Monday, February 1, 2010

First Drafts

Happy Monday!

First, I wanted to tell everyone about a contest over at Anissa Off the Record. She will be posting everyday --in the month of February.  Check out the all details and prizes and tell her I sent you over.

Second, This will be short due to other demands that are flagging my attention.  First drafts --love them or hate them-- they are the beginning.  I am just about finished my first draft--I know I can't stop talking about it--and there is still a long road ahead.

Here is a little background of my journey so far:

My idea hit me hard in April 2009.
The song "Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups began to play and I saw pieces play like a movie in my head of my MC's (this is how the majority of my ideas come about) running, kissing, driving.  It played more like a trailer to a movie --different scenes flashing as the music hit its dramatic highs and lows.

At the time, I had no laptop and didn't use my desktop too often due to convenience-- so I hand wrote most of it. 

When I finally got a laptop in September, my baby was born.    There you have it a quick little blurb on me.

 So here are my questions:

Typically, How long does it take you to whip out a first draft?

Do you remember where/when the first sparkle of an idea hit you to start your current WIP? If you want to give details feel free.

Have a great day!


  1. I don't think whip is the appropriate word. I have had a first draft done in a month before, but I have another project that's been going on for several months and I'm nowhere near completing the first draft.

    I am not sure about the answer to question two...I think I was at work and though, "What if...what if? What if!" And then I went home and wrote three thousand words, but now I am attempting to build u the idea...

  2. Here's a related post from today:

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Christine! :)

    I adore first drafts. I love everything about seeing that story flow out of me and onto the screen/page. I'm not quite sure how long mine have taken. Like you, children have come into play and then things stall for a bit. But I press on.

    Finishing that first draft is reason to celebrate! Yes, there will be more work. Lots more. But still! You did it. Feel good. :)

  4. I always write the very first draft out longhand and don't count it until it's plugged into my laptop. I hate that part, it's awful and I despise the whole process. But once I have my complete first computer draft and see what I've got, (that's where I am now hooray!) then I get excited and can't wait to work on it.

    Were those the questions you asked? I don't think so. My ideas? I have no clue. I reject more ideas than I accept, so I guess I should open a publishing company lol.

  5. Oh my word, you had to wait so long to actually write your story! That would have made me crazy. I was actually washing dishes when my first YA ms came to me, and I spent three hours in my office discussing the idea with my husband. And then I wrote from that point until 4 AM, then got up at 7 AM to do it all over again. I kept going like that until the first draft was finished!! I cannot imagine having to wait months. But how exciting it is, indeed, to get that story flowing and written!! I can't wait to see the end product. *Rushes off to go check out Silversun Pickups*

  6. It takes me FOR-EV-ER! Because I love to edit so much. But, editing aside, I did write one MS in a month before. It really sucked, but I got that first draft out fast. ; )

  7. Congrats to you on the first draft. Up to now I have written short stories. But since I started blogging back in July of 09 and visiting all the writer blogs, I am inspired to step out and start a novel. I have one outline and I have a couple of chapters. But those short stories keep calling me too. They are very selfish like that.

    Good luck on your novel.

  8. Hi Christine! Thanks for visiting my blog! So glad to find yours, too. I am just diving in to this crazy community of new writers and loving it.

    Unlike most of you, I don't have any completed first drafts yet (UGH I hate to admit it!). I have some novels fully plotted out but not yet written in full.

    My current obsession (I mean novel) that I am just starting was first planted after reading an article in Time Magazine a few years ago. It has hovered in my mind since then, and then, like you, I saw it like a movie in my mind in the shower one day. I get all my best ideas in the shower - as a mom and elementary teacher, I think it's the only time I am not with children! :)

  9. Jonathon-I know "Whip" is probably not the best word. Thanks for the link.

    Anissa-no problem --I can't wait to see what topic you come up with next. I know-- my kids have been a challenge with my schedule to sit down and write.

    Karen G-It is good to know that writing it out longhand is still done. All my previous stories have been written longhand and actually never entered into a computer. Maybe one day!

    Carolina-God bless you for not needing sleep. You are incredible. I wish my hubby would be alittle more understanding when I want to be alone and write. Some of my ideas keep swirling in my head for days because I don't get a moment to sit and type. arrgh! BTW --awesome fight scene! Everyone should check it out! Carol's Prints.

    Kimberly-Thanks for stopping by. I actaully can't wait to edit. I have so much I already want to change.

    Journaling Woman-Good luck on your novel. I have a hard time writing short stories--so you have a great talent. Good luck!

    Hey there Dangerous with a Pen- I know what you mean about limited time alone. It can be frustrating and make the process seem alot longer. I am learning this as I go but I just keep pressing on. I actually can't wait to start editing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will visit yours soon.

  10. Christine, you are sooo kind. Thank you. But the way I handled that manuscript was more along the lines of insanity, and I probably wouldn't recommend it. I think I was just so excited to be writing again after a serious dry spell that I felt compelled (and I'm insanely impatient). I was a little less ridiculous with the writing of my second manuscript. Now, I try to maintain a little more balance in my life. A family can only handle so much imbalance (and only so much of the "What in the world has happened to Mom?" panic). So if it feels like it's taking you a while, rest assured it has nothing to do with your drive or your commitment, and probably everything to do with your desire to protect the balance of your lives. That's a good thing. As long as you keep writing, the story will eventually get written. I think you're doing a remarkable job.