty good, then tweak it into something a million times better. Revision is where you can really start feeling good about yourself...just in time to be crushed and annihilated by querying.

    You can try clicking on the sidebars to see where they take you... One I've used is here:


  5. Christine, you won a copy of my book. let me know where to send it. you can find my email in my profile or on my blog.

  6. Balancing family and writing is really hard. As I sit in my office writing in the evenings, my husband yells to me from our bedroom and quotes funny lines from the shows he's watching. That makes me feel bad. I need to do better with balance.

  7. I love revision. It gives me the chance to take everything to a deeper level and make the book that much better.

  8. I love the first draft - no question! :-)

  9. I've been wondering about those sidebars myself. Have fun critting!

  10. Congrats on being close to finishing! I love revising way more than writing the first draft.

  11. I like writing the first draft, no the revising- no the draft. I don't know.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. I love first draft high, but I love editing too. I'm indecisive, if you couldn't tell. : )

    Good Luck!

  13. We LOVE writing the first draft! It's great because every time Laura sends me the document it's totally brand new. Revising is a bitch. Seriously.

  14. I would have to say favorite part is first draft too but I also love revising. I love them both for different reasons! But first draft is great just because you get to experience the characters for the first time. I love revising because you get to make the book sing!