Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make sure to get your rest

First, I have to say, if you can meet up with CPs and writer friends, do it. I met up with Kelly and Kate (KM Walton) the other night and it was so much fun. It also was inspiring. Thanks Kate!

So with my new found inspiration, I was ready. I was ready to start tackling the next part of my WiP. The house was quiet, kids were in bed, my journal full of notes sat by my side, even my cats zipped up their little mouths.  Yeah, perfect writing conditions. I opened the document, and read the chapter I wrote over the weekend. Something weird started to happen. Words started to look like this--drunwpk sheknt. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes.

Maybe if I start typing, things will start to flow, I thought.

After skimming my ideas, I let my fingers do the walking. Funny thing happened, because the sentence looked like this--His lips smeared up downnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

The problem: Writeriss Tiredness. Unfortunately, this can happen to all of us. It can strike at any time and completely ruin a manuscript.

They symptoms:

Words blurring together and forming a new language. Although, you may want to take note of the new language. It could come in handy for a future manuscript about a distant planet where cats use humans as pets. (tired mind thinking).

Sentences that completely blow every grammar rule out of the water.

Swaying, waking up with your face on the keyboard. Never good. I don't think square imprints on the cheek is in style. Yet. ;)

Solution: Recognize when you're tired. It's really hard to tear ourselves away from the screen that helps us create, but no good can come of it when your sleepy.

A dose of caffeine could help, but for how long. You could wind up having 10 cups of coffee, which could lead to the dreaded-- hands shaking condition. Try typing with that going on.

Get into those PJs and hit the pillow hard. It killed me to do it, but I did. I gave in to sleep. It actually will help you be more productive the following day.

Hey, you never know what could come from sleep. Lots of ideas are always swirling around, maybe one will pop out in a dream.

So am I missing any symptoms?


Have a great day!


  1. A planet where cats keep humans for pets...
    Now that's an IDEA!!!!

    It sucks to have to walk away from the computer because of a stupid thing called tiredness. It kills me every time it happens to me. Because then I lay in bed going over everything I wanted to write, have some major breakthroughs and forget them entirely the next day. UGH!

  2. My problem is when I'm overtired and hyped on writing, even if I try to sleep I can't get the characters out of my head.
    That's the offshoot diagnosis, characterus longevitus insomnicus.

  3. Leave it to Lydia to actually put a medical diagnosis on hers! :P Love you Lydia!

    Haha, okay not that I'm giggling at how tired you were but I've been there and I swear I started typing German or Latin. At that point, even if I'm hyped I HAVE to stop. This is why a hand held recorder works for me. As I start to go to bed I tell myself what I am thinking, and what happens next with as much detail as possible. Some mornings, I have no idea what I was even thinking, and some mornings I can jump right back in and write because I wasn't as dilusional and nonsensicle.

    Symptom? I know I'm tired when all of the above happen and I start to think that I no longer need paragraph breaks or for that matter, punctuation.

    I'll be in touch sweets. Mainly on FB but I'd miss you toooo much this month!

  4. I can pretty much only write in the morning anyway, so I don't often have this problem. I used to try to write at night, but it never worked out.

  5. This is great! I totally suffer from writeriss tiredness. You're right, it is so important to get enough sleep. I feel like I'm always playing catch up! By the way, that picture with the kitten is adorable.

  6. Yes go for a walk! Blows away the cobwebs and stimulates the brain. Love the cute kittie :O)

  7. LOL, thanks for making me smile. :) I find my best writing happens early in the morning after a full nine hours of sleep. I'm not sure how that whole optimal-8-hours rumor got started, but I don't believe it.

  8. I'm fighting the need for sleep and brain rest right now. But I must push on to write at least my required words or I'll lose sight of the story. My solution for now is to give myself the night off, write light on the weekend, and hit it hard again on M-F. I'm lucky because I don't have a dreaded day job so I have time to write during the day. But the people in my life think that I have time to a bunch of other stuff, too. I have to really be forceful about guarding my writing time.

    Great post!

  9. Argh, I hate it when I finally have the time but I'm too tired to write! I hear ya. But you're right--it's more practical to go to bed, get your rest, and try again when your brain is fully functional. ;o)

  10. Great post, Christine! I've been there. Of course, when I get really overtired, I also get dizzy, so the room starts swirling around and I simply have to lie down.

    Now I can tell my family I have a new excuse: writeriss tiredness. Thanks!

  11. I tend to think I'll sleep when I'm dead. With that said, I nap on the weekends (whenever possible). But, I don't have kidlets.

  12. I know I'm getting too tired when I'm trying to think of what the character would say, and I picture him closing his eyes to think, so I close my eyes to think, and then we're both thinking for a looooooooong time.

  13. Great advice, Christine. I've been getting a few story ideas in my sleep lately too :)

  14. I almost always wait until I have a fresh head before writing--good for you for giving in and getting that all important sleep!

    btw: love your kitty pic!