Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday questions

Well, not much has happened this week in terms of my new idea. I got stuck and I'm not happy with recent chapters. I wrote some of the end, thinking that would help, but not so much. I'll get there. It may need to sit for a few days and stew. Today it's 70 degrees here so I may soak in some rays. My mind needs a little vitamin D. I decided to keep this short and to pose a couple of questions.

How long did it take you to finish your first WiP?

How long did take you to say I'm ready to query?

I'm no where near query time, but I'm curious. I'm hoping to write this weekend, but I need to re-group this one. I don't know if I want to continue it right now. We'll see.
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Vitamin D is always good ;-)
    Keep writing - if this WiP doesn't "work" start something new! But first, enjoy the weekend sun!
    Good luck....

  2. I take about a month or 2 of prewriting and plotting. And it usually takes me about 2-3 months to finish a first draft. A month of rewrites. And then the revising. I'm taking my time on this one though to make sure i"m ready. Def. let it stew! If you want to send me an email with the logline, I'd be happy to give feedback! If you want it this early in the game.

  3. Ooh, first WIP (technically my 2nd) took 3 months to write and then nine months to edit. I was writing short stories and freelancer during that time, too. I queried only 12, got amazing feedback, and am now editing again. Querying is as subjective as writing. You very well may be ready to query; you do. And don't find a taker...yet. Once again, it all goes back to your gut. You know down deep where you are. If that voice says to keep at it a bit longer; then do that. If the voice says the manuscript is ready; believe in yourself. Either way, be open to learning more about yourself as a personal and as a writer. That's what I absorbed through my first round of querying. ";-)

  4. Book One -- 12 months to write. Panster. 5 to edit/revise. Then queried. Newbie. Newbie. Newbie.

    Book Two -- 6 months to write. outlined in my pants. 3 to revise. Then queried.

    Book Three -- Culled parts of this from another ms. so a month to do that, actual writing time if I finish this weekend 3 months. Total outline from the beginning. Have been revising as I go along, so when the beta's come back, whatever they say, revise, and I hope to query by the end of April.

    Take some time outside. I'm raking leaves this weekend. I know, isn't the weather fantastic!

  5. technically my first WIP is unfinished. I finally put it aside after a few years. Yeah, should have made that decision sooner
    BUT 2nd WIP took 4 months to write. I'm not done with revisions
    3rd WIP took 2 months to write and about 3 months to revise. I hope to start querying it soon (scary...)

    Of course, these are only my "serious" WIPs.

  6. My first WiP is unfinished and will probably stay that way, 1. because it had so many plot problems it just circled like a vulture and 2. because the characters have now been put into WiP 2 (my current one). It's taken me 3 months to get a third of the way done, but I also had three weeks of a dry spell. UGH! WiP 3 is on hold and has one chapter. I'm with ya, I need some Vitamin D today. So nice here ;) Enjoy your weekend and hope you sort out the story!

  7. 70 degrees? Please, soak up some Vitamin D for me too! My first WiP took 6 weeks for the first draft. Then I revised for six months and put it away forever :) My second WiP I wrote just over a month (it was my January NaNo project). I plan on tackling revisions next month on that one. My current WiP is more like 2-3 months for the first draft.
    The truth: I haven't ever been ready to query. I just can't stop writing novels long enough to revise one so that it's ready. But I plan on doing that in the next few months. I want to be ready by August for writeoncon.
    Good luck with your current WiP and have a great weekend!

  8. Hey, girl! My very very first MS? I took about two months to write it and then a month to start querying... LOL!!! *shame*

    My current MS? About a month to finish it, about three months to revise it, another two months to re-revise it... although sad to say, I still didn't learn my lesson. I started querying about a month after I finished it.

    NOW I know to wait til after revisions are COMPLETE. Best~ :o) <3

  9. My first WIP took about five months to write, though I wrote 50k of it in the first month and in the last two I procrastinated writing the final 2k. It was a bit of a pantsing fail so that bad boy is tucked in a drawer so no querying for me yet.
    - Sophia.

  10. My very first novel took about 8 months to write, but I never queried it. It wasn't really marketable.

    The book I'm querying now took about 7 months to draft, but three years of revising/ querying/ revising cycles, including cutting 102K down to 63K. I think I could have done the revision process more effectively had I been in a critique group from the beginning. Live and learn, right?

  11. My first novel (which I'm now revising/editing) took me a year and a half to write. I've never queried.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. My first novel took me about a year to finish. Then I started querying about six months after that.

  13. Took me over a year to write and close to another year before I was ready.

  14. It took me two years to finish my first WIP (which was actually a complete re-write of a book I'd written during college... now that was scary!!!) But then I discovered it's too long for MG, gotta cut it almost in HALF! I'm still recovering from that revelation!!! So in the meantime I wrote 80% of a women's fiction book... decided I missed YA/MG, gave up on that, now I'm 85% done with a YA I started in November, hope to finish it soon. OMY I'm sure you didn't want this much detail!!!! But the bottom line is I think it's going to be at least six months, maybe a year, until I'm ready to query it. And if it makes you feel anybetter, I was stuck at a spot in it for weeks, I'm just now pulling out of that slump (beautiful spring days that call you to be outside don't help!)

  15. ...oh my, not a good question for me if searching for inspiration.

    I started "South of Charm" under a different title, then stopped upon the birth of my oldest son, then began again, and struggled...and a decade later finished the thing.

    Yeah, I know...pathetic. But it's done now and currently at the presses:)

    Patience can be a rusty dagger, or a shimmering diamond depending on a writer's will to succeed. You're writing is fantastic,'ll get there.


  16. I wrote my first WiP in three months and thought it was ready to query a month after that. BIG mistake. Now I've learned the power of a good, long revision.

  17. I can't remember exactly how long it took my to write my first draft, but between plotting and writing, I'd say six months at least. I remember I sent it out for the first round of critiques a year ago at Christmas, so that's about 15 months ago now. I'm just now almost ready to critique - I have another few days of edits after getting a CP's comments, and then I'll let it sit a bit and read it out loud once more, then out the door!